The Found Fated Mates Of Fenrir

The Found Fated Mates Of Fenrir

By:  Becca Lou  Completed
Language: English
9 ratings
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Fenrir is the God of Hell, the Harbinger of Death. He is the twin brother of Selene the Moon Goddess to all werewolves and Lycans. He has been searching for his mates for thousands of years until he finally finds them years after the war with the rogues at Venom Fang. Theo, an Alpha from the Blood Moon Pack in California and Mia a 23 year old human woman who wants life to be more exciting. Be careful what you wish for. However, she has been plagued with erotic dreams since she was 18 years old. Every night for 5 years she has had these dreams of two men she has never met before. Until one day Fenrir and Theo find her. Will she accept them? She will run? Only the Goddess knows.

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Brianna Norelius
I love this author and all her books. I'm trying to find Delilah's book yet. If you haven't made one, can you?
2024-02-13 03:59:31
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I absolutely love your stories... I have been hooked since the first one. I am excited to read Gaia's. I have a feeling Elysium & Hell will collide. As far as Fenrir's story, it was an absolute emotional ride. Love, heartache, pain, family stubbornness and strength wrapped up nicely with a bow.
2023-12-04 01:46:32
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Alaina Calcurian
I can't wait for the next book(s?) Get better soon.
2023-10-10 08:56:53
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Gary Golden
Love this author and her books.
2023-10-08 16:58:37
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Becca Lou
Hi lovelies, please bear with me for the time being. Unfortunately myself and my family have got Covid. So I will still upload everyday but as soon as I feel more human again I will resume to two chapters a day. Thank you for reading so far. Much love Becca Lou xx
2023-09-26 19:16:50
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Becca Lou
Hi lovely’s, I will post updates everyday at least two chapters a day. Feel free to leave me a review and let me know what you like or dislike. Thank you for reading. Much love Becca Lou xx
2023-08-29 07:14:38
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Delinda Schumacher
65 chapters 8-25-23
2023-08-25 20:31:03
user avatar
As an Author myself, I can say you are doing great. I love the storyline. Keep it up...
2023-08-25 18:39:34
default avatar
I can’t wait for more chapters!
2023-07-31 00:59:57
136 Chapters
Chapter 1.
Mia POV.“Mia, you are so wet for us,” I gasp as two pairs of hands stroke my bare skin. I don’t know these men. I can’t see their faces. Arching my back I moan as a hot mouth latches on to my nipple, my hand fists into his hair pulling him closer.Another hot mouth kisses and sucks the sensitive flesh of my inner thigh. “mmm. Ahh.” I grab my other breast and squeeze it. The man in between my legs moves closer to my soaking wet core. His hot breath sends a delicious shiver down my spine.“Mia, let us make you feel good.” He says I look down and I can’t see his face. His fingers tease my entrance and I whimper, wanting his fingers inside me. The other man moves up and kisses me. Again his face, I can’t see it. His tongue explores my mouth and I moan into him.Fingers caress my body, leaving a trail of heat in it’s wake. My hips move on their own, wanting friction. Fingers plunge inside me, and I release a moan as my eyes roll into the back of my head.These men worship every part of me
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Chapter 2.
Fenrir POV.Seeing our mate run out of the diner, I can’t help but smile. I knew this would happen.“Ok, well, that went well.” I turn to look at Theo, my other mate, as he sits there gawking at me. I shake my head at him and stand.“Well, we have found her. Plus, we know where she works now. Come on, she has to come back, eventually.” I tell him as I straighten out my shirt.Theo rolls his eyes with a pout on his lips. I turn and walk towards the door when the other server stops in front of me. Her arms folded over her chest and the look on her face was fierce.“Listen here arsehole, what the fuck did you do to my friend?” she practically snarls out at me and I raise an eyebrow finding this little human amusing.“Well, what do you have to say for yourself? If you have hurt her, I will hurt you.” She says her tone is fierce and I know she is very protective of our little mate.I look at her name tag and smile at her as Theo walks up behind me. He thinks it’s hilarious when humans stan
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Chapter 3.
Mia POV.It has taken a couple of hours to calm myself down. This is ridiculous. I need to get back to work or I will lose my job.Closing my eyes to take a deep breath, I see him in my head and he is calling out to me again; he has been for the past few hours. It’s all in my head. Besides, Gina said they left the diner.Pulling myself up off the sofa, I go to the kitchen and open the fridge. Grabbing a bottle of water out, cracking open the lid, I gulp it down.Come on Mia, get it together. I tell myself as I walk back out to grab my stuff and head back out the door. Walking back to the diner, I’m lost in my thoughts. How did they find me? more importantly who the fuck are they? I shake my head as I cross the street.The diner comes into view, and there are a few customers in. I can do this. I have to.Heading inside, the bell chimes and Gina looks up before she runs towards me as I walk further in towards the counter.She engulfs me in a hug. “Are you ok?” she asks before pulling ba
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Chapter 4.
Fenrir POV.After calling out to Mia a few times, I decided to wait until tonight. The hotel is pleasant, but it’s not home. We have a few hours before night falls.“Don’t worry Fen, she will come round.” Theo says as he hugs me from behind as I stare out of the window, watching the humans go about their day. I sigh and place my hand over his.“How long will it take, though?” I say, I know she will freak out when she finds out what we are and who we are. I need to speak to the only person who I know that has dealt with a scared mate. Titus Blackwood.Alpha Titus Blackwood of the Venom Fang Pack is mated to my sister, Destinee Shaw. Well, I say sister. Her wolf is the wolf of my twin sister, Selene, the Moon Goddess. So that makes Destinee my sister fucked up, I know. But it makes sense to us.I am Fenrir, the God of Hell, the Harbinger of Death. My werewolf abilities are not limited to one form, as I can shift into a Lycan or a combination of the two, making me a powerful force to be
