Chapter 2349 Welcome, Brother-In-Law

The waiter invited Nicole and Julie upstairs.

When Nicole entered the door, she asked, “Is that man really your boss’s husband?”

The waiter looked awkward and nodded.

“Yes, this isn’t the first time Mr. Norton has come here to make trouble. From time to time, he would bring his friends here to eat and drink without paying and even hit our boss. Our boss landed up in the hospital several times because of him.”

“Then why don’t you call the police? Domestic violence is illegal.”

The waiter shook his head in bewilderment.

Julie brought Nicole inside.

“I know everything that you want to know.”

She whispered, “I’ll tell you later. But you gotta thank Eric for earlier. Do you want to invite him over?”

Nicole glanced at her. “Isn’t this your birthday party? You decide.”

Now that the ball was in her court, Julie did not want to cause trouble.

Clayton seemed gentle and good-natured, but he could hold a grudge.

Julie did not want to offend Clayton.

She smiled and sat down next to Nic
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