Chapter 10

"Those perfect little lips say stop, but your body is saying something else entirely." Kade murmured roughly in my ear, turning my head so my face was inches from his own.

Kade's hot breath fanned across my face, smelling strongly of mint and something sweet.

I had little time to collect my thoughts as plush lips fell on my own. Kade's hand rested behind my head, holding my lips against his.

For just a moment, I was completely dazzled. Kade's lips were soft and firm, melting with my own in a way that showed ferocity and experience. It was as if Kade was pouring his heart out, making his desires and thoughts known against my lips. His mouth moved feverishly against my own, moving in their own written language I could not decipher.

Once the initial shock of losing my first kiss wore off, I struggled against his grip.

My body pushed closer to Kade, while my mind protested the very thought of him touching me.

I was all to
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Lily T
Keeps me wondering what’s going on
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Laura B. Nicot Cortes
Ok I think she should have been strong enough. And they shouldn't have done that in school really. I also think she isn't human, but a special werewolf. Maybe
goodnovel comment avatar
And that is how victims of rape gain something called arousal triggers when they are in a consensual relationship but arousal causes panic attacks because of people who have been SA’d in the past. It happens to me more than I’d like.

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