Chapter 2348 Take Action

Selena always had a good memory, so she recognized the drunk girl from that day.

She knew that the girl got drunk on purpose too.

Nicole was just about to go up to say hello to Selena with her skirt in hand when she suddenly saw a drunken man appearing behind Selena.

The man violently twisted Selena’s shoulder and slapped Selena without saying a word.

Nicole’s face turned pale.

“Watch out...”

She watched as Selena got beaten and fell toward the stairs like a piece of paper.

Nicole was startled and wanted to reach out to catch Selena, who was falling, but her high heels got stuck on the stairs.

She did not have time to think about it, but at the critical moment, she still stretched out her hand.

Selena did not have the strength to hold on to the railing next to her and fell straight down the stairs.

As soon as Nicole touched Selena’s shoulder, she felt a huge impact, so she fell back involuntarily.

In such a sudden situation without any preparation, Nicole could not bear the
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