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Before Amy Wilson caught her fiancé in bed, she thought she was in happiness. Her father was the richest businessman in the whole of New York City, she is the apple of her father's eyes, and he loved her a lot. But everything changed when that thing happened. Four years later, she is back as Teresa Martins, the lady who has made a name for herself in Just a short while, and she is back with a husband, the ruthless Damian Martins, and they are ready to destroy the people who wanted her dead. Will she be able to get back at the people who wanted her dead, or it will be the other way round?.

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Marie Mendiola
I love this book, read it twice. He was a very good husband.
2023-12-09 04:25:07
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As the author of this book, I recommend my other book “when she met him” to all my readers.. i promise you won’t be disappointed
2023-09-10 00:21:16
user avatar
this is great story
2023-06-26 03:01:38
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Loved this book & very much loved the extra story of how the children’s lives ended up. Will def check out your other work
2023-05-01 15:42:47
user avatar
Its a good good but i was expecting that its more of the Damian & Amy till then end not their children story, but over all its a good book
2023-04-26 20:19:33
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Blaise jr
One of the best books, will definitely recommend it to everyone...
2023-02-13 16:17:25
user avatar
the perfect book.........
2023-01-24 19:17:26
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Bullet Blink
anyways, i love the ending tho, it's a happy ever after. .........
2022-12-23 04:19:22
user avatar
so interesting enjoyable to read till the end
2022-12-04 05:03:33
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Labe Peter
A great read........
2022-11-30 17:54:40
default avatar
Just wow. .........
2022-11-28 23:35:12
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Emmanuel Luper Achaku
вєѕt вσσk σn thíѕ αpp.........
2022-11-02 18:37:28
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Bridget Alih
how is this author so good with all her books? highly recommended.. this is one of the best books on goodnovel...️
2022-10-07 17:14:49
user avatar
I love this book,It’s interesting.
2022-09-15 14:02:23
user avatar
Lydia O. Caralian
nice story ...️
2022-08-13 04:10:08
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98 Chapters
FOUR DAYS EARLIERAmy stood in front of the door, she could hear the pants and moans of the two people behind that closed door. Her fiance was cheating on her right in her presence and that too on her birthday. Since morning he hadn't called her, to wish her a happy birthday and she was worried. Who would have thought she would come here and find him in such a position. They started dating three years ago and Delvin showered her with so much love that she was willing to do anything for him. When he proposed to her six months back,she was over the moon and told him not to bother about the wedding plan, saying her father would take care of everything. Who would have known she was going to be married to a lying cheat?.She laughed at herself for being a fool all these years. She opened the door with so much force, the people inside were startled." Amy" Delvin stuttered as he jumped off the woman's body. She could see the sweat evident on their bodies and she felt even more disgusted."
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Damian martins continued walking in front of his assistant, Rubby. He is a thirty year old business tycoon, the richest and the most feared man of California and its environs. His businesses were scattered all over the American continent and beyond. He is the king of the business world which no man can reach and he was blessed with a face and a body people could only dream off." Boss, it's already getting late. We should get going" Rubby, his assistant whined as they continued to comb through the bushes. Damian had suggested he wanted to go hunting and here they were, with Rubby holding all the hunting gear." You talk too much Rubby, seems like I pay you more than you deserve" Damian replied, he was a man of few words and was already getting pissed with Rubby for making too much noise." Am sorry boss, it's just that the woods is not suitable at night and it's already very late" he could see the night sky already setting up in the sky and if anything happened to Damian, then he was
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Damian massaged his forehead slightly, he was tired." Should I call the driver to take you home?" Rubby asked, he could also see the tired look In his face, they had been stuck in the office because of a major deal they had to close." Yes, I will freshen up and head back to the hospital" he replied with his eyes still on the document he was reading." Boss, can I say something?"Rubby asked." What is it?" He asked." Don't you think it's time you give up?" Rubby asked and he earned a glare from Damian,. " Don't get me wrong boss, she has been in coma for six months now and no sign of her waking up, I think you are fighting a lost cause boss. Think about it".Damian sighed, " you know Rubby,I can't let her go yet, what if she wakes up tomorrow or even next?. Let's just hang in there for a while"." Okay boss, people might think you are related to that girl the way you frequent the hospital" Rubby said jokingly." I think I pay you too much for you to joke around" Damian replied in a
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As the nurse finished helping her get dressed, Damian entered the room." Ready?" He asked."Yes" she replied, she has spent approximately seven months in the hospital and she was getting discharged today. Another nurse wheeled a wheelchair inside and helped her to sit on it." Where are we going?" She asked." Do you have anywhere you want to go?"he asked her and she nodded in the negative." Good, then we are going to my house,"he added.As the car passed through the road, a look of confusion was written on her face." How did the city change in six months?" She asked Damian who had a disbelieved look on his face."What are you talking about, did you by chance lose your memory?" Damian asked."Am serious sir,the city looks different like we aren't in New york" she replied." New york?" He asked in a shocked tone" Yes"." Did you fall from that cliff in New york?" He asked and nodded.He sighed heavily, " we are in California" he finally said and she nodded."So Kathleen and her dau
