Tangled Desires

Tangled Desires

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"Well, well, well," He said, his voice low with a hint of both playfulness and danger in it. I know I am caught like a deer in the headlight but still I did not came out, holding onto a little hope that is crushed long ago. "What do we have here?" His voice was demanding and threatening, forcing my feets to move on their own to come out of the shadows. -- Kirill Volkov, is a 25 years old russian heartthrob with many dark little secrets. His hands are stained with the blood of people whoever discovered his little secret and he never batted another glance to the lifeless bodies he left behind. He is the perfect definition of an emotionless, quiet, arrogant and an inhumane human. Aleeza Aria Russo, is a 23 year old elegant Italian beauty with the dreams of living a life that have nothing to do with her previous one. She wants to taste the freedom in her mouth, not only on the tip of her tongue. But she did not realised she was loosing everything she always wanted while she got involved with Kirill, without even knowing the truth he hides. Aleeza does not realise the pressure and betrayal, Kirill, is going to crush her with, which will leave her with nothing but scars. Happy Reading!

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New Gamer zone
Incredible story so far. Both Aleeza and Kirill are an absolute delight to read about.
2023-10-04 23:58:23
21 Chapters
Chapter 1
It is only the beginning... -Author.|K I R I L L|The darkness embraces the sky as I step forward in the eerie silence, the sound of dry leaves crunching underneath the pressure of my foot steps. The streets that usually are busy in the morning are deadly calm, haunting silence hung around me as I kept walking forward without letting the darkness around me affect me. The moon hid behind the dusty clouds casting a very blur glow up far from the sky. My each footstep echoed in my ears because of extreme silence that took the hold of these abandoned streets. Taking the gloves out of the pocket of my jeans, I continued my walk while I put them on.I took the mask out from my other pocket without stopping and placed it on my face, hiding my identity from the world and burying the secrets and mysteries of these menacing night.The deserted cabin, that I found here a few days back, came in my sight because of the distant glow that came right
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Chapter 2
The freedom we are looking for is the freedom to be ourselves, to express ourselves. -Unknown. |A L E E Z A|Under the obscure sky, I took another courageous step ahead, my eyes roaming around in the opaque surroundings where I can not see a fucking thing because of the extreme darkness. The moon shone like dust in the sky, hidden behind the dusky clouds not really helping with the blackness around me. Just as I took another step the sound of leaves crunching underneath my feet by the pressure of it, reached my ears. I stopped, my heart racing inside my chest as the fear engulfed me. This looks like an abandoned place and I would not be surprised if a serial killer appeared her out of no where, demanding my blood for his satanic rituals. The trees touched the sky with the extreme length casting a creepy and broken shadow over my head. Is it a forest? I frowned and my eyes wandered around in what seems like a very deep forest, where I
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Chapter 3
Expressions whispered by the eyes can echo louder than the loudest voice. -Unknown.|K I R I L L|The woman who stood in front of me is the definition of stupid. Dressed in a black shimmering dress with thin straps that ended on her knees, she stood with cocky recklessness. Her face is small, like a traingle, with a sharp pointed nose and a pair of big doe gray eyes, her dyed hairs kissing her face with each slight breeze that passes between us. I glance around her to see if she is actually alone and turned out I am right. She is walking alone in this verdant thicket wanting to be killed. Raising a mocking brow at her, which I suddenly realised she can not see because of the mask that hides not only my identity but also my face, I said, "You seem to have a knack for finding trouble in the most unexpected places." She squinted her eyes together at me, looking annoyed and frustrated with mt statements directed towards her which are nothing
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Chapter 4
Unforseen friendships have a magical way of stitching the broken pieces of our hearts back together. -Unknown. |A L E E Z A|After a very adventurous night, I stood ahead of my luxurious apartment, the one my brothers bought for me when I decided to move to U.S.A. to continue my studies. Pushing the wooden door open, I crossed the threshold entering my apartment and the delicious smell of rose filled my nostrils. My eyes were met with an expensive expanse of grace. The living room adorned in the shades of gold and ivory. Plush velvet settees warm and comfortable embrace called me. The temptation, considering the tiredness that took the hold of my body after whole day adventure was irresistible. The walls were adorned with framed masterpieces and the pictures that held the memories of years. The floor bedecked in imported marbles. Hearing my stomach grumble, I headed towards the kitchen to reward my empty stomach with delicious junk food that is absolutely decreasing the quality a
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Chapter 5
