Possessing Evelyn

Possessing Evelyn

By:  Malcolm A.M  Ongoing
Language: English
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Werewolves and Lycans have been enemies for a long time, but a prophecy reveals that a shewolf will one day rise and unify them. Evelyn is a pitiful Orphan Omega, who’s father was killed by rogues and whose mother died giving birth to her. She suffers pain and heartbreak when her fated mate rejects her and chooses her worst enemy as his lover. Yet he refuses to let her go but cruelly keeps her as his slave. Her life turns upside down when she is claimed by the powerful but arrogant Lycan King Kane and taken to his kingdom where she discovers deadly secrets about the truth of her father’s murder and struggles to hide a secret pregnancy that may cost her her life. But when the past comes back to haunt her through her possessive mate, Evelyn starts to wonder if she can ever trust any of the men that are fighting over her love.

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Malcolm A.M
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2023-10-04 18:29:44
19 Chapters
Chapter 1
Chapter 1My hands ached with exhaustion as I scrubbed and scrubbed the heavy clothes in the cold, unforgiving weather. I could have used the washing machine inside the house but Lucy had said No! She said a disgusting wolf-less Omega like me didn’t deserve to use washing machines.That wasn’t all, Lucy, the Alpha's girlfriend, had forced more massive bags of laundry on me, claiming it was my new duty as an omega slave to wash everyone's clothes.I silently sighed and endured the pain, because arguing with Lucy was like throwing rocks in the air…. they only all fall back to hit you.The icy water made my fingers numb like they were about to break off, and my back protested with every bend. But I pushed on.Then, a sudden, sharp voice pierced the air, calling my name with a tone that made my freeze into my throat."Evelyn!" Lucy's voice called out, in such a loud shrieking voice that made me pretty sure that every pack member nearby could hear. "Stupid bitch! Get over here!"I slowly
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Chapter 2
I couldn't believe how he had the guts act so casually after what had happened. I knew Lucy was jealous of me, but seeing Shaun here, in my room, was a stark reminder of why she hated and bullied me so relentlessly. He still kept me as his concubine, even after rejecting me as his mate.I gave him the coldest of shoulders, my voice trembling with a mixture of pain and anger. "What are you doing here, Shaun?"He chuckled, his tone infuriatingly nonchalant. "I came to see how you were doing, my dear. You seemed quite upset earlier."Upset? That was the understatement of the century. My body was battered and broken, and the man who had once held my heart was now acting as though nothing had happened."You sent those guards to whip me!" I finally accused, my voice shaking with rage and betrayal.Shaun's expression remained maddeningly composed. "Oh, that? I only did it to please Lucy. You understand, right? She's my mate now, and I have to keep her happy."His words cut through me like a
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Chapter 3
I was so close to escaping the pack's oppressive grasp when suddenly, as if the moon itself had conspired against me, the door to my room swung open, and there stood Alpha Shaun. My heart pounded in my chest, and I froze in fear. Every other time I had tried to leave or begged him to let me go, it had ended with his temper exploding, and I was left battered and bruised.His eyes bore into mine, and his voice was a thunderous growl. "What do you think you're doing, Evelyn?"I couldn't hide the fear in my voice as I shouted back, "I'm tired of this miserable life you and Lucy are forcing me to live through!" My voice cracked with anger and desperation. "Lucy almost killed me this time!"Shaun's rage was palpable, but it was tempered by a hint of concern. "Lucy did what?" He stormed closer, his fists clenched.I raised my voice, tears streaming down my face. "Yes! She attacked me because she thought I was trying to take you from her, just like you did when you whipped me!"Shaun's anger
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Chapter 4
I initially thought it was just a dream. 'I've been manipulated once more', I yelled to myself with so much pain in my heart! Unfortunately, it is not a nightmare; it is the truth. My heart is terribly heavy, and I am filled with rage and disappointment. 'How did I allowed a stranger to deceive me?' keeps coming back to my mind. I made an effort to look around before getting up and looking in the bushes, consoling myself with the thought that perhaps he was still coming back for me. But since I was unable to contact anyone, I decided to accept my lot. My body is trembling with rage and hatred as tears stream down my cheeks like a pool of water. Why would the moon goddess approve of men using and manipulating me? Why did I not actually die at the Park after all, why was I even born? I keep asking myself all of these questions. I sobbed uncontrollably because I was so depressed that I was unable to cry any more. My legs aren't moving at all. Then I thought, 'Poor wandering orphan,
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Chapter 5