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"Just move slowly okay, don't try to rush it" her therapist whose name was Mr Francis said as Amy was trying to force herself to lift her leg." Why does it seem so hard?" She asked out of frustration." You have to relax Amy, you are making a lot of progress, this past three months you have shown tremendous improvement, so just relax okay" he advised sitting beside her.Just then, Damian walked into the court they were using. These past few weeks, they two had become a little close, she got to know his name and what kind of person he was in California and how people feared him, she too was scared of him but it was not to a big extent and luckily for her, he was not asking about her past again and they just went with the flow. She was genuinely happy to see him at her therapy session, it has been a whole week that she had seen him." Good day sir" Dr Francis greeted." How is she doing?" Damian asked, he purposely ignored her as she was also pretending not to notice him." She is maki
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Amy walked down the stairs, she could walk little by little on her own now, the whole house looked empty except for the helpers walking up and down to get things done." Hey , excuse me," she called to the maid." Yes ma'am" the maid greeted politely as she walked towards her, all the helpers were polite to her because she was Damian's friend and had stayed long enough in the house, they were used to him already." Is the boss back already?" She asked." No ma'am, he isn't, " she replied." Okay then, thank you" Amy said and walked back upstairs to her room, she slumped on the bed looking at the time." It's already past 9" she muttered under her breath, she took her phone to call him but decided against it. She has been feeling like this for a while now, always Missing him when he was not around and loved his company." Why the fuck is he not back" she snapped under her breath, just then her door opened and Damian walked inside, as beautiful as ever. He was dressed in a custom made su
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It's been two days now since Damian left, he didn't call her or come home, she had been in touch with Rubby earlier and he told her that the boss father arranged another date for him and he would be back after that, she was Frustrated and decided to drinks even if it was late in the night." You didn't even call me or text and you claim you love me" she muttered under her breath as she gulped the whole glass and added another one." Very bad Mr Damian Martins". She was already very drunk when her door opened and she saw a figure walk in. Her sight was a bit blurry but she could make out the figure and she knew it was Damian." Damian" she quickly hugged him and he could smell alcohol on her body." How much did you drink Amy?" He asked as he helped her to sit down." You are very bad Damian, you left for two days and didn't call or text me and you went on a blind date as soon as you got back"" Someone set the boundaries for me and I am getting old so I need to get married" he answere
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Amy had just had dinner. She was lying on her bed, lost in the thoughts of the past. The past that she can't change no matter what and tears welled up in her eyes.she wasn't crying because she almost lost her life but because of the people who had betrayed her. They was Delvin on one hand and her family on the other, was she destined to suffer?. All this thoughts were running through her mind and she didn't know when a tall figure entered her room. He had just come from the shower and looked handsome as always, his hair was a bit disheveled giving off a flirty and sexy aura. He stood beside her bed for a while and watched her cry without any sound coming from her and his heart ripped into a thousand pieces. " Why was she not telling him anything". He thought deep within himself as he lowered himself on the bed. When she noticed the pressure applied on the bed, she quickly regained herself and saw Damian sitting beside her, she quickly wiped her tears and gave a fake smile." You are
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It was a busy Monday, Damian was going in and out of many meetings and he hadn't even gotten a chance to call Amy. Just when he thought about it, his phone rang and it was her."You called, I was just thinking of calling you" he spoke into the phone as a smile played across his lips. Even if he was aloof to the world, this was the only woman that held his heart and soul together. Knowing her for two and a half years was not enough for him. He wanted to know her for eternity." The big boss has not called me today, so I was thinking he forgot about me" she whined from the other end of the line. She just wanted to be pampered by him right now." Am sorry baby, I am really busy at work"." It's not a big deal, I will be at your office in five minutes" she answered from the other end." Okay, call me once you get here, I will ask Rubby to bring you up" he replied. He was happy, he would see her in a while." But, you know you are a big shot. If I just come casually, there will be rumors a
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Like it is said,no matter how we try to run away from our past, it always comes to haunt us. This is exactly what is happening to Amy, day after day, the past comes back to haunt her.haven to live with the scar for two years was something she didn't know she could do and now she is ready to take a new step In Life and put everything back to place. If Kathleen and her daughters loved playing games, then she was the queen."What are you thinking about?" Damian asked, he noticed she spaced out while having breakfast and he was worried." Will you be back early today?" She asked, purposely ignoring his question."Yes, why?"." I have something to tell you when you get back," she replied, sounding more distant than usual." Okay then" he replied, after a while, je kissed her goodbye and headed for work.Alot was bothering him too because of the information Rubby found out, about her and her past lover. He wanted to ask her but because she didn't bring it up, he felt he should keep it to
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