The Trap of The CEO's Ex-Wife

The Trap of The CEO's Ex-Wife

By:  Madeline.L  Ongoing
Language: English
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At the age of 18, Patricia married Martin Langley, a man who was paralyzed from the waist down, instead of her stepsister, Debbie Brown. She accompanied him through the darkest moments of his life. Despite their two-year marriage and companionship, their relationship didn’t mean as much to Martin as Debbie's return. Martin, in order to treat Debbie's illness, heartlessly disregarded her pregnancy and cruelly bound her to the operating table. Martin was heartless, he left Patricia feeling lifeless, which prompted her to leave and go to a foreign land. Martin, however, would never give up Patricia, even though he hated her. He couldn't deny that he had and inexplicable fascination with her. Could it be that Martin, unbeknownst to him, has become helplessly in love with Patricia? When she came back from abroad, whose child is the little boy by Patricia's side? Why does he resemble Martin, the devil incarnate, so much?

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Susanne Parker
I will also wait till this book completed before commencing another book. Wish they were not put on choice list till story completed so not having to wait for chapters to be completed as disappointing.
2024-07-18 08:00:57
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Laizel Diaz
hi good day, i really2 like the story i just hope you continue to update your story to end im excited...️ goodluck and more story to write.....
2024-07-03 16:21:01
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Realized that the author has 4 books, which are all ongoing. Will come back once this one is completed. I've learned from past mistakes not to start a book until it is completed.
2024-06-11 10:24:25
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Rita Devi
Plz update asap
2024-04-28 01:25:26
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Hannah Igloso
This book is very nice but why doesn't this book have been updated I think it's been 4 weeks since it didn't have any update. Please update this book as soon as possible please I am so obsessed with it! ............
2024-04-14 23:20:38
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Pamela Martinez
Hello, I was just wondering if you were going to update this book soon it’s been over a month. I really enjoy your book, but I would like to see the characters more often than a chapter a month or every three months please update the book
2024-04-13 01:15:42
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Ana Marie Padrones
Very good novel
2024-04-05 20:17:50
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Delinda Schumacher
159 chapters 2-26-24
2024-02-27 05:25:10
default avatar
Interesting story line….hopefully not too long or dragging
2024-03-21 20:04:26
180 Chapters
Chapter 1 Let's Get Divorced
"Congratulations, Mrs. Langley. You're pregnant, four weeks along, and the baby's indicators are all normal!"Excitedly, Patricia went home, with the pregnancy test report, wanting to share the good news with her husband Martin right away."Martin, I...""Patricia, let's get a divorce!"They both spoke at the same time. It was as if a bucket of cold water, had been poured over her head, Patricia went icy cold all over, swallowing the words 'I'm pregnant' back down."Why?" Patricia's voice trembled as she fought to hide the heart-wrenching pain. She felt like the pain would kill her, and she wanted clarification for Martin’s reason for divorce.Martin tightly pursed his thin lips, his eyes as cold as the sea, devoid of any warmth, with a few words the reason became, painfully clear."Debbie is back."At the mention of Debbie, Patricia's face turned pale, as translucent as glass. The woman who had disappeared for two years, the woman Martin had loved so deeply, had returned. Martin took
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Chapter 2 Returning With The Baby
Five years later... On the top floor of the Langley Group, the whole floor was covered in dark clouds, exuding a sense of low pressure.Inside the conference room, it was crowded with programmers, each filled with the same heaviness. There was a computer in front of him, and Martin's fingers were flying over the keyboard.Sitting in the main seat, Martin had deep features, his eyebrows knitted tightly, and his lips pressed together, exuding an aloofness that kept others at a distance."Still no trace?" His voice was cold, like a god who held the power of life and death.Everyone was immediately frightened, sweating profusely. Suddenly, a young man wearing thick glasses exclaimed excitedly, "Mr. Langley, I found it, I found it..."Martin immediately stood up and walked over to him. Several big words suddenly appeared on the computer screen. There were thick black letters scrolling across the screen.I AM YOUR FATHER! HAHAHA’An implacable murderous intent instantly appeared on Martin'
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Chapter 3 Reunion and Anticipation
After searching around, Patricia finally found her best friend, Jade Williams, in the parking lot.Jade excitedly hugged Patricia and jumped up and down."My Professor. Watson, you finally decided to come back! I've been waiting for you for a whole year. I missed you so much."Looking at her best friend, Patricia couldn't help but tear up."I missed you too, I missed you so much it drove me crazy."If it weren't for Jade, she wouldn't have survived. Five years ago, Martin disregarded the fact that she was pregnant and tied her to the operating table. She had thought the baby wouldn't survive. But unexpectedly, the child, was strong and miraculously survived.When it was time to give birth, she had a difficult experience and gave birth to triplets. Charles and Randy were her sons, and Fannie was her daughter. Randy, sadly, hads evere congenital heart disease. He needed so much care, expensive care. Patricia was penniless and had no way to pay the required hospital bills. Putting Ra
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Chapter 4 Mistaken Identity
Fannie held Jade's hand; her eyes sparkling. "Jade, let's go to the supermarket. We need some things and it's not easy to carry so much luggage. We didn't bring many things back with us.""To the supermarket?" Jade glanced worriedly at the closed bedroom door. Patricia reminded her to keep an eye on Charles. If they left, what about Charles?Sensing her concern, mischievous Fannie said, "Charles sleeps for a long time. By the time he wakes up, we'll already be back! Don't worry, nothing will go wrong."After speaking, afraid that Jade would refuse, she started to act cute again. "Jade, let's go, okay? You said earlier you'd buy me some candy to eat."Unable to resist her cuteness, Jade nodded in agreement, and the two left for the store. Not long after the two left, the closed bedroom door suddenly opened. Charles peeped his head out, making sure they were gone before sneaking out. He put on his backpack, wore a baseball cap, and catch a taxi at the entrance of the community, heading
