41 chapters
It was the dead of night, and the stars and the full moon showed bright against the coble street in front of an abandoned building; a cry of pain resounded off the dark structure of the alley. A malnourished black cat with golden eyes prowled the rain-drenched alley with trash cans as another scream was left unheard again in the topmost window of one of the abandoned buildings; a woman laid in a pool of blood with a bloody infant laying on her chest. The woman laid there panting as the contraction of the labor slowly subsided. She wrapped the infant in a decaying blanket that she found on the dusty floor and weakly made her way out of the room and down the stairs. When she came to the doorway, she looked around to make sure no one was around; exiting the building, she turned right and walked to a church with the infant in her arms.She wrapped the baby tighter in the blanket and laid it on the steps in front of the massive doors. She rang the doorbell twice, then ran to the o
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Chapter 1: 18 years later...
Three boys sat on a stage behind them a concert setup sat dormant. Two of them were laughing and cutting up as they looked through a Playboy magazine. They were both looking at a sexy topless blonde when the front door opened, and sunlight ran down the violet carpet to the middle of the seats. They both watched as a brown-headed girl strolled up to the boy with light brown hair with blonde highlights. As he was looking through a magazine with his glistening chest exposed, the girl bit her bottom lip and ran her hand over the boy’s chest with a soft caress, and he looked up at her as she winked at him and asked, “I thought you could use some company; how long do you have?” The boy looked up and grabbed her by her wrist and pulled her up by it, the girl winced with pain as her wrist cracked from his grip, but she made no sound. Pulling her up on stage, he took her behind the curtains. With a bang, both their bodies hit the floor. The two boys looked at each other and
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Chapter 2: Can't get you out of my mind
Getting up the following day, Kayle sat up from the bed and got in the shower. Washing her light brown hair, she sighed as she rinsed her favorite shampoo out of her hair. ‘Tonight, I’ll be going to my first concert in forever.’ Thought Kayle running her fingers through her hair, making sure the shampoo was out. Grabbing her loofa, she squirted body soap on it and lathered it up. The smell of strawberries floated in and mixed with the shower’s steam, giving the room a sweet smell. Turning off the water, Kayle grabbed her towel and began to dry herself off. Once her body was dry, she wrapped the towel around her hair to dry. Getting dressed in the bathroom, Kayle grabbed her best bra and put it on looking in the mirror; the bra did make her breasts look good. Nice and plump, Kayle thought as she blushed and smiled at her reflection. Pulling on panties to match along with her jeans riding slightly below her hips, looking around, finding her shirt, and pulling i
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Chapter 3: Private Down
Trigger strolled down Crescent Rd following an old scent the girl from the concert had previously left. Stopping underneath a giant oak, he listened to the conversation that was going on in the upstairs bedroom. It seemed to be interesting as he could only hear one side of the conversation. Surveying the house, he saw different species of plants beside the brick porch with an elegant sidewalk with solar-powered lamps running down it. The house itself had windows from floor to ceiling and giant round pillars holding the balcony up with beautifully wrought iron railings surrounding the whole house. Glancing at the mailbox, Trigger read:                                               Mr. and Mrs. Glass                                           
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Chapter 4: Should have been dead
Keeping to the shadows, Trigger staggered toward a slate grey mansion; tall, large oaks shadowed the porch and most of the brick wall lining the sidewalk. Blood dripping from his body, leaving crimson pools with black and silver, grey hair on the path he had taken. His steps were growing weaker as he neared the entrance of the wall. Stumbling through the gates and stepping onto a driveway with ancient inscriptions carved onto it, he hears the dogs barking coming nearer him, feeling their sharp teeth sinking into the flesh of his legs. He growls low in his throat, warning them away. His blood seeps into the inscriptions making them glow and then dim. Falling to one knee, Trigger gasps for breath, his vision fading. He crawls up the black marble steps and reaches up for the oaken doors, his claws leaving deep valleys in the wood. Finally losing strength, he blacks out. Drifting in and out, Trigger felt two bodies next to him, holding him up the best they could as his f
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Chapter 5: Shopping for Concert Attire
  Kayle reached over to turn off the blaring alarm clock next to her bed. Stretching, she pulled off the covers and went into her bathroom. Kayle brushed her teeth and hair; Kayle took the hair straightener to keep it from flying away. Pulling out underwear and a bra, she put them on and walked into her closet.  Kayle grabbed a low-cut shirt and hoodie with a pair of miss-me jeans. Kayle put everything on; she picked up her bookbag from her floor and went out her door, closing it. Getting to the kitchen, she noticed that her dad had left her note on the fridge.                                                       Kayle,           I hope you have a good day. I had to get to the lab early this morning.                
