My Fated Alpha

My Fated Alpha

By:  Dez theMez  Ongoing
Language: English
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Becca had a good life with her chosen mate. they were happy, he worked for her Dad and she helped in the pack kitchen. How did her life suddenly go this far off course?? Her chosen mate found his destined, a few weeks later she found hers as well the neighboring pack's Alpha. Finally her life was starting to move forward again, until she discovers that the chosen mate is mated to her destined sister and is his beta! To top it off she finds out she's pregnant, and she's not sure which of the two is the father. How did her life get so messed up? Why did the Moon Goddess allow the chosen mating bond? Who is the father of her child? Will she finally live the life she hoped for? Oh Goddess she hopes so.

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I think it’s great. But don’t take my word for it. Read it and form your own opinion. ... Yes I’m the author and yes I’m promoting my own story...
2023-06-23 14:58:07
22 Chapters
My Good Life
Becca POV What in all that is Holy! I can't believe my life right now! What was the Goddess thinking or doing when all this crap happend? Seriously! I had a good life, granted it wasn't all sunshine and rainbows, but it was good. Then all this shit had to hit the fan! All I can say is WHY? WHY? WHY? WHY? Hopefully The Goddess will let us all know shortly. 6 months earlier I yawned and stretched as the alarm woke me up. I noticed Kyle was up already and taking a shower. I decided to go and join him. I got up and entered the bethroom letting my nightgown fall to the floor as I entered. I could smell his scent and the soap he was using; citrus mixed with alpine. It was lovely. "Hey there," I said coming into the shower and wrapping my arms around him. "Hey," he said as he turned and took me in his arms. We were soon kissing, our tongues entwining and fighting for dominance. His hand slowly went down my back, tingling wherever he touched. It soon found my ass where it paused to g
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The Breaking
Becca POV It's been a whole month since my father and Kyle had gone to the Forrest Lake for the ceremony. I spent the last month prepping for our anniversary party. I hired a live jazz band, made all the invites and delivered them by hand, made and decorated an eight layer chocolate marble cake with whipped frosting with tan roses and black lace decor. If werewolves had wedding's this would've been my cake. I was so excited for when Kyle came home. I eagerly made all of Kyle's favorite breakfast foods for when he came home this moring. I heard the car pull into the drive way. I quickly took off my bath robe and sat in my tan and black lingerie gown with built in bra to push up my D cup boobs with my auburn hair down and curly with smoky eye make up to make my deep green eyes pop. All of the things I've discovered he's loved in our ten years of marriage. As the door open and he saw me instead of arrousal and excitment coming from him I felt guilt and shock. I stood up. "Hi, Becca," h
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The Aftermath
Kyle POV It was so hard, saying those words. It was worse for Bec hearing them and the expierance, the pain was worse for her too. I had found my mate but the breaking of a bond still hurt me. My heart broke as well. I had loved Becca for thirteen years. I had chosen her as my mate as much as she had chosen me. It broke my heart to see her in so much pain now. I carried her to her old room and laid her down on the bed. I brushed the stray hair that fell out of her pony out of her face. She looked so peaceful now than compared to 30 minutes ago. Her father was calling everyone and canceling the party tonight. She's not gonna like waking up and having puffy eyes and mascara running down her face. I knocked on Dunc and Layla's room. Layla opened the door with little Joshy in her arms. The cute little tyke. I was gonna miss my nephews and neice. "Hey Kyle, what's up? Is everything ok? Marcus said the party was canceled tonight." "Yeah everything is fine. I'm sure Becca will tell you
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Doing Better
Becca POV Well a week has passed since the breaking of my bond with Kyle and each new day has been easier than the last. The first few were hard given how people kept asking why the party was canceled and then all the sympothy and pity looks they gave me on top of the pain I felt from the breaking; but eventually everything went back to how it was. The pack had eaten cake for dessert three nights in a row so they all didn't mind. I did decided that instead of spending time in the kitchen all day I would go back to training. I built back up the muscles and dusted off the skills that I had aquired through out my twenties and I gotta say, Damn I look good. Dad had me be his assitant until he hired a new one, so that was good busy work. I was constantly running errands and going to a from. Doing paper work till late into the night and even going to meetings with potential investors. The Mountain Sky pack was one of the richest packs on the western sea board. Mainly because my 5th great
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My Mate
Jason POV I had been Alpha of my pack for a whole week and already they were doing better than under my father. My sister even found her mate when I took over. I didn’t have a beta at the time of the ceremony but Kyle had been an Alphas assistant and he was perfect for my sister. So I chose him as my Beta. I didn’t really have friends growing up just training companions. At least that’s what father called all of the wolves that played with us when little. Not that I blamed any of the wolves in our pack for not being my friend. Who would with my father being my father. The man cared more about his title and strength than actually being a father. My mother was the kind, loving one of the two. She was my father’s chosen mate. He never did find his destined. Probably why the pack did so poorly under him. However as the time came for me to take over, the pack began to grow and be stronger. Father thought it was all due to his brilliance so that prompted him to stay Alpha for another 15 y
