The Female Alpha's Peak

The Female Alpha's Peak

By:  D'Light  Completed
Language: English
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STAR, a young and naive highschool girl who isn't aware of her true identity as the last descendant of her clan, got raised by her aunt, Kate, and bullied at every opportunity by her school mates, rescued by love, finds herself caught up inbetween two powerful and influential Werewolf dudes, dying to mark her as their mate; one enemy, one sweetheart. Her once peaceful and quite life comes to a halt when she finds her Aunt, Kate, crawling out of their house; some hidden truths are about to be unveiled! Alex, a young, handsome Alpha, the one with the key, taking his time to do his thing, finds himself being hated by his rival, INFITE, a wolf blood. Now, things have become so messy and creepy for STAR, how would the truth be accepted and managed? Find out for "the start of an evolution", caused in a park of wolves; intriguing with mind-blowing cliffhangers, leaving you tasty for more!!!

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59 Chapters
Haters' Ambush
STAR 'S POVIt was the early dawn of winter, the moon seemed to be at sleep, the stars mocking me from above, if you listened well enough, you could hear the light whispers of the winter wind: to walk through the woods at that time of year was like a death wish, the worst could happen. Remembering stories of ghosts and witches in the woods got me frightened at the least. It took courage to walk through those woods. The chilly weather wasn’t any helpful, neither were my clothes. A white off-shoulder lace top and a red mini skirt are not an outfit for weather like this. I couldn’t remember why I was in the woods in the first place, and with the clothes, I was on for that matter, I rarely go out like this, my mom always nags about how I should cover up my blossoms, to keep men from preying on me, I never quite understood it though, to me the blossoms aren’t anything special, they feel too bi
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Plans for the blood moon
ALEX'S POVI stepped into the morning sun and could feel its impact on my skin. Although winter was at its peak, I could still feel the sun rays enriching my skin.  Was so eager on my way to school like a child eager to see what lies beneath the Christmas tree, wondering what the gift contained, so eager to see her, to smell her, I can't wait to taste her. I approached the school entrance but my wolf senses rose with so much force, as it sent goosebumps across and brought me to a halt, something was wrong, I couldn't smell her. I stood still at the entrance into the school hallway using my wolf senses, I tried to smell her. Something is wrong. I could smell her 12km away, especially when we were in the same building. It means she is not in school yet but I know her to be an early person and it's some minutes past 9 am. Something is wrong. I walked br
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STAR'S POVAlex……. no this is not Alex but a blond lady with the same emerald green eye color but this time, it was laced with black all around the Iris. The lady opened the door and came into the room. She was dressed in a leather jacket, a red top beneath ripped jeans, and boots. Her hair was wavy and stopped at her mid back, styled fashionably. She was a badass. When she turned to face me, I could see a mark on the left side of her neck. Two marks like she was beaten. I gasped and placed my left hand on my mouth. Holding the sheets close to my chest with my right hand I crawled so fast and close to the bed headboard, my back came in contact with it and it hurt.  "Hey, relax! I am not going to hurt you. " She said, coming closer to the bed with concern written all over her face.St
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Stranger's visit
For one excruciating moment, silence reigned deep within me left in my thoughts. Winter is fast approaching, so is the blood moon. My pack was all round the place, guarding it. Justin and Ethan at my both sides, Allison and Cain by the entrance and Styles at the rooftop,  to notify us if any vehicle or person approaches. I can't go anywhere without them. My pack except school that is but anywhere that means real business, I go with them. We all have known each other since childhood, having each other's backs supporting each other. Separation seems like an impossible prediction. Looking at Stella or Kate or whatever she is being called was not helping at all. I was really getting  pissed off just hearing her voice. Star has not been home for over 24hrs and here she is giving me excuses. I would have broken her nose by punching her so hard in the face,but I can't. She being mum's distant cous
