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1: A Liability
Aurora's POVI never minded not having a place in the pack because I knew I was going to find my mate one day and leave—or so my mother keeps telling me when she sees me looking far away into nothingness. I don't know why they hate me in the first place, but I never cared. Today is my eighteenth birthday, and the Alpha and Luna took it upon themselves to celebrate it in their mansion. I stared at the whole pack as they grinned and sang the happy birthday song, while others took videos and pictures with their phones. I know most of them tolerate me because I am the Beta's daughter and have a good relationship with the Alpha's family. Also, because the Alpha's only son, Lucas, and his twin sister, Liana, are my best friends. They don't have much of a choice but to befriend me too.Lucas and Liana told me to ignore what the rest of the pack thought of me. They just have nothing to do with their lives than make my life miserable simply because I am their best friend.Even though it mak
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2: Accepted rejection
Aurora's POVI didn't go back to the alpha's house, instead went straight to my parents house which isn't far away from the alpha's being the beta and all. I know my parents are going to handle everything there so I showered and slid beneath the covers to sleep. I am usually not a crier so I am not crying but that doesn't mean I am not heartbroken. It hurts. My chest hurts. My eyes are stinging. Even my breasts feel tender with all the pain all over me. I tried to breathe but I started hyperventilating the next second. Slowly lowering myself to the floor, I tuck my chest to my knees and try my best to regain my breathing. I know panic attacks because I have had a lot in my life. Not being accepted in a pack you grew up in takes a toll on you even if you don't want to care. I know it first hand. And now even the one best friend I knew I had my entire life turned his back against me. He doesn't want to be my mate despite being his best friend. Maybe he never truly liked me and was
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3: Real mate
Alpha Caden's POVThe weather was chilly as we all stood there looking at the sand closing my mate's lifeless body. Like humans, we are also dressed in black for the funeral. Lucas and Liana are clutching onto one another as they cry their eyes out. She's been dead for two days already but today hits them harder than any other. I am not a crier so I only stared down at the ground. Everyone kept passing around their condolences and saying how much of a great woman she was, which is true but right then, I didn't want to listen to their sympathetic words. I really just want to spend some time in my office with a good whiskey. I did just that. I turned around and left the graveyard, my feet sure as I stepped inside my car and sped to the Alpha house where I'm sure no one will disturb me. The whole pack members will meet at the packhouse to mourn further. As soon as I got home, I showered and yanked on a sweatpant then blindly made my way to the study. I took two bottles of whiskey
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4: Personal maid
Aurora's POVI don't know why I thought it was a good idea to come back to Brown Wood Pack after my father told me about Flora's death. She's been sick for a great deal of time and called her once to ask how she was. She was so happy to finally hear from me. I cut off contact with everyone for two good years, my parents included. I felt like I needed some time for myself without going through those questions they would no doubt ask. Why did I run away? Why suddenly and what is going on. I don't want to answer them. I wasn't ready. I haven't told them that Lucas was my mate and he has rejected me till date. I feel like there is no use. It is only going to ruin the relationship they all have and I don't want that. My father and the alpha are great friends and I know how my father thinks. He could cut off Lucas in his life for this. I don't want that. I'm sure Lucas hasn't told them either or they would have asked when I got in contact with them. Those years in the human world chan
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5: Chosen ones
Aurora's POV"Please don't do this to me." I murmur to myself after the door got locked from behind and there is no other way for me to leave. I lie there on the floor in Alpha Caden's study not knowing what to do or how to think because things just blew out before I could even think. This is all too much for my mental health. I have been trying so hard to keep back in focus but it's hard now. I left this pack for the same reason. I wanted peace of mind which this pack won't give me so I ran away. I left for my happiness only to come back and get trapped in the most absurd and unexpected way. This is really not what I was expecting when I decided to come to Brown Woods. I have a long list of clients waiting for me back in Canada to get their tattoos designed. I have so much to do back home. I haven't fed my dog too though I have given him to my neighbor to take care of him while I am away. She is going to be worried if I don't return soon. No one walked into the room for the next
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6: Right punishment