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My Mate continued
Becca POVMate! Mate! Mate! was all I seemed to be able to think as my feet had a mind of their own and began towards him. His deep brown almost black hair was sleeked back but a few strands had broken loose and were curling onto his forehead his deep brown eyes grew black as I came closer and he to me as well. His light pink lips drew me in and before I knew it I was kissing this man deeply and passionately without even knowing his name. Jason POVI couldn't stop myself I had to be near her. Touch her, kiss her, be with her. I growled at the thought of her under me, flushed with desire, screaming my name as she came. I made my was to her and soon found her red lips to eniticing not to kiss. When she was with in grabbing distance I grabbed her and kissed her with all the heat and passion that I could while still in a room full of people. I didn't even know her name. I broke the kiss even though I wanted to do anything except that. "Name?" was the only word I could get out. "Becca,"
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Mate Bond
Marcus POV Seeing Becca laughing again has made my heart swell in joy. She's such a strong and special wolf. She deserves to be with her mate. However I'm weary. Kyle left Mountain Skye to go to Forrest Lake. How often will they see each other? Will Kyle be ok of having Becca as his Luna? I hope so. Oh Goddess please let her be happy in Forrest Lake. Jason POV Hearing about Becca having a chosen mate made me angry and jealous. Angry because if she was treated the same way my father has treated my mother I was gonna kill him and jealous because that means some other wolf has seen her, been with her and possibly had pups with her. I really want to kill him. However as the night went on I learned that he was kind, and loving towards her even with the breaking of the bond. They were never blessed with pups. Can't tell you the relief I felt on that one! I learned so much about her while we danced and ate and laughed. Goddess it feels so good to be with her. I can't picture another day wi
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Becca POV The past few weeks at the hotel had been wonderful. Jason and I learned more about each other. He told me about his family. His father and mother are chosen mates however there relationship wasn't good. That's why he was worried when I told him I had a chosen mate before. He thought Kyle had mistreated me. I assured him other wise. We were happy and content. I told him about my parents, how they were the perfect couple. I know people just say that, especially with werewolves and their destined mates but my parents were seriously the perfect couple. They would remember every birthday and anniversary (even half anniversaries), they new each other's favorite everything. Even when they fought it was perfect. The volume, the argument, the motions, the even amount of who won the fights, even the making up afterwards. It was easy to tell they loved each other, us, and the pack. They did everything for their family. They viewed everyone in the pack as their family. That's how come m
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Meeting the Family
Becca POV I can't believe how I didn't know I was pregnant! How dense am I? Jason and I were just in heaven the entire ride back to my home to get all my stuff. Jason said now knowing that I was having a pup no way in hell was he leaving my side. I tried to say I'd be fine because of my family and he just glared at me. I'm sure he would've used an Alpha command on me except he knows it would never work. A daughter with Strong Aplha blood is a true Alpha. For some reason every Strong has married Alpha blood. We are the strongest Alpha's for a reason. I know it. I'm never sure how I know these things I just do. Jason pulled into my driveway. My family was already there loading things into the little Uhual trailer attached to my brother's truck. The house I live in is on pack territory so it will be used for another couple. All the furniture has already been taken to the storage rooms we have on our property. Every couple has different taste but instead of giving away the furniture we
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The Forrest Lake Pack
Becca POV The Forrest Lake pack was about 8 hrs from the Mountain Sky pack. That's if you took the pack roads. Taking the human roads it was probably more about 3 hrs. Jason chose to take the human roads so that I wouldn't spend much time in the car. I just giggled and told him that I was fine traveling at this stage in the pregnancy. That got me a glare and a not taking any chances remark from him. We soon were pulling into his pack's territory. There was a single dirt road with dense forest on both sides, about 30 mins later we pulled out onto a paved road beside the most gorgeous blue lake. When the sun shined it made the lake look of crystal glass. There were houses running along it and they went up onto the mountains behind it. At the very top of the mountain there was a huge mansion. That was the pack house. Our destination. While driving I saw all the shops on main street. They had all the famous human shops and some mom and pop shops as well. I smiled when I saw them. All t
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