After I told Shaun what had happened, he exploded with rage yet again. I could see right through him how jealousy had devoured him. He ordered the guards to come into my room. "Get this whore out of here! He commanded, "Beat her and throw her in the dungeon". "No! No! Please, Shaun, I beg you, don't do this to me! I swear I won't ever attempt to run again". I shouted and crouched down next to Shaun. holding his legs while begging him to listen. But he was already certain of his decision. Despite my pleading, he shoved me to the ground… Not even bothered to look at me and realise how hurt I am. "I must punish you! You should even be thankful that I'm not going to kill you!... That's because I still find you useful and I enjoy having sex with you! Guards! Best her and lock up I said. Or would you rather that I punish all of you instead? Don't just sit there and stare at me like some Zombies. Shaun screamed. Two of the soldiers grabbed my hands and instantly swam into action, hoistin
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Chapter 6
Everyone in the pack was up early on the morning of the event to make sure that everything was ready for the guests' arrival. Everything was in place, including the music setup, food, beverages, and everything else. Alpha Shaun and Lucy had already arrived and were sitting in the palace on the throne chairs. As the time for their arrival got closer, the anxiousness grew. Shaun's tension was palpable as he continued to scan the area beyond the door to determine whether the Lycan king was present. This is the most tense I've ever seen him. "Finally, he's here!" They got up to welcome them outside, Shaun stated after one of the pack's guards whispered in his ear. In the nook by the kitchen, I was standing. observing what was going on from a distance. Looking from a distance, I could see how ruthless and haughty the Lycan king was. While Shaun, Lucy, a few of the pack's council chiefs, and a few guards approached them, they were... A few of the guards and council chiefs of the Lycans we
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Chapter 7
I was so intensely preoccupied with my thoughts as I sat there and watched those two strong kings quarrel over me. 'Why me?' I pondered to myself. I was still thinking, 'I'm not even a Lycan, what if the suffering there is worse than the one I'm currently experiencing?,' as I noticed Lucy's delight at the news. My attention was then drawn to King Kane's subsequent remarks."Alright, Shaun! For the tranquillity of your pack and the security of your members, she is the gift I demand! If not... There won't even be an agreement... And I can guarantee that I'll attack and murder each of you one by one!.... I mean, she's just a maid, right?" He asked as he sat back in the wooden chair he was seated on, "Why are you so protective of her?" His words were so sour and irritating.I shook my head and thought, 'I have now become a piece of commodity used for trading between the two Kings.'"Kane, you can't do that. Though She was my mate, but I rejected her. We have so many more maidens aside f
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Chapter 8
"Let's go, Evelyn; the sun has already set," Kane said with his deep stoic voice, not even looking towards my direction, and then he led the way. "Okay, King Kane, Let's go. " I answered nervously, trying to take a step towards his direction. That was the exit path of our pack and their cars were parked just beside the road. I slowly turned back to take a look at our pack for the last time. Looking at the pack made me get into thinking again, but this time, I was thinking of how I became the sacrificial lamb of my pack. I was used in exchange for the safety of the same people who hate me so much, and then I also remembered all the things I passed through in the hands of Shaun and Lucy and my mind jumped to the thoughts of what I'm going to face at the Lycan's pack then my heart begins to pound very fast. I quickly turned back and continued to move faster, when Kane caught me standing still and looking back and screamed my name. "Evelyn! What the fuck do you think you are doing? Hu
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Chapter 9
"Thank you, Steven" I smiled at him. "Okay, Evelyn…. Don't worry, just let me know if you need anything or if you have any challenges around". He said while giving me a sincere smile, but I still couldn't understand the way he was looking at me, our eyes almost locked into each other, but I quickly avoided eye contact and interrupted. "Okay Steven, thank you, but I have a question, something that has been bothering me… Please, why is the king hosting this special dinner?" I could not wait to ask him, since he appeared to be nice towards me. Then Steven grins at me calmly. And answered; "He usually hosts the special dinner, mostly if he has any announcement to make. And I think this announcement has to do with your arrival into our pack and probably other important issues". "Oh! I see! Okay thank you once more, Steven, I gotta go now, the King sent for me". I said, offering a fake smile at Steven. But I still feel awkward about why the special dinner is because of me. "Sure, go a
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Chapter 10
The way the old man confronted Kane worried him. His obvious rage was visible in his eyes. He couldn't say it out loud, but it appeared that he was bothered. Except for me, everyone in the room was eating and enjoying dinner. I was unable to even taste the delectable food that was being served to me. I was unable to stop thinking about all Kane had said earlier about me. To make matters worse, I became angrier as a result of what the old man said and the obvious hostility he had for me in his speech. I was so preoccupied with my own thoughts as I sat there that I struck the ceramic plate holding my food with the silverware in my hand, making a noise in the process. Thomas gave me a push while slanting his elbow to the side. He just did that to alert me to what I was doing because he could see I was only physically present and absent-minded. I was startled by Thomas' touch, but I quickly realised where I was and bounded out of my thoughts. I turned my head first to look in Steven's
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