Under the Blue Cold Moon

Under the Blue Cold Moon

By:  Adaline Wylde  Completed
Language: English
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When Kamari's mom, a witch from the ancient Ostyn clan, moves her to a small town in the forests of Washington, they set into motion a destiny that cannot be controlled. Kamari must learn how to balance her opposing powers and help save both rival packs before they destroy everything, including those she loves most.

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Ambia Phelan
Love this story! Flows well and great plot
2024-06-11 11:19:23
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Ambia Phelan
Loving this story! Great characters, romance, adventure, and magic. It’s all here!
2024-06-11 11:18:33
user avatar
Is this a story with mates?
2024-05-06 20:11:45
82 Chapters
As the first snowflake settled, it whispered secrets of a winter tale waiting to unfold. First snowfalls usually come lightly to Sequim. The snow is soft as it glides down towards the cold earth. This year, however, it came in a blizzard. Snow dropped like an anvil, with ice forming instantaneously along the roads and trails. The wind blew so hard that the forest wolf patrol on duty had to seek shelter. They couldn’t see two feet before them, even with their werewolf eyesight. Thinking no one would be out in this storm, they hunkered down in the small town, warming themselves by their fires and watching movies to pass the time. They didn’t expect a young witch secretly making her way through the trees towards an old house.She’d never been to this town so she wasn’t sure of its whereabouts, she only knew what she was told by the one who sent her. Carrying the device that would change her fate and two rival packs, she slowly crept through the foot of snow that had already settled on th
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The Dream
Kamari As I ran through the dense, unknown forest, I moved as fast I could, everything blurring around me, but all in slow motion. It felt as if I could run at this speed for hours. The forest was unknown to me and yet familiar at the same time. I’ve had this dream many times in the past couple of months. It was night, but oddly, I could see as if it was the middle of the day. And just as before, I felt them on me before I saw them. The set of glowing, deep crimson eyes ran beside me in the forest. The eyes weren’t human; they were animalistic with a predatory edge. I felt as if they could see right into the deepest parts of me. I wasn’t afraid though; somehow, I knew whatever held those eyes was not there to harm me. But just like every time I had this dream, as I ran closer to the predator beside me, dodging trees and jumping over rocks, right as I was about to see who or what held those eyes, I woke up. Feeling a bump in the road knocked me out of my sleep, opening my eyes to the
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Hitting A Wall
KamariWhen my alarm went off Tuesday morning, it took a minute for me to remember where I was. Even though I dusted the day earlier, the distinct smell of the old house filled my nose as I wiped the sleep from my eyes. I made a mental note to get some air freshener and heavy cleaning materials to clean the place throughout the week. I looked at the clock to see it was 7:15, and I jumped out of bed, realizing I had hit snooze on my alarm. I had to leave to make it to my 8 am class on time in 15 minutes.Thankfully, I had set out clothes for the morning last night, so I quickly dressed in my favorite pair of workout leggings. I was petite but had muscular legs from dancing for so many years, and I loved how these showed my curves; they were comfortable yet kinda sexy. I never got dressed up for boys; I thought it was unnecessary. It was more for me to feel good in my clothes. The fitted leggings were as far as I went, though, as I decided on a comfy band tee and a hoodie to counter the
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The Transfer Student
ReedWhen Theron, our upcoming Alpha of the Phantom Moon pack, told the warriors of the pack a new family was moving into town we all went on high alert. It was strange because it was the same week he and his father, Alpha Zane, would be out for the week at a last minute mandatory meeting called by the elders. Outsiders don’t move to Sequim. Only pack members are allowed to live here.I must admit, though, I didn’t expect what I saw when the new girl ran into me this morning. I received the assignment to wake up early and watch when the new girl showed up to get a read on her. I was in line to become the new Delta, replacing my father Norrik’s position when Theron took the throne as Alpha next year, so I was left in charge while they were all gone.I won’t lie; I wasn’t happy about this assignment. One thing I hate most are early mornings, so I couldn’t be bothered to get dressed when I woke up this morning. I was supposed to be there before the new girls’ first class at 8 am, but who
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New Friends
KamariAfter the teacher walked into class, I could tell who the natural leader was. Her black leotard and tights silhouetted her long muscular legs and toned upper body. She was wearing her hair in a tight bun, showing off her high cheekbones and dark brown eyes that bore into you. I learned Ms. Swan is a no-nonsense type of teacher who expects a lot from her students, just like I like it. Everyone fell in line the moment she stepped into class, including Miss Perfect, whose name I found out was Olivia, by the teacher’s praise for how well she did in class.I’ve always been naturally athletic; sports and dance came easily as if my body was made to move freely and fiercely, but... this class was no joke. By the end of class, I was sweating and panting like it had been my first day of dance when I was 11. All the other girls seemed to move smoothly and gracefully, running through drill after drill as if they were warming up. I knew after class if I was going to keep up, I’d have to wor
