Take My Ex-Wife Again

Take My Ex-Wife Again

By:  OneMistakeYou  Completed
Language: English
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Get out of my house. I don't want to see you ever again slut! Those were the exact words he threw at my face. It had been a year now but I still couldn't forget him. My new born baby got his blue eyes. I just didn't know why he called me a slut. I should had been warned by his coldness towards me the week before we got divorce. I never saw it coming. He was David James Miller. Of course, he could always find another woman to replace me. He always had women on his beck and call before I got married to him. He was my first in everything. He was so happy when he learned that I was still a virgin. I waited for the right time and it was worth it, with him. He divorced me without any explanation. Then he suddenly appeared and wanted to get back to my life, to our lives.

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Olga Del Toro
Nice story I like it
2024-05-04 08:36:08
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Ruth Andersen
I enjoyed the story. It was just the right length and good flow.
2024-05-14 15:27:43
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Susana Reginaldo
your book is really amazing. keep going you really did a good story
2024-05-01 08:13:30
28 Chapters
chapter 1
"Hello my baby! Good morning!"I tickled my adorable baby to wake him up. It was already 7am and I was planning to take him to grocery shopping. Our fridge was empty with food, and only bottled waters and a frozen mango float were available.He slowly opened his eyes and stared at me. Then in a second, he was smiling so wide that made me tickle him more. He was laughing and babbling as if he wanted to say something to me.He got his blue eyes from his father. Anyone could tell that he was his father's son. It was just very unfortunate that he would never see his father ever.I looked at his eyes and even he could not speak yet I knew he recognized me and wanted to call me 'mommy'.We got up from bed and we went to the bathroom so we could shower together. He seemed to be very excited everytime he showered, because he liked playing the water in the tub. He liked to swim inside the tub. He seldom cried even if I had to cut his wonderful bath shortly.I bought him a floating duck so he
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chapter 2
I was shocked to see his face on the TV. It had been over a year since the last time I saw him. He looked so hot and handsome in his three piece D&G suit. He was being interviewed live and the female host looked so starstrucked on him. I breathed in and out deeply. I forgot to notice my son flapping his feet and hands to step into the edge of the counter table. I looked at him and to my surprised, his eyes were also glued to the TV screen. He recognized his father. He was pointing his fingers to the screen. The female host started asking questions. "You have been selected to judge for this year's Miss Universe. But aside from that purpose, what are the other things that you plan to do while staying in the country?" "My woman is here." He answered without any hesitations. The crowd gasped while he maintained his serious dark smile. I was stunned to hear his answer. So, he was here for her. The female host asked again, "Does she know you are here for her?" "No." He answered.
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chapter 3
"What's going on here?"The angry voice came from the frowning man in perfect suit standing at the entrance door.I looked at my husband while holding my tears from bursting. He strode towards me swiftly and he pulled me up so I could sit on his lap.The two police officers and four firemen were all looking at us when the manager of the building started talking."Mr. Miller, we responded as quickly as possible because we heard the siren of the alarm coming from this house. We checked everything and there is no major damage, there were just so much smoke and the detector alerted immediately."He looked at me with worried face. I thought he would get mad if he found out what happen instead he kissed my forehead and murmured soothing words to calm me."Well, if everything is fine you can now leave." he commanded in his raspy voice and pulled me closer to him.After the men went out of the door, he touched my face so I could face him. "Are you okay baby?"I just nodded my head keeping mys
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chapter 4
“Alright class, I need your research papers by Monday.” I stood up and gathered my things. The week is over. I'm so excited to go home. My baby is waiting for me. My brother is babysitting him today. We take rounds of watching my son. France, my brother, loves to watch him because my son is his “favorite baby of all time” as what he told me. The only thing that he has been complaining is when my baby pooped, which I find very funny especially when France always panics.As I was heading my way to the faculty room to gather my other belongings, I heard a commotion near the Dean's office. There were bunches of students and teachers giggling like lovesick puppies.“What's going on?” I asked one of my students.“Hi maam! There is a super handsome man with Dean Patrick right now. They say he is a benefactor.”I nodded my head and walked away. I went inside the faculty room and got ready to leave when Mrs. Owen called our attention.She was giggling while calling our attention. “Everyone
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chapter 5