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Chapter 6: Seeing Her Again
It had been three weeks since Trigger had seen Kayle, knowing that she was around but couldn’t see her, was messing with his performance as he, Conor, and Mitch practiced for their last concert in town. Trigger rode back with Conor as they pulled into his driveway. They both saw that Conor’s brother Cody was standing near the garage. “Let me out here. I’m gonna head home through the park.” Conor unlocked the doors, and Trigger stepped out of the car, holding up his middle finger at Cody with a malicious expression on his face as he turned down the driveway and out of the gates. Reaching the park, Trigger noticed that he could faintly still smell her scent around him. He faintly smiled as he remembered almost kissing that perfect mouth of hers. Trigger noticed that his body was vibrating. He looked up and saw that the clouds had made way for the bright moon above him. He began to turn into a werewolf, not worrying about taking off his clothes as they started to rip an
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Chapter 7: Wolf
Trigger, Kayle, and Conor drove through the city in the red and black chrome Bugatti towards the manor. The ride was quiet, the only sounds coming from the engine of the car. Kayle was looking at her hands in the car's back seat since she did not have her phone with her to message Lou-lou. Looking up, she noticed that Trigger was looking at her through the side mirror. She grinned and then asked, “ Can I borrow someone's phone? I at least want to let my best friend know I’m not dead.” The boys looked at each other, and Conor pulled out his phone and tossed it to her in the back seat. Kayle nodded to him and typed in Lou-lou’s number. Hey, girl, this is Kayle, just wanted to let u know I lost my phone and that I’m w/ Oathbreaker. So I won’t be able to msg u until I get another phone. ☹ Anyways, if my dad asks don’t let him know who I’m with, otherwise he may go off the deep end. Smh. Msg you l8ter. Kayle sent the message and reached f
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Chapter 8: Mate and Father
Waking up, the smell of scotch and an earthly aroma reached Kayle’s senses. Blinking her eyes, she noticed a very toned chest in front of her. Shocked at first, she allowed her gaze to wander up to his face. It seemed to be wet with sweat as Kayle reached up to wipe it away. Her touch seemed to wake Trigger as his eyes opened suddenly, and his hand landed on hers. His breathing turned from the smooth rhythmic motions to fast-paced motions, as if he had run around the city. “Are you ok?” Kayle asked, gazing into his eyes. Trigger smiled and nodded, not daring to speak at the moment. Kayle tilted her head and frowned at him. “Are you sure you are ok? You don’t look too good,” Kayle questioned as she moved her hand this his forehead, checking him for a fever. “I’m fine, sweetness,” Trigger breathlessly replied as he smiled and placed a kiss on her forehead. Sure you are. His wolf stated in his mind giving him a wolfish grin. Trigger mentally rol
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Chapter 9: Wanting
Trigger pulled up into Kayle’s drive and honked his horn. It had been two weeks since the day he brought Kayle back to her house. He came to get her every morning before school; then, he would leave to go practice for their last concert with Mitch and Conor. Sitting back, waiting for Kayle to come out of the house, he noticed a green Jeep pull up on her house's curb. Trigger knew who it was before the man stepped out of the vehicle. Trigger watched Private Hixson step out and walk up to the house just as Kayle walked out the door. Trigger got out of the Jag and stood at the front of the car. He watched as Private Hixson stopped her and whispered something to her. His wolf was growling in his head when he noticed the smirk on the commando’s face when he looked back at him.Trigger stood firm with a scowl on his face, arms crossed over his chest.  Kayle finally walked down the stairs and toward Trigger. He met her halfway and pulled her into a hug. Then kissed
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