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Chapter 5.
Mia POV.I’m laying on the familiar bed, but I don’t see them anywhere. Something is wrong. Looking around my surroundings, I realise I’m actually in my bedroom.“Hello, anyone there?” I call out and my voice echoes into the darkness. Pulling myself up, I shuffle to the side of the bed and stand.“Mia,” I hear it echo and I turn around, looking around for him. The man from the diner.“Mia,” I follow the voice in a trancelike state. I see a door up ahead. I move towards the door and place my hand on the handle and push the door open and I’m blinded by pure bright white light. Shielding my eyes with my arm. I let my eyes adjust to the light. Before shapes take form.I’m standing in a field on top of a hill. Looking out over the area, it is beautiful. I take a step forward; the grass is soft under my bare feet and the air is warm; the sun is high in the sky and there are no clouds in sight.“Mia,” I turn my head to the side and I’m standing at the treeline. The trees are enormous. They l
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Chapter 6.
Fenrir POV.Coming out of the dream, I know Mia has woken up. I look over at Theo, who is still blissfully asleep. We need to monitor her; I know something is going to happen to her. I can feel it in my gut.Hearing a groan from my side, I turn my gaze to Theo, who is grinding his hips against my leg, and I chuckle.“Good morning, mate.” I say to him, and he grunts in response before he moves closer to me. I watch him as he sits up, rubbing his eyes, and a yawn escapes his lips.“Morning, well, last night went well.” He says as she snuggles closer to me and I sigh.“It could have gone better. I think you scared her a little bit. Maybe tone down the moody Alpha vibe you give off. We need her to come to us willingly, not run for the hills.” I tell him and he pouts and folds his arms over his chest.“I am not moody, nor do I give off an Alpha vibe. That mister is all you,” he says, poking me in the chest. I chuckle at him.“Yeah, sure, whatever you say, Alpha Moody.” He growls at me and
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Chapter 7.
Mia POV.The men that have been coming into the diner today have been strange. Strange as in, they are fucking massive. I’m surprised they managed to fit through the door, but the weird thing is that they keep looking at me and I mean full on staring. It made my skin crawl; I shudder again.“Gee, I need to get out of here.” I tell her through text and she gives me the side eye. She walks into the kitchen and texts me back.“Pretend to take the trash out back and go. Something is off with those guys. They look like they want to eat you or something.” I send a quick reply.“Ok, what about my stuff?” I pretend like I’m doing something, not looking up at them at all. I need to get out of here.“Trash bag, put your stuff in one and pretend it’s trash to take out, then run.” She replies and my eyes widen as I look for a clean trash bag and I find one. I bend down and open the bag, stuffing my things inside it.Standing back up, I take my things and the actual trash out. Heading into the kit
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Chapter 8.
Theo POV.Humans, yuck. I don’t like the humans; they are vile disgusting creatures, so you can imagine how I felt when Fen told me were in fact mated to one. I shuddered and became angry at Selene. How could she do this to us? This is some joke to her surely, First she mated me to a man and now a human. It took time to get my head around the idea of not just Fen but also the human. Mia our mate.But, here we are. She is the only human I am fond of and yes; I come across as being a prick, but that is just me. If anything, Mia should be more scared of Fen than me.Tilting my head to the side as I peer down at her, she visibly gulps and I sigh, running a hand through my black hair.“We mean you no harm, Mia. I know you are scared of me, but I will never hurt you. Sit up and let’s talk about this.” She frantically shakes her head and I move around the table and sit down next to her head. Looking down at her and she is shaking. Fucking great.“Why are you here? What do you want with me?”
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Chapter 9.
Fenrir POV.Walking through the front door of our personal haven. Our home is secluded close to the base of the mountain and it is surrounded by dense forest. There is only one way in and out and it is hidden, well unless you are me who can portal anywhere, that is.Walking into the living room, I place Mia down on the sofa and look at the bruising on her face. “She won’t want our blood to heal her. We will have to wait for her to wake up and decide what she wants to do.” I say, looking down at her. Finally, she is here with us.Granted, this is not how I envisioned her being here. But we didn’t know where she lived and besides, that psycho will never find her here, so in my justification she is safe.Placing a blanket over her, I leave the living room and head into the kitchen. We don’t have a first aid kit with being shifters. We don’t need one, especially with my blood. But considering Mia is human, there is a lot of things we are going to have to buy to accommodate her.Theo passe
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Chapter 10.
Mia POV.Running through the forest, all I see are trees, no roads or building. Nothing. I scream in frustration before I change direction and carry on running. I’m breathless, but I don’t stop. The burning in my lungs forces me to stop and clutch my knees, taking big gulps of air and I look around again and realise I’m staring back at the house.“FUCK!” I scream out. I won’t give up. I turn and smack my head into a war of muscle. Staggering back, I rub my forehead. Wiping my eyes and I hiss as my cheek stings. Fenrir takes my face in his hands and I swat them away and step backwards. They are not good fucking people at all.“Stay away from me.” I grit out at him when Theo comes from the side of Fen. Taking steps back, I don’t take my eyes off of them. They are both walking towards me, herding me back into the prison they call their home. No, fuck that.I turn and walk back to the forest. “Mia, you can’t get out of the forest. Just give it up. We need to take care of your bruises and
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