In that ordinary moment when their eyes first met, little did they knew it was the start of an extraordinary love story. -Unknown. |A L E E Z A|Among the dazzling lights of the party, that is being held in a penthouse. Yeah, no shit, the host is the son of a great businessman, who I know nothing about. A lot of people filled the huge penthouse, everyone dancing to their own tune, some getting drunk on their issues and happiness. Between all those people, I felt like a lone star in a glittering sky. It's been a few days since I shifted here from my country, my home. But still I miss them, I miss them like I never wanted to get away from them. As much as it is true, it is not the whole truth. I knew the cost of my freedom would be this. In this huge city, even bigger university and the crowd of thousand people, there was only one person who stopped to have a conversation with me. The boy who bumped into me like a hurricane just to be my sa
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Chapter 6
In the story of us, hate was just the prologue, and we're left wondering about the chapters yet to be written. -Unknown. |A L E E Z A|In the middle of the vibrant chaos of this party, my eyes locked with his. The man in front of me was the actual embodiment of captivating masculinity. His brown eyes, deep and rich like the finest chocolate held a quiet allure, cloaking the mysteries and secrets, untold. Dark rampant hair framed his face in a way that whispered of his rebellious charm and nature. His nose, elegantly pointed, added a touch of rectification to his rugged charm. His chiseled jaw, chiseled with such precision that it seemed sculpted by the hands of an artist, making every head turn to him, twice, in appreciation. His physique was nothing short of magnificent, he stood out in the crowd of college students. He was huge, definitely huge than a college student as he claimed to be, by being present in this party. He swirled the c
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Chapter 7
I've met enough people to know that genuine kindness is a rare gem, and I can't help but question its authenticity. -Unknown. |K I R I L L|The crimson droplets from the glass of my drink painted my pristine white t-shirt hideous art and fiery rage boiled within me. The rage clawed at my insides, eager to consume me whole. The audacity of this girl who dared to profane my attire and humiliate me in a room full of foolish people. The red soaked my t-shirt and I bawled my fists, in an attempt to calm myself down. My gaze fixed ahead on dancing crowd where she disappeared. I remember her. I remeber her from the night in the forest, the darkness that surrounded us while her eyes shone with rebellion was a little hard to forget or ignore. Beneath the surface of my anger, an ember of amusement smoldered. She is a little too brave and feisty for her own good. But unlike me, there was not even a hint of recognition in her eyes. It was not su
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Chapter 8
Embrace the beauty of spontaneity; sometimes, the most meaningful connections are born from chance encounters. -Unknown. |A L E E Z A|I woke up to the soft caress of sunlight spilling through my bedroom window, its gentle warmth cajoling me from the depths of slumber. As I slowly opened my eyes, the hazy memories of last night's party began to unravel. My honey blonde hair lay scattered across the silk pillow, a ruffled testament to the wild festivities that have unfolded. With a dopey stretch, I reached up to tuck a strand of my hair behind my ear and blinked away the remnants of sleep. Amidst all the memorable memories of last night party, one memory made me annoyed. Those pair of brown eyes danced in my mind, their arrogant allure impossible to ignore. I remember the chaotic and arrogant conversation that happened between the two of us, driving me to the edge of annoyance, so much, that I end up ruining his white t-shirt by the stain of red wine, like a painting on a blank canv
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Chapter 9
Hating someone's flaws can be the first step towards understanding and eventually loving their complexities. -Unknown.|A L E E Z A|Dressed in a crisp white t-shirt that highlighted his muscular frame, accentuated by a black leather jacket draped casually over his shoulders. His black jeans clung to his legs, as he stood there, ahead of us with cross legs. This man, right here, had an undeniable rugged charm, with his disheveled dark hair that seemed tk defy gravity. His piercing gaze exuded an air of ignorance, his disregard towards the world. "What are you doing here?" The man beside me, Lev, questioned the man who is the center of my sight right now. "Just thought of having brunch together." The man with chocolate eyes, answered, his voice comparatively softer than the ignorant one he used with me last night. He kept his whole focus on the man with me, his eyes not wavering even once. There was not even a hint of recognition in his
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Chapter 10
He was everything I despised, but, he also became everything I could not resist. -Unknown. |A L E E Z A|After the whole day, I returned back to my luxurious apartment, the lonely luxurious apartment. The bustling streets outside seemed alien, and the empty rooms echoed with the solitude I had chosen. I missed my family, their warmth, their laughter. Most of all, I missed my brothers. I don't think there would be a day where I won't miss them. I settled onto the couch unable to shake away the feeling of loneliness that washed over me. The apartment, though cozy, felt strangely empty without the comforting presence of my family.I checked the time in my phone amd realised that Elena, my niece, must be sleeping right now. So, it would not be the best time to call my eldest brother, hence, I decided to call, Lorenzo, my second eldest brother. The phone ringed twice before he picked it up, his voice laced with concern even before I uttere
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