Sold To The CEO

Sold To The CEO

By:  Nkulie M  Completed
Language: English
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Ella Swiss always had a crush on Alex Black, after a drunken one night stand she swears to stay clear of his path. Years later, an arranged marriage brings them back together again and this time she learns the truth about Alex's secret life as a mafia boss. She life is danger because of him, while Alex struggles with having to balance his double life as he fights hard to keep his wife safe. Blood will be spilt and lives will be lost, can their love survive everything designed to break them apart?

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I simply love this book
2023-02-24 17:46:14
139 Chapters
The Day It All Came Down
Ella Swiss Pov" Just in... Flamboyant CEO Alex Black has once again managed to cover yet another successful financial quarter, the young CEO has been compared to tech giant Elon Musk as he has managed to once again reach the number one spot on the Forbes list. " The reporter on the TV said. As a business woman I like to keep up with the current business news. I took the remote and changed the channel. " Flamboyant playboy and CEO Alex Black has allegedly broken up with his young girlfriend only a couple months after they made their relationship public..." I took the remote and switched off the TV. I was on the treadmill for my morning run. I usually enjoy running in the park but since it's raining, I didn't feel like going out. I switched off the TV and got off the treadmill. " Jesus, I can't even watch the TV without seeing his face..." I said. Look I have nothing against the guy, or atleast that is what I would like to tell myself, the fact is that this guy is a douche and despite
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The Defining Moment
Alexander's POVI had just gotten out of college when I found out the truth about my family, about who my father really was and I had a choice to make. I could either turn my back on my family and my true nature or I could do what my father and his father did before me. Finding out that my father was the head of a cartel came as a huge shock to me. You see I have always had a resentment towards my father because I thought that he he didn't love me as his only son. I was always away in boarding school and even when I was home, he was never with us. So like any other rich kid with a chip on his shoulders I rebelled. I always knew that my father was a powerful man, I knew that he had a lot of influence but I didn't know how deep it went, that was until I ran and kilked someone over right after I got my degree in Harvard. I was young and foolish and on that night, I was drunk and high on drugs. I knew that it didn't matter who my father was, the judge was definitely going to send me to j
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Love Me Not
Ella's POVAfter the night I had the last thing I need in my life drama. I have had about enough for one day. Last night my boyfriend cheated on me, I took a day off to his special day and he ruined it all. Physically I look fine but my heart is in pieces, the announcement did not make things any easy. I had just gotten out of a relationship and now I wake up and there's a press conference announcing an engagement to the one person I despise the most. I mean after what happened I don't even know if I can stand to be in the same room with him let alone be married to him. It was clear that my day was going from bad to worse. There was a loud banging on my door. " Ella it's me, open up dear." I heard my mother's voice." I'm coming." I said. I let my mother in. " I have been trying to call you all morning!" My mother said. " I had to switch it off, reporters have been calling me non stop, can you please tell me that you saw that announcement." I said to my mother. " I think the whol
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Hidden Figures In The Shadows
Alex's POVThey say that life is full of surprises and if it was not for the fact that I actually need the company to be a front, I would have told my father to shove this arranged marriage, but he is right, we do need them. My soon to be wife has no idea that not everything is at it seems, she doesn't know that her father has secrets he doesn't want anyone to find out about and I am okay with that considering that I also have secrets of my own. I was in my house getting dressed when one of my guys came to tell me some disturbing news about my runner. He has betrayed me and he has to pay for it, no one crosses Mr X and gets away with it, he was like my right hand man and so he should have known better than to cross me. A knock came on my door, I was a little irritated because I have to be at the church for my wedding in an hour. The door opened and Knuckles came in. " What do you want?" I asked him." I'm sorry to disturb you X but we have a problem. " He said. He knows that I hate
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A Bloody Mess
Ella's POVThe last week has been unexpectedly okay, I really thought that I couldn't go through with this. After the party I went home to an empty apartment and everything in there reminded of the life I had with Chad and it made me wonder about the life I was to start with Alex. Chad and I are over for good. After a lot of crying on my part, I finally fell asleep only to be woken up by a loud knock on the door. " Go away..." I yelled from my bed which was useless because the walls are sound proofed. I didn't want to get out of bed, I mean how could I when I was heartbroken like this? I stayed in bed hoping that the person knocking on my door would eventually leave but they didn't, infact, the knocking only got louder. I reluctantly got out of bed and went downstairs. I opened the door and Alex was standing there with coffee in his hands. " Oh it's you..." I said in an irritated tone and left the door opened for him to come in. " Wow, and here I was thinking that my beautiful fian