The hours flew so fast. I decided to just stay home for the weekend and take care of my son. I insisted to France to enjoy his free time so he could relax from watching my baby. He still have a life outside and I want him to enjoy being a bachelor. He has been there all throughout my pregnancy and he even paid the hospital bills.He didn't know that I was married. He didn't even know the name of the man who got me pregnant.I remember the day when I finally left London and took my flight to my hometown. I went to his condo. I felt dead but still walking. He didn't know I was coming back. When he opened the door, I stared at him and within a second, I erupted to tears.He carried me up whispering soothing words to calm me. He must had ascertain that I got some serious issues so he didn't bugged me with questions.I couldn't speak and my tears were continuously flowing. It was the most devastating moment in my life.France always came home early so we could have dinner together, and b
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Chapter 6
I quickly headed home by taxi. It was raining hard. When I entered the apartment, I was welcomed with France holding my baby sobbing silently. “Momma's here!” I took him from France and rocked him gently while kissing his forehead and he wiggled lightly. “What happen to my baby? Did you miss mommy?” I cooed him. He just looked at me with his watery eyes and he tried reaching my face. I leaned closer to him and he kissed my lips. So adorable! “I love you baby. Now tell me where it hurts?” He is still few months old so I don't expect him to answer but instead he curled up his body closer to my chest. My precious baby weighs like a feather. I always want to carry him. “Livy, is it okay if I leave for now? I got a call from the office. I'll be back as soon as I can.” France kissed my forehead. “All is well Franny. Thank you for watching him.” “You know I don't accept thank yous from you. It's always what I want and it's always my job to protect you and this cute little baby.” He smi
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Chapter 7
My last class has just ended. I got these mixed feelings of melancholy and euphoria that I couldn't explain.Am I getting insane?I remember last night's dinner when David became all ecstatic when I approved his plan of bringing us out with our baby. He behaved well and he was not pestering me. He should not make things to provoke me for he knew pretty well that I could cast him out anytime.I am still in my right state of mind. Going out with him doesn't mean I'm letting my guards down. I'm not planning to be captured again. I'm doing this for my baby who is after all impeccable of all these dramas.I got home and was surprised on what I found.The house was a mess.“David?” I yelled.He quickly got out of the room holding my baby.“Hi!” He said nervously.“I was trying to dress him up but he doesn't want to and he keeps on playing around.”I turned my gaze to my baby who was sucking his thumb while putting his head on his dad's shoulder.“Baby? What were you doing?” I strode my way
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Chapter 8
🎬sexual content ahead 🎬 I just got off from the phone with France. He kept on apologizing his sudden long absence. I assured him everything had been fine and he made me promise to call him if I need anything. It was already 10pm and my baby was soundly sleeping now after I fed him his breastmilk. We played non-stop since he woke up at dinner time. He surely got an energy of a young kid for his age. He seemed to not getting tired. I heard a knock on the door, so I quickly put my silk robe on and headed out to the frontdoor. I was only wearing my black lingerie inside. I was tired of changing. It could be the landlord delivering baked cookies again. Mr. Calvin was like a grandfather to me. He always looked for us and our needs, and he always made sure that we were comfortable in our apartments and we were provided with sufficient supply of our basic needs. I opened the door and found David standing before me. He must have changed his clothes. He was wearing a dark blue polo tu
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Chapter 9
I woke up feeling sore in all the right places. I found myself in my bed and my baby was still sleeping soundly with a smile on his face. I kissed him on the cheek and he moved a little.I scanned my eyes around the room but I found no David.I quickly got up and went to the kitchen when I found a sticky note on the fridge door.Good morning baby! Got a business call. Be right back.DavidAfter throwing the paper to the bin, I didn't know what I should feel now. He left. He didn't even wait until I woke up. He just left a pathetic note.It was a stupid, stupid decision. Too late to repent, Olivia. I scolded myself. It had been made and done. He got what he wanted so now he was leaving you again. He was done with you.I heard my phone ringing. When I checked the caller ID, I saw France's name.“Hi Franny!”“Hi bunny! How are you doing? How is my adorable nephew?”“We're great. He is still sleeping though.”“Can you take a picture of him now? I miss you guys so much.”“Okay, please be
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Chapter 10
I got off from this king size bed when I noticed my baby was no longer beside me. I didn't bother putting any slippers on and just rushed out of the room immediately. I found David and my baby sitting on the couch watching cartoons. My baby was springing and kicking in excitement on his father's lap. They were singing along with the characters on the screen. I sighed and stared blankly. My son needs his father. I am not a selfish mother to deprive him of having and being loved by his father. I was standing at the door far behind them. I was wearing a white long sleeve that had his scent. He must had changed me and put me to bed. My baby saw me and he started giggling and babbling "mamamamamamama!"David turned his head and he looked at me. His eyes were sad but smiling. I walked to them and stood at the back of the couch kissing my baby at the same time enclosing David from behind. I sat on the couch beside them. I just noticed that I was only wearing my underwear, no bra on.
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