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Chapter 5 Reunion Of The Couple After Five Years
Patricia didn't bring Randy home but went to the supermarket first to buy groceries. As she walked out of the store with a bag full of shopping, she was approached by a group of police officers, and the contents of the bag spilled all over the ground."Ma'am, you are now implicated in a kidnapping case. Please come with us."Patricia was dumbfounded. "Who did I kidnap?""The little boy beside you."Patricia chuckled angrily, "Officer, this is my son. Why would I kidnap my own son?"The police didn't listen, stubbornly dragging Patricia into the police car."Mommy!" Randy wanted to chase after them but was held back by the police."Randy, your father will be here soon. Behave and don't make him angry anymore."Randy stopped struggling. He knew very well that when daddy spoke, no one dared to disobey. If he wanted to save mommy, he had to get daddy's permission. A short while after the police car left, a luxurious Rolls-Royce stopped in front of Randy. It was his father. Martin got out
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Chapter 6 Five Years Later, Meeting The Rival The Next Day
Patricia woke up early and started making breakfast. Charles and Fannie brushed their teeth, washed their faces, changed their clothes, and went to the bathroom in an orderly manner. After breakfast, Patricia took them to the kindergarten across the street from the community. Jade had completed the transfer procedures for the two little ones a week ago, so Patricia only needed to drop them off at the entrance of the kindergarten and personally hand them over to the teacher. Before leaving, Patricia worriedly reminded Charles, "You better behave, don't run around everywhere, take good care of Fannie. If the teacher tells me that you've been bullying classmates or skipping school, I won't be lenient with you."Charles let out a small sigh. "Why do I still have to go to kindergarten with them? Being with them is an insult to my intelligence." "Say that again?" Patricia glared at him fiercely, her gaze full of warning. Charles immediately shut up, smiled sweetly at her. "Dear mother,
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Chapter 7 You're Not Qualified To Acknowledge Your Son
In stark contrast to his reaction, Randy's irritable eyes lit up when he saw Patricia. He jumped off the bed and ran towards Patricia. He wasn't wearing shoes, and Patricia was afraid of his feet getting cut by the broken glass on the floor, so she immediately ran over and lifted him up. "Be careful, remember to wear shoes next time." Just moments ago, Randy was angry like an enraged beast, but now he was as gentle as a kitten, nodding his little head vigorously. "I'll remember, I'll definitely wear shoes next time." Patricia affectionately rubbed his head and held him in her arms for the first time, now that she knew he was her own son. There was a sour and bittersweet feeling in her heart, accompanied by a sense of contentment and fulfillment. Martin, on the other hand, watched as his son who had just been angry with him a second ago now obeyed Patricia. He felt jealous. "What are you doing here?"Faced with his question, Patricia calmly placed Randy back on the bed and extende
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Chapter 8 I Want To Recognize My Son
Martin held Randy in his arms, still unable to react, when Debbie rushed over and pushed Patricia away."What right do you have to question him? Randy ended up like this because of you! Yes, you guessed it right. He does have bipolar disorder, and his condition is becoming increasingly uncontrollable. Now that you know, are you satisfied?"Her words made Patricia's head spin. She only knew that Randy had heart disease, but never expected that at such a young age, he would also have a mental illness. How could this be?"Why didn't you mention it in his medical records?"Martin gently placed Randy on the bed, covered him with a blanket, and looked at her expressionlessly, "There are many things not recorded in the medical records. Do you want me to tell you one by one?"Patricia's heart skipped a beat. "What else is there?"A hint of ridicule flashed in Martin's eyes, "He also has asthma. Two years ago, he secretly ran away from home with his pocket money and a small backpack, wanting t
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Chapter 9 Darling, I'm Your Mommy
Randy's tantrums were causing a big disturbance, giving both the patients and doctors headaches. Patricia was a short distance away from the ward, but she could hear Randy's shouts clearly. “Get out, all of you! I want to find my mommy! You're all liars, you're all bad people, I don't want to see any of you!"Martin had been trying to calm him down for a while and was on the verge of exhaustion. He growled lowly, "Go and get Patricia."Alan received the order and as soon as he walked out of the ward, he saw Patricia rushing towards him. He breathed a sigh of relief and said, "Madam, please come and see. Randy is making a fuss, insisting on seeing you."Patricia didn't pay attention to his address, she quickened her pace and rushed into the ward.It was in complete chaos, the newly inserted IV had been pulled out, blood was flowing out, and the floor and bed were a mess.The medicine that had been painstakingly brought, by Patricia, was spilled all over the floor.When Randy saw her,
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Chapter 10 Mistress's Scheme Is Exposed
Someone gave her a thumbs up, admiration on their face. "Professor. Watson, you really have a way with things."A child as difficult as Randy was now taken care of. They could only say these words silently to themselves, not daring to say them out loud.Patricia caressed his head, with a face filled with affection. "He's so well-behaved and obedient, quite likable, isn't he?"The atmosphere immediately froze. Everyone's expressions remained fixed, as only Professor. Watson said that he was well-behaved and obedient. Those words didn’t match with Randy at all, did they? He was a complete little devil.Seeing that no one was speaking, Patricia approached her desk, had Randy sit obediently on her lap, and began prescribing medication on the computer. Randy sat quietly; his eyes curiously fixated on the computer screen.Suddenly, a pair of hands blocked his line of sight, followed by Patricia's gentle voice by his ear. "Children shouldn't stare at computer screens; it's not good for their
Read more Protection Status