The Royal Triplets

The Royal Triplets

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Triplets raised and work together Mates from different backgrounds Each with a different and hard start to life One event brings them all together Will they fight for the love that can be Or will fate and others tear them apart? This is book 4 of the Royal Family series. ** WARNING some chapters contain mature scenes and violence. Read at your own discretion... Book 1 - The Werewolf and the Vampire King Book 2 - Daughter of the Vampire King Book 3 - The WereWitch and the Royal Alpha Prince Book 4 - The Royal Triplets

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My apologies, I have been a little stuck on this book, but now it's flowing once more. I will be updating again within the next few days. Again, my apologies.
2023-08-09 11:44:12
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Audrey Coulombe
Is the book over?
2023-08-07 07:08:49
74 Chapters
Character Introduction
CHARACTER INTRODUCTIONJulian / Conner King = Vampire - Eldest triplet Son of Princess Josephine and Human mate ZacharyVictoria / Lorette King = Vampire - Eldest Daughter of Princess Josephine and Human mate ZacharyRiley / Romeo King = Vampire - Second Eldest triplet Son of Princess Josephine and Human mate ZacharyJulian, Victoria and Riley are the eldest triplets to Princess Josephine and her mate Zachary. They have lived their lives in the Royal Vampire kingdom, but have never really been seen. Julian is the best friend and cousin of Prince Nathaniel and is training to be his second in command once he takes over the throne. Victoria is a natural fighter and is training to be Prince Nathaniel's Head Warrior and personal protection. Riley doesn't know what or where his place is yet, but is training to be Prince Nathaniel's third. However, there is still the chance that he could give it to Sebastian's son or daughter if what's inside him continues to grow. ************Skylar Harri
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JULIAN POV“Julian?? Julian?? Are you awake and up yet?”I stretch and answer “Yes Mother, I am”“Stop lying and get out of bed, I need your help to get everything ready and out to the field for the picnic...” “Okay mother, be right there!...”I get out of bed as I hear her walk away from my door, calling to my brothers and sisters to get out of bed, too. I head into my bathroom for a quick shower. Once I’m finished, I get dressed and then head out to help Mother with whatever she requires. I ended up carrying some of the baskets containing the picnic food in them, but luckily, it wasn’t just me.“Hey Nat, Ri, you both helping as well?”“Yeah Jules, hey happy birthday! Did you manage to have some fun at Charlotte’s birthday celebration?”“Yeah, Nat, I did, but nothing that lasted more than the night, though.” I smile as he does.As Victoria, Violet, Eli, Chrysta, Chase, Gabriela, Katrina, Whitney, Seth, Kathleen, Victor, Sebastian, Teresa, Theodore, Tina, Uncle Dominic, Mother and Fat
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VICTORIA POVI don’t sleep well as every time I close my eyes and get anywhere near falling asleep; I see all those rogues run out onto the field. Now I am an exceptional fighter. It is one of the benefits of being a princess but with not being anywhere near taking over the throne, as that goes to uncle Dominic’s children before me or any of my brothers and sisters.I have been able to concentrate on my fighting and with all my training, Theodore has said that as long as I keep up with the progress I am making, there is no reason why I can’t take over his place as Head Warrior. I feel bad for him. He managed to find his true mate, but because of events in her past, she is unable to give him a son or daughter to take his place; it is why he has been training me so hard, not that I complain as I love what I do.I give up trying to sleep; I climb out of bed, head into my bathroom and have a long hot shower, hoping that will help, but it doesn’t. So I head down to the training field, hopi
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NATHANIEL / HUNTER POVOnce we meet up with father and Alpha Stefan, we start on our way in the direction of the explosion until father stops abruptly, getting that faraway look we all get when talking to someone via a bond link; he makes us all jump as he hisses low and the power aurora around him changes. I watch as my father’s vampire Caleb takes control, letting out some of his Royal power. It is such a beautiful colour as it expands out and away from him. He then takes off in the opposite direction to where we were originally going. I look over at Uncle Noah as he lets out a short laugh. “Someone has gotten themselves into a lot of trouble!!" “Why?” Alpha Stefan looks at us, really confused. “That was not King Dominic anymore... That was the true Vampire King Dominic’s vampire Caleb! He is and has always been one of the deadliest vampires that have walked this earth. Now, since Queen
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RILEY POVNathaniel got the permissions we all needed to go on our learning trip. I don’t know why they included me. Julian and Victoria, I understand they are in training to work next to Nathaniel but me, yeah I am training as well, but am I really doing what I am supposed to do? Sometimes I really don’t know.As we slowly make the rounds of the different packs and clans and a couple of other kingdoms around the country, I find that there are not very many packs or clans that actually use a separate third in command, as they are usually the Head Warrior. I learnt all I can, but I still felt out of place.We have been travelling for a few months and are currently in the RedBlood Clan; I am about to get up and go down to have some breakfast when I hear from Nathaniel through our mind link.“Julian, Victoria, Riley! I need to see you... My room right away!”“Be right there.”I throw on some sweatpants and a shirt and head down the corridor. When I get to Nathaniel’s room, Julian and Vic