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KamariThe rest of the week seemed to fly by. I found all my other classes easily, with Naya helping me around campus. I have five courses in total, including my two dance classes. Fortunately, Naya is in Ballet and Freestyle hip hop, but unfortunately, so is Olivia. Olivia, for some reason, seemed to have it out for me, staring angrily at me all week but thankfully not saying much.My other three classes, Micro Biology, English Lit., and Anatomy, all had extra homework for me, so in between this weekend’s antics with the game and dance I had told Naya I would go to, I would have to fill my time training in my backyard to keep up in dance and work on my assignments to get my grade up. I hate feeling like I’m behind everyone in dance; my competitive nature is getting the best of me, so every day after class, I went home to workout in my backyard, going over the bodyweight exercises I used to do at the gym back in LA.Everything felt like an easy transition except for my nightly dreams.
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Friday Night Lights
Kamari“Hey Kamari! Ooh, you look hot! Snazzy jacket!” Naya exclaimed as I got into the jeep.“Hey girl, Thanks! Love the uniform!” I always loved the dance squad uniforms, but I must admit, the uniforms at Sequim College were like nothing I’d ever seen before. Our mascot was the warriors, so the uniform looked like it could have been armor but still showed enough skin to make it sexy. The pleated skirt was high-waisted and made of dark brown leather straps showing the top part of the stomach while the bottom hung mid-thigh with a slit on the side that showed the black shorts underneath. The shirt v’d at the bottom, coming close to the skirt with a corset bodice. The top cut across the chest connects one long sleeve, hugging closely around the right arm with an armor-type garb at the shoulder, leaving the left shoulder and arm bare. I had to admit I was a bit jealous not to be wearing it along with her, but I knew if I kept training, I’d be able to make the team’s next round of auditi
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Outside Perspectives
NayaFrom the first moment I saw Kamari in class on Tuesday morning, I knew we would be friends. The way she stood up to Olivia that first day showed me she didn’t stand down from a fight, and if Kamari were a werewolf, she would have been an alpha for sure. She had no scent, which meant she was human, but I sometimes wished she was one of us. It would make things easier. My wolf Sienna howled when she saw the look on Olivia’s face in class.“Oooh, did you see that, Naya? This girl is feisty! I like her.” Sienna howled in my mind. Sienna doesn’t like Olivia much, and the fact that up until last April, She was training to take over the squad and pack made her blood boil.It didn’t seem like a job when Ther asked me to get close to her and check her out. This past week, getting to know her, though, almost felt wrong reporting to Theron and Reed on my findings, which could have been more helpful. She wasn’t telling me much about herself or her past. The way she almost flinched around Ree
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The After Party
KamariWe grabbed a quick bite at the local drive-through food joint before heading to a liquor store to get some alcohol for tonight’s bonfire. Danika and Lana had already started drinking a beer on the drive as we drove a little outside town through the trees.“Kamari, catch!” Danika tossed me a beer.“What about the police? Naya, you could get arrested.” Catching the bottle in the air.“Nah, the police don’t come out this way. Besides, the sheriff is my dad, so I’ll get away with a warning if anything.” Naya assured me with a wink.With that newfound knowledge, I saluted her with the beer before opening and taking a swig. As we drove, I gazed out the window at the marvel of this place; it was so beautiful and such a stark difference from LA. I found my body relaxing more and more as we drove deeper into the forest, turning right onto a dirt road. There was already a line of cars heading to what had to be the local hangout. We blasted the music and danced to hip-hop music, not once
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Through His Eyes
TheronShe was getting closer this time; I could feel it. Her sweet scent of honeysuckle and fresh rain consumed my senses. My wolf Hoku was going wild for her; we had to have her, claim her, and mate with her. I was running faster and faster through the forest, gazing at the white wolf in front of me, taunting me. I was just about to pounce and claim her as mine when I heard a siren from afar. I looked around but couldn’t see anything. It kept blaring, coming closer and closer. I looked, but my mate was nowhere to be seen. All there was in the foggy forest was snow on the ground and that siren sound blaring.I jolted at the sound of my alarm early Saturday morning, yelling at me to get up. Rubbing my eyes and stretching my arms above my head, I went straight to the bathroom to take a cold shower and hopefully stench the hard-on I had from my dream. I had training with the pack this morning and intended to tell everyone what happened at the meeting this past week. Reed was especially
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