Alpha Caden's POVStorming into my ensuite, I briskly passed the dimly lit corridor that led to the bathroom. The ensuite I once shared with Flora remained untouched since the day she died. For obvious reasons, I had chosen to lock it up, intending to preserve the sanctity of her space and safeguard her belongings from any unwanted intrusion.It wasn't that I feared being haunted by the memories; rather, I felt the need to close that chapter of my life, tucked away along with all the joyous moments we had shared. In the wake of Flora's recent passing, I couldn't deny the profound impact it had on me. The man I used to be seemed to have undergone a metamorphosis, an evolution spurred by the stark reality of her absence. I should have seen it coming but I didn't want to. I liked living with Flora as my mate and mother of my children. The version of me that existed before wouldn't have snapped at Aurora, let alone burden her with guilt for her actions. In the past, I would have extende
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7: Stalking my little mate
Alpha Caden's POVAurora is still on the floor thirty minutes after she's tried to wear her clothes but couldn't. I can't help but feel a pang of guilt at the thought of me doing that to her. I don't even know what is going on anymore, but I cannot stop being this person.She is my mate now, no matter what she does. She has no other option but to stay with me as her maid because I am doing all of this to save her. I'm sure she wouldn't want Lucas and Lilian looking at her with this whole thing.I don't even know how I am going to explain stuff to them if they ask me. They might not be staying here with me, but I'm sure they will know what is going on. She is going to hate that, which is why I want this to work out the way I have planned in my head. I had to work with my instincts and make her my maid so they won't know.But I can't hide this from her parents. I am going to tell them everything that is going on, knowing how her father is. Beta Knox Woods is the most complicated man I h
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8: In his shower
Aurora's POVI was startled when the door to the study got pushed open, and the scent that hit me had my core clenching in a way I hated but have no control over. My body is behaving like it doesn't belong to me since I arrived at this pack, and I need to check that before it embarrasses me further than we have already gone. Why the hell is my core tightening?Enveloping and irresistible, his scent is a captivating blend of sandalwood, subtly infused with the essence of the woods he cherishes. This pure, masculine aroma possesses the power to command attention from any discerning nose. It makes females throw away their panties straight away.But why is it that I am only getting the distinct smell now and not a few years ago when I used to come here all the time? What is so different now that I could feel his scent so much more than any other males in my life, and I have met many in the human world with different personalities? I have met my fair share of males, alright.Being a werewo
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9: His sexy stubble
Aurora's POVDone with my shower and now enveloped in the lingering scent of Alpha Caden, I wrap a fluffy white towel I found inside one of the cabinets. It looks new, which means no one has used it. Carrying my clothes in my hands, I walk back to the study, thinking it might be empty, but stood shell-shocked when I found Alpha Caden inside.He stands there, next to his desk, a small black object in his hand that swiftly disappears into the pocket of his sweatpants as soon as he realizes I'm in the room. Slowly turning, his face remains expressionless, but his eyes move up and down my body, sending an involuntary shiver down my spine.Damn it, the intensity of that gaze sparks a myriad of emotions within me, creating a moment pregnant with unspoken tension and curiosity. I hate that he has this effect on me, and there is nothing I can do about it. Why can't it be the other way around? Why isn't he even feeling the least bit attracted to me when I feel this much attraction for him?Doe
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10: Panties in pocket
Alpha Caden's POVI made sure Aurora finished everything on that plate before I turned around to narrow my eyes at her defiant expression. She has been a sassy little girl growing up, but when she turned seventeen, she became more reserved and quiet until she left the pack. That sassy girl is slowly but surely making an appearance, and does that make me proud? Kinda.Leaning back against the window behind me, I cross my arms over my chest and narrow my eyes so she won't see the interest deep inside because that will mess things up. This is to help both of us, and I need to be this heartless monster she cannot stand for that to work, or this will all be a lost cause. I can act for a while and be back to normal when in the confines of my room.I wanted to ask her where her clothes were because the thought of her not wearing panties (it is currently making my pocket sizzle right now) beneath her outfit made a certain anatomy hardened, and that is just weird when her parents will be here
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