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NATHANIEL POVAs I head to my room, I really want to be going after my sister Hunter and Cole are on my back giving me a headache trying to take over and go after her. “Hunter, Cole! Calm down... We will go after her.”“When?? That male already has nearly a week's head start on us. If we don’t go soon, our gift won’t work as well.”“I know that, Hunter, but we need some rest or we won’t make it very far.”“I could always take over and have us to our sister within moments....”“Cole, I know you can, but if you do that with how exhausted we already are, we wouldn’t be able to do anything. We wouldn’t be any help to her...”They both growl and hiss at me, but back off. Once in my room, I strip my shirt and jeans and climb into bed. As I lay down, I open my twin link with Scarlett.“Scarly?? Little Sis. Please talk to me?”“Nat! I told you I am not your little sis...”“Ha! I knew that would get you to talk to me... Where are you?”“Um... I’m not sure. We have been moving a lot. Nat, don’
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GRIFFIN POVI have been travelling the earth for years, moving between packs, clans and human cities. In my early teenage years, I learnt that I was different from everyone else, as I could see, hear and do things that no normal person should be able to do. I worked out that no one liked people that were different so I tried to keep hidden what I could do, some of my close friends noticed the difference in me as I got older but they didn't care, some of them even ended up giving their lives to protect my secret. I didn't like this; it didn't seem right that anyone would give their life for mine. When I reached one hundred years old I was working in a small werewolf pack when a stranger asked the Alpha if he could enter, as he was looking for someone and there was a possibility that this person was hiding in his pack. I didn't know at the time that he was actually looking for me. While he was there I went about my normal routine and helped whoever in the pack required assistance. On
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SKYLAR POVI run into my room at the young adult hostel and I quickly pack up my stuff, shoving my laptop and the few clothes I have into the small shoulder sling I carry with me. I quite liked it here, but unfortunately, it is time to move on once again before they track my whereabouts. I started fooling around with technology when I was ten and found I had a real knack for hacking into anything, my foster parents weren't happy when at the age of thirteen they had who they thought was the Federal Police banging on their door looking for me as I had hacked some secret organization and managed to get copies of all their files before they kicked me out of their server. I didn't see much of the information as I downloaded it but it had something to do with supernatural species, the top two on the list were Werewolves and Vampires and the fact that they do exist and this organisation is gathering information on both to find weaknesses and destroy both species before they can overrun or
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JULIAN POVWe have been travelling for nearly twenty years, Nathaniel even after all these years hasn't given up looking for Scarlett following every lead, every sighting that is reported and he refuses to let anyone know where we are because there still seems to be some sort of spy or leak in the kingdom as we have gotten close to her a couple of times over the years but he always seems to know and moves on before we can do anything.So we only head home maybe once a year for a few days at most, so Nathaniel can check in with uncle Dominic and catch up on anything that he needs to know about and then we are on our way again, Victoria on the other hand heads home every few months so that she can stay on top of what is going on there and report what she has learnt on our travels. But then when I think about it I think it has been more than a year or two or maybe even three since we went home last.Victoria had to return home a couple of months ago as uncle Dominic had sent Theodore to
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RILEY POVI know this is a small clan but they should still have more than just the border patrols and some officers walking around the town, even just a few small discreet cameras on the streets, just to cover any and all travellers that pass through. As we sit in Malcom's private office and wait for Nathaniel, I turn to Julian."Hey, Jules? What was that about as we left that last clan? You could smell blood or something?""Oh, that doesn't matter. Someone on the bus we waited for and then passed must have cut themselves on something.""You know, we could have stopped for you to check it out. I could smell humans on that bus. We could have convinced a couple of the females on board to maybe spare and share a little of their blood with us. I haven't had fresh human blood in..... Oh, I can't remember and if I remember rightly you have gone even longer..""I am fine, I don't need any...""Jules, who are you trying to fool, me or yourself? Because you don't fool me. You need a release.
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