Queen Of Ace

Queen Of Ace

By:  Armeia Aguilar  Completed
Language: English
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*on-going* The story about Kourtney Devaraux, the what-so-called Queen B who is misunderstood by a lot of people. She's overlooked as someone who will come for those who threaten her. But it's the other way around.(A stand-alone novel from His Fragile Flame)

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125 chapters
Author's Note
I'm starting a new novel! I'm so excited to share with you guys the other novel I've been plotting lately.Queen Of AceWhat is this novel all about?=If you haven't read my first novel, His Fragile Flame, I uploaded in this app, this is only "a part" of it but can be read as "stand-alone". This story was written in different character's perspective and her back story before His Fragile Flame. You don't have to read the first book to understand this novel, and I think it's better if you read this before that because HFF has spoilers.Warning: This book will contain the following•Sibling-rivalry•Cussing•Abortion•Sexual content•Triggering issues~*~BlurbThe story about Kourtney Devaraux, the what-so-called Queen B who is misunderstood by a lot of people. She's overlooked as someone who will come for those who threaten her. But it's the other way around.When unfortunate circumstance brings a blessing in Kourtney's life that she has to hide from her parents, she's forced to keep it
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The hall was filled with playful banters and enthusiastic chuckles of teenagers who were never fond of going back to school. It was stressful for them, and the summer break didn't do them any good. Though enthusiastic, they couldn't get off the fact they were thrown in this dungeon again. Not that Kingsley High was a bad school and students were not disciplined, they continuously whined about the principles that seemed to rob their liberation— or at least that's how they perceived it.Unlike any other schools, Kingsley High had a reputation they had to uphold— their high standards made them distinct. Ranging from great athletes to students with high IQ, they'd had some fair share of competitions they never failed to prevail. That's what made them attract more parents to enroll their children in such an expensive school: a good reputation.Kingsley High was indeed a prestigious school. This made wealthy businessmen and politicians entrust their kids to them.
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Chapter 1: The Consequence
The clinking of utensils against the glass plate was the only audible thing resounding the dining room. I was casually glancing at everyone through my lashes while twirling the fork on the pasta.My head was starting to weigh a hundred times heavier, and there was something in my stomach that made me want to vomit. I couldn't eat. I felt nauseous.I watched as Dad reached for the napkin, wiping off the excess grease around his lips. His gaze was fixed at me, his eyes were filled with disapproval before putting his elbow on the table."Kourtney," he called, making me sit upright and draw my attention to him. "Your food."I flitted my eyes back at the pasta laying in front of me, uneaten. I let go of the fork and cleared my throat."I can't eat," I admitted, as I clasped both of my hands below the table.My knee was bouncing uncontrollably, and the more I stared at Dad, the
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Chapter 2: Her Betrayal
I fluttered my eyes open, feeling the soft mattress beneath hugging my body. My head was laid on a soft pillow, while my lower torso was covered in a blanket. When I flitted my eyes at the side of me, Lindsey sat at the edge of the bed. She looked remorseful, and her cheeks were saturated with tears. Her lashes were drenched, her eyes were puffy, and her nose was florid as if exhausted from ceaseless weeping.When her gaze landed on me, I stared at her with a blank expression. I wasn't feeling the urge to budge and right after what happened during dinner, I didn't know how I would face her."What did you do?" I asked, feeling a little dizzy.Her lips parted, and she was about to utter her excuse, but nothing came out. She seemed to be finding her words, as she avoided my eyes."You told them, didn't you?" I asked again.She nodded reluctantly, and I scoffed in disappointment.

