6. Handsome young man in shabby clothes

The next day, at exactly 07.00 am West Indonesia Time, Ningsih came to Tukijo's house in her luxury car with Teguh and Marno.

"Jo! Come on up!" Ningsih invites Tukijo who is standing in front of his house ready to go. Then, he got into the car and sat in the back with his sister.

"Where are you working?" Ningsih asked.

"The Mas Agus Restaurant is located at the Mojing Crossroad."

"Let's go!" Ningsih's orders to Teguh.

"Okay Miss."

"Marno, you will replace Tukijo later, okay?"

"Ready to execute!" Marno replied.

"Erm, Sis. Can I ask you something?" said Tukijo a little doubtfully.


"Please keep it a secret, that I have a relationship with someone from the Gaje Company. You are very famous, Big Bro Agus must recognize you." Tukijo put on a pitiful face pleading with his brother.

"We have arrived at Mas Agus Restaurant, Miss," Teguh interrupted.

Ningsih did not respond to Tukijo's request. It made him feel frustrated. "Ouch, how's this?" Tukijo muttered, biting his fingernails.

From inside the restaurant, Agus saw a beautiful woman getting out of a luxury car. A muscular man as well as a young man he knew followed the woman.

"Tukijo?" Agus walked over to them.

"Welcome to my little restaurant, Beautiful Lady!" Agus said, smiling welcomingly with his head slightly lowered and his hands pointing towards the entrance.

Ningsih was silent. She was thinking about how to hide Tukijo's identity.

"Shh, Jo!" whispered Agus, elbowing Tukijo's hand. "Where did you get the angel from?"

"Th-hat, Big Bro. Th-he... actually..."

"I'm Tukijo's adopted sister." Ningsih put her arm around Tukijo's back. "If you want to get to know me, it's okay, Sir." Ningsih teased with a wink.

"What?" Agus was holding his chest, he could feel his heart beating faster. Get to know a beautiful woman?

Agus suddenly felt familiar with the beautiful woman. "Wait, I think I've seen you somewhere, Lady. You look a lot like the Director of the Gaje Company," said Agus, remembering.

"A lot of people say that. But, am I that cruel?" Ningsih put on a sad face.

Tukijo looked at his sister's face while muttering, "Oh my gosh, you're really good at acting, Sis."

"Oh, I'm sorry. I just said you look like her, but that doesn't mean you are her, Lady," said Agus comfortingly.

"Don't call me Lady. Just call me Sri."

Then, Agus turned his head towards Marno as if he was asking, who is this man?

"Oh, he's Marno, a close friend of mine. Actually, for the past few days, I have had a need with Tukijo. So, for this one week I'm asking Marno to temporarily replace Tukijo. Is it okay, Sir?" Ningsih pleading with a cute expression.

"Yeah, it's okay," Agus answered doubtfully. He looked at Marno from head to toe.

"Don't worry, he's a nice guy." Ningsih patted Marno on the right shoulder.


Then, Ningsih went with Tukijo to a nearby salon.

"Please turn him into a cool guy!" said Ningsih to the salon owner.

"Ready Sis," she replied.

Ningsih waited outside playing with her cellphone. She remembered, then mumbled, "Oh yeah, I have to buy him a cellphone too. I'm really having a hard time contacting him."

30 minutes later.

Tukijo came out of the salon.

"Whoa!" Ningsih's eyes widen.

Tukijo turned into a handsome male figure. More accurately, a handsome man in shabby clothes.

"What's with these shabby clothes?!" Ningsih lifted the clothes Tukijo was wearing.

"Before we go to the clothes shop, let's buy a cellphone first."

The woman brought Tukijo to the cellphone counter.

Tukijo was given a lot of choices. However, he prefers cheap cellphones, namely the Sampul A02s.

"Well, why did you choose this one? The Neto20 is even nice," Ningsih coaxed.

"Just this one, Sis. I still can't use it."

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