7. Wow! Handsome man!

After buying the cell phone, Ningsih and Tukijo went to the shopping center. They buy uniforms, bags and other school supplies.

"Come here, Jo! Try this!" Ningsih's right hand holds a white striped t-shirt, while in her left hand she holds a gray jacket.

Tukijo, who was busy trying out a new cellphone, immediately put it away and approached his sister.

After a while, Tukijo exited the changing room.

"Wow!" Ningsih said amazed. "This is just cool! Try it, you look at it!" Ningsih turned Tukijo around and pushed him closer to the mirror.

Tukijo was dumbfounded looking at himself in the mirror. "It's me?" he said.

"Yeah," Ningsih answered proudly.

Tukijo looked at the set of glasses that lay on the table. Seeing that, Ningsih asked, "Do you need glasses?"

"Um, my eyes feel dizzy, when I see the writing on the blackboard from the back seat," replied Tukijo.

"Okay, we'll take some," Ningsih said.

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