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When I walked into the sitting room, Aunt Kate was nowhere but it smelled like a wet dog. "What was here?." The kitchen was downstairs, at the extreme of the room. It was a joint kitchen with a dining room. I stepped into the kitchen and it was properly cleaned. Turning to walk out, I  noticed two used tea cups at the counter. Saying to myself, "Aunt Kate had a visitor… but who may that be? She is rarely visited, I thought to myself with a frown on my face. Where could she be?" "Aunt Kate, Aunt Kate"  Screaming on top of my voice. Where is she? "Finally you're home. I thought you lost your way home" Aunt Kate said, walking from the sitting room into the kitchen with a red hand towel.  Rushing to hug her, she opened her arms, welcoming me.
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Chapter 6
STAR'S POV It's prom night, fully dressed in my red shiny handless short gown with suede hand gloves to my elbows. My hair was in a stylish loose bun decorated with pearls matched with diamond necklace and earrings. I put on a black sandal heel . Applying my lipstick which is deep red in color, Aunt Kate stood behind me and watched in awe.  I turned to look at her and she said "You look so much like your mum. Beautiful and smart. You are ready and who is your date?" Right after she asked this question, there came a suddenly knock at the door. "Just guess. It's a surprise. " Giggling, I went to the door and opened it. My knight in shining armor stepped in with a bouquet of red roses in his left hand, dressed in a tailored dark tuxedo. His hair gelled back. He looks so handsome.
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Chapter 7
"Aunt Kate..., I don't understand what I saw and how is it possible that I could see that?"  I said to her but she didn't move or blink but she was staring at me. How is that possible? I placed my right hand on her chest and could not find her heart beat. It was then it hit me. "She is dead". I felt the agonizing pain seeping through my veins and deep into my heart, shattering it into pieces with every passing second. I looked into her eyes and could see how lifless it was. She felt cold, really cold.  Coming close to her face, I called out her name. "Aunt Kate.. Aunt Kate."   "Star, she is gone." Alex spoke. At that moment it began to snow. The earth seems to be in accordance with the predicament that just happened. Rocking back and front, I screamed "NO
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Chapter 8
FINITIE'S POV "Were you able to get what I asked?" I glared at Red because I knew she was not able to get what I asked for and I want to know why.  "No boss, I was not able to get it."  she said this while bowing down her head.  Bowling my hands into fists on my table, I punched it with so much force, and a hole was formed in the middle of the table.  I yelled "....and why was that?  What stopped you from carrying out my orders?......."  "......It was Alex. He was there……" she stated without blinking.  I jabbed the table the second time and a crack sound could be heard. Looking straight at her,  I said".
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Chapter 9
TRACY'S POV Wiping my face, I stepped out of the shower with slow and steady steps. I saw my clothes on the tiled floor close to the bed just as I left it. I got dressed. Looking at the mirror, my reflection staring back at me, I looked so pale and empty. My eyes bloodshot from crying. Taking a deep breath, I tied my hair into a high ponytail and was about to leave the room but was stopped midway on my way out. The drawer closest to his bed was closed but the key was left hanging. My curiosity took over me and I moved slowly towards the drawer. With every step I took, I looked back at the door. When I was at the drawer, I knelt down in front of it and tried turning the key but it didn't budge. I tried again but it was fruitless. I removed the key and inserted it back. Turning it to the right and it clicked open, I smiled at myself. I opened the drawer and there was an envelope lying in the da
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Chapter 10
UNKNOWN POV The night seemed cold and peaceful except for my troubled mind. Standing at my balcony with a glass of scotch in my left hand, I could smell numerous passers by walking on the pedestrian lane bumping into each other. Not caring who they come in contact with. I could see and hear vehicles honking which expresses the drivers impatience and arrogance. Looking up ,I noticed there were no stars visible in the sky and no moon. Just the thought of Star being with Alex pisses me off. Flashbacks of Alex kissing and hugging Star came through. Gripping the glass in my left hand with so much force, I broke it with my bare hands. I felt nothing, no pain, just the smell of iron . But I was bleeding, not much to take me to the emergency unit but enough to stain my floor. I didn't bother because I heal fast. Nothing is moving according to my plan. Nothing. I feel so frustrated. 
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