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Chapter 3: The Break-Up
I sat on the couch of their living room, with my constant lip-biting and fidgeting hands. Liam had lit up the fireplace before us, as the warmth it emitted caused my mind to feel at ease. Thrusting my hands nearer to the fireplace, I rubbed them together and noticed Liam standing at the side of my eye. I flicked my eyes towards him, as he handed a glass of water to me."Thank you," I mumbled, taking it and chugged it down my throat."Is there something wrong?" Liam asked and settled on the seat beside me.I scoot over to make enough room for him, as I tugged a faint smile. The tears were welling in my eyes, and my chest was tightening. I gripped the glass I was holding, making my knuckles turn white."My mom and dad found out about my pregnancy," I blurted, a lump started to form in my throat as I gulped.Mom and Dad were never in favor of my relationship with Liam. Nevertheless, I still p
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Chapter 4: Girl Talk
A few of the clinic's nurses went by in front of us, as I waited in the lobby with Emma beside me. Her hand held mine, as my knee bounced uncontrollably.I had no other people that would accompany me today but her. Mom and Dad were busy in their own agendas, while I detested being around Lindsey. I didn't even want to be close to her; it was making me sick. Emma was the best option at this moment.The nurses kept on throwing us strange glances. Their faces were plastered with plastic smiles, and their eyes trailed to us in judgment. Surely, teenagers being in an abortion center was such a strange thing to do. Even I found it peculiar, and I had no choice but to deal with it. And me being part of the Devaraux clan didn't only make them skeptical, but it made them scrutinize me even more that I wanted to gouge their eyeballs out. I just hoped nobody would recognize me."Are you sure you're really gonna do this?" Emma turned
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Chapter 5: A Filler
Two weeks had gone by, and I used all those times to get myself collected before the school started on Monday. I'd been self-reflecting lately, as I continued to shake off the trauma I had these past few days. After what happened, my relationship with Mom and Dad drastically changed, and Lindsey was the reason behind it.I had been giving her a silent-treatment. I guess it was what she deserved after all, and I also didn't have some time to waste on her. She was now the center of attention— Mom and Dad were continuously praising her for little things she did as if it would affect me. That was what she wanted after all: attention. She deserved it. I would just watch her until she failed Mom and Dad and she would also be a disappointment.Earlier this morning, I contacted Emma so we could unwind this weekend. I invited her for some mani-pedi, hair treatment, and shopping spree. In that way, I could release all the stress the summer break had caused me and prepare f
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Chapter 6: Retail-Therapy
I stared at Danny with my arms crossed above my chest and furrowed brows. He was sitting at the edge of the bed, while Emma stared at us with confusion drawn across her face."What happened to you?" I asked, my tone was filled with worry."I have to tell you something." He raked his hair with his large hand, as he rubbed the nape of his neck after. "I'm not sure how I'm going to say this.""Just speak up," Emma demanded.She was now wearing the gold-colored, bodycon dress with sleeves that reached to her wrists. Emma gazed at herself in the mirror, as her face lit up at the sight of her in a more comfortable dress.Looking back at Danny, I stared at him expectantly as he sighed in defeat."Me and Liam," he hesitated to budge, flicking his eyes everywhere around him, "we've had a fight."Danny and Liam barely had a fight, and if they did, it wouldn
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Chapter 7: Good Impression
The car window slid open, as I peered outside and spotted Emma, strutting towards my car. She held a stack of books in her arms, as her strawberry-blonde hair kept on cascading to her face. She was grimacing, and she seemed like she was dragging her feet along the pathway.I took the large sunglasses off my face, plopping it on the dashboard before opening the car door. Stepping outside, I smoothed the edges of my pleated, black skirt and approached Emma. She was in a haste and just before the books fell out if her brace, I caught it as she tugged a grateful smile."What happened to you?" I asked, grabbing some of the textbooks."Dad made me bring all these textbooks because I needed to study extra hard this time," she answered, her brows were furrowed together."Did you fail in eleventh grade?" I pulled the door of the passenger's seat open and flung the textbooks inside."Nope." She shut
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Chapter 8: Game To Play
"Hey," I greeted back, putting a hand behind my neck while staring at him.The feature that stood out to him the most was his radiant, emerald eyes and the specks of prominent freckles laying on the bridge of his nose. He had messy ginger hair and a smile that made the corner of his lips crinkle."Are you new here?" he asked, his British accent was thick."Yeah," I simply answered as he nodded in response. Ms. Sullivan's attention was focused on what she was scribbling on the board while the students behind her began to mumble. "What's your name?" I asked, a bit fascinated by him."Nicholas. And you?" He raised his brows and placed a textbook on his desk."Kourtney Devaraux," I responded, feeling the need to state my surname."I think I must've heard about you. But I'm not quite sure.""You heard about me from where?" I asked."News spread
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