5. Rice packs

Seeing Tukijo's body full of wounds, Muhiroh said, "Oh my God, Tukijo! Why is your body covered with wounds like this?" His shriveled hand gently touched Tukijo's face.

"Sorry Grandma. Earlier, my bicycle was hit by a truck, so I fell unconscious," replied Tukijo a little nervously.

After treating Tukijo's wound, Ningsih heard her little brother's stomach protesting. She immediately went out to meet Teguh. The man was standing, leaning his back against the car.

"Teguh! Buy five servings of food. Oh, no. Buy six!" Ningsih orders.

"Yes, Miss," Teguh got into the car and left to carry out orders.

A few moments later.

"Sorry, Miss, I only found this food on the road," said Teguh, handing him two plastic bags containing three packs of rice each.

"Yeah, it's okay."

"Here are two servings for you." Ningsih handed Tukijo two packets of rice. "You have to eat a lot to make your body fuller."

"Thank you, lady!" said Tukijo while taking the rice wrap.

"Hmp, call me Big Sister!" protested Ningsih sullenly.

"Ah, yes ... Big Sis. Hehe," replied Tukijo grimacing.

"Nice!" Ningsih smiled as she rubbed Tukijo's head. "He seems like a good and obedient boy," she murmured happily.

Tukijo took water in a bowl to wash his hands. Because the floor of the house is still dirt, they sit together on a wooden cot that is a little porous. Seeing the way Tukijo and his grandmother eat with their hands, Ningsih was stunned.

"Do you need a spoon and a plate, Sister?" asked Tukijo looking at his sister who had been silent for a while.

"Oh, there's no need. I can eat the way you eat. It only takes a moment to learn it," Ningsih replied calmly.

Then Ningsih opened the wrapped rice, and ate it the way they eat. She eats with her right hand. The position of the left leg is folded forward, and the right leg is standing with the knee on top.

"How is it possible that you have a sister like me?" Tukijo asked suddenly as he swallowed his food.

Ningsih said, "Your mother used to be my nanny. At that time, I was seven years old. To satisfy my father's desires, the man raped and tortured her. Incidentally, that night, I felt very thirsty and went to the kitchen. I really saw it with my eyes, what my father did to your mother."

"What! So, this is your father's doing!" Muhiroh shouted, startling Tukijo. "Now, where is your father?"

"I already killed him because he wanted to do the same to me," replied Ningsih, gritting her teeth.

"Once upon a time, when my nanny (Tukijo's mother) left me, I burst into tears. She said that if one day I wanted to meet her, I should go to Cilacap to look for her. A few years later, when I was a teenager, I heard that she had died. I was looking for his relatives until a few months ago I got news that he has a son named Tukijo. He's a high school kid who doesn't have a father, it makes me even more sure that you are my little brother," continued Ningsih to explain.

"You're right, ever since Siti came home from Jakarta, she's always locked herself up and never said who had done something so heinous to her," said Muhiroh with a sigh.

Tukijo just kept quiet, listening to Ningsih's explanation. It turned out that the rumors about Sis Ningsih as a cruel woman were not true, he thought. He really did not expect that his mother had a relationship with this conglomerate family.

After dinner, Ningsih said goodbye to go home. While looking for Tukijo, he stayed at Hotel Dafam, which is a five-star hotel in Cilacap.

"Saturday, are you off school?" Ningsih asked Tukijo before leaving.

"Yes, but I have a job at Mas Agus Restaurant," replied Tukijo.

"You work? Gosh." Ningsih frowned. He felt how much her younger brother suffered. "Wish I could find you sooner."

"You don't have to feel guilty. I'm glad to meet you." Tukijo smiled sincerely.

"Oh my gosh, that's so cute." Ningsih pinched both cheeks of Tukijo.

"Tomorrow, you come with me, okay. Your job, let Teguh or Marno replace it," said Ningsih.

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