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The Man In The Mask
Alex POVRight now it looks like I have two choices. I can lie to my wife and tell her something that is not true about why I shot my old friend or I could just tell her the truth, the whole truth and let her be the judge of this whole situation. Knuckles was just standing there with a confused face waiting for the next order. " Alex I am not going anywhere until you tell me what's going on here?" Ella said with an angry and confused tone. " Fine I'll tell you what happened but not here and not now. " I said to her. " That is not good enough, you sneak away in the middle of our reception and now you won't even give me an explanation? " She said to me in anger. " This is only the tip of the iceberg and believe me when I say that the lesser you know about this, the better it will be for everyone. " I said. " No! Give me something better than that, tell me why I shouldn't just call the cops on you right now? This might not be a real marriage but we agreed on partnership, I have the
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As Bad As It Gets
Ella's POVI can't remember the last time I slept so peacefully, it was like I was floating on air, it was serene and I was in heaven, or at least I thought I was. I slowly opened my eyes and the light in the room blinded me, I squinted as my head began to pound like someone was drilling a hole through it. I slowly lifted myself and put my feet on the ground. The cold floor sent shivers through my body and jolted me back to life. I looked around and realised that I was in a bedroom, the problem was that I didn't know who's bedroom it was. I was still confused as I had troubles remembering what was going on around me. I saw a door, I had to use the bedroom, I went to the door and opened it and lucky for me, there was an ensuite bathroom. I went in and as I was sitting on the toilet, I saw the rings on my fingers and memories came flooding in, the last thing I remember was asking Jack about Alex as I couldn't find him and everything after that is a blur and the headache was not making
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Against All Odds
Alex POVWe finally got the house and I changed my wife into a night gown. I didn't even know how she is going to act when she wakes up. She saw me kill a man and she didn't take it well. I suppose she was scared but she shouldn't have been out there in the first place and as for Jack, I don't know why he couldn't keep her inside long enough for me to deal with Smith. Now I have to do some damage control before things get out of hand." She is going to wake up soon, what are you going to do?" Jack asked me. " I don't know but we have less than an hour to figure this thing out, I was thinking that maybe I could keep her drugged until I figured out a way to solve this problem. " I said. " I still think that keeping her in the dark might do more harm than good. I mean she could have ran away and called the cops but instead, she confronted you, maybe you should take that to consideration." Jack said. " What are you saying my friend? That I should tell her the truth? Do you think that m
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With Time, All Is Well
Sasha's POVYesterday was okay, I didn't have much to do as I was still very tired from the night before. Alex told me that I had a little too much to drink and maybe I did, seeing that my mind is all meshed up. I will say that after that, I have made a promise to myself that I will never ever drink that much again. The day was well but I feel like Jack has been avoiding me for some reason. I went downstairs and he was nowhere to be seen, this is a small island and I don't thing that there is much to see here. Despite that she managed to make it through the first day. I went to bed alone last night and as much as I hate to admit it, I didn't like it. Don't get me wrong, I know that Alex and I made a deal that this is only a marriage in paper, I can't help but notice that he is fine man. I mean I would have to be blind for me not to see that he is very handsome and kind of sweet. I guess it's true when they say that you shouldn't believe everything you read in the papers. A gentle kno
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In My Eyes
Alexander's POVA day ago I didn't think that there was a time and place where I would ever see Ella Swiss in the way that I am looking at her right now. When she took of her clothes by the waterfall, I had no idea that it would bring back memories that I thought I had forgotten. The night when I started to look at her in a different way. She has always been around my family and she has always been friends with my cousin. They are the same age and I never ever thought that I could ever end up in bed with her. I remember that night like it was yesterday. I was a heavy drinker, always have been and by the time I graduated, I was drinking like a fish. That was not the only thing I did, I had different girls coming for me, I was rich and handsome so at that point, I had a huge chip on my shoulders. As Isabella got older I started to realise that her friend was also growing older. I will be the first to say that she had big t**s and she was still in highschool. I knew that she was off lim
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