His Witch, Her Alpha

His Witch, Her Alpha

By:  Thorns  Ongoing
Language: English
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I choose you; I branded you; you are Mine! His wolf calls her his Luna, but Xavier hates witches. Still, they are bound by the past, by fate, and maybe something more. Elina is a small-town witch who is ready to graduate and see the world, but when she starts having dreams about the Alpha of the largest pack in town, her world turns upside down. Mine! He screams at her, but she does not want to be his. "I will not spend my life living amongst dogs." Xavier is hot-tempered and the next Alpha of the Chehalis pack; he has his life all planned out and his luna already chosen. Are is she? Because his wolf calls another woman his queen, and it's the mouthy little witch he can't stop thinking about.

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60 Chapters
Chapter 1
  "Elina, stay here, keep the doors locked, and no matter what happens, do not come out." I nod; mom and grandma open the door, then hurry to the house. They disappear in the house, and I am left alone in the dark. Rrrrr, I jump as a loud growl comes from the house, followed by blood-curdling screams. That sounds like mom; fear grips me as I begin to panic. Read more
Chapter 2
Elina The bell rings, signaling the end of class. I grab all my books, shove them in my bag, and rush to the door. “The last to arrive and t
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Chapter 3
The rest of the day’s classes pass without any other embarrassing situations. I say goodbye to Cassie and Iris and stand outside by my bike, waiting for Xavier. After waiting for ten minutes, he finally appears with his signature scowl on his face. &n
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Chapter 4
                                                          Xavier I clench my fist as I walk away; that witch has some nerve. My mate? What a joke? My mate was prophesied. I am destined to be with Keira to rule with her by my side. Yet I cannot deny that I feel the need to protect the witch; my wolf form has claimed her. It forced me to run to her when she fainted today. "Silas," I call my wolf within. I know he is lurking in my consciousness, but he does not speak. "Silas, "I call again, but he remains silent. " Silas, I am your master; answer me!" "Yes," His voice finally sounds in my head. "The witch, why did you want me to protect her?" "She is your queen, my Luna, as apart of you as I am." I grit my teeth. What does he mean she is apart of me. "The witch is nothing
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Chapter 5
Xavier I arrive at school a bit later than usual; my run this morning took longer because of all the craziness. From learning Keira may not be my mate and that a witch could be. I needed to break free and be one with my wolf. "Baby," Keira wraps her arms around me. I smile; my mate, this is who I chose. Silas growls; shut up. I scream mentally. I spin and wrap my arms around her; she's pouting when she says." Jay saw you leaving school with that witch yesterday, and you didn't answer my calls." " I was busy; come on, we have to get to class." "But the witch. Where did you go with her?" "We had something to discuss." she frowns and removes her hands from around me. I grab her and pull her back to me, kissing her forehead. "It was just a quick chat babe, you know I hate all witches, including her." "Uhh, excuse me." I snap around at the sound of Elina's voice."You!" I shout as I approach the source of all my recent troubles. " Umm, dude,
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Chapter 6
  Elina I scream from frustration before I trek back to school. Why has my life become so complicated? Why couldn’t I finish this year without weird dreams and angry hot boys? My face heats up as I remember falling on top of Xavier a couple of minutes ago. Our faces were so close, a little closer, and we would have... ok Elina, let's not think about that angry wolf. I need to figure out what our connection is and, more importantly, how to break it. In that dream this morning, he was there, and he remembers it, which means it’s more than a dream. Is he entering my thoughts? I know from werewolves' mates isn’t much, but I know they share a telepathic connection. However, that usually happens after the mate is identified on or after their eighteenth birthday. So even if I’m his mate, why would we be connected so early? I try to think of all the possible reasons, but nothing makes sense. I groan as I walk through the doors. He is right; I need to get my book
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Chapter 7
Elina At the end of the day, I leave quickly to head home and then go to Iris’s house to talk to Raina, her sister. I get home and park in the driveway; I hear yelling coming from my house. I walk up to the house slowly. “You told me you would break it, Noime.” An unfamiliar male voice booms through the house. “ I’m working on it.” “ It’s been six years, and you still haven’t done it. How can I trust it get done in two weeks?” “ I’m working on it, Alavic, and I don’t appreciate you coming to my house yelling.” Alavic? Xavier's uncles and the current Alpha of Xavier pack. Why is he here, and why is he talking to my mother? “His wolf recognizes her as his queen...” he says those words, and suddenly the words Xavier spoke earlier flash in my head. I freeze; this is about Xavier and me. “ His wolf will reject any mate that isn’t her. Break it or be fine prepared to sacrifice your daughter.” “No!!!!!! That’s my only child; y
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Chapter 8
  Xavier I’m at home in the study; it was once my father's office when he was alive but has been collecting dust since his death. I am rummaging through books of werewolves history, hoping to find something recorded about bonds between witches and wolves. The need to go to her, to protect, keeps growing, but I don’t want it; I don’t want her. We must find a way to sever this bond. I grab the tenth book flipping through the pages, nothing. F**k, I toss the book across the room, my anger surging. That witch better figures this out. I run my hand through my hair before walking over to the book and picking it back up. Knock Knock Knock I sigh sharply before asking “Who is it?”My voice rolls through the room like thunder. The door opens slightly, Keira sticks her head in. “It’s me, babe; everything ok?” She opens the door and smiles and saunters over to me, thee wraps her arms around. “ Grrr Grrr,” Silas
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Chapter 9
  Xavier     I run into the woods and pull off my clothes and shift into my wolf, and begin to run. “Silas, can you sense her?”  “Yes, but I cannot connect to her mind like before; something is blocking our link.” “ F**k!” I growl as my need to protect her deepens. I need to find more about this link. I need to speak to my uncle now. Why would he attack her? How would her dying help him? My thoughts are interrupted by a growling wolf who pounces out of nowhere and bares his teeth at me. I immediately recognize his scent; Jay and another familiar wolf, Sean, are standing before us and blocking my path. “Grrrr” “Get out of my way,” I growl through our mind link. “If it isn’t the little Alpha,” Sean says; he’s a beta in Keira’s pack also sent with the alliance, he resents the fact that I’ll be the Alpha. “Get the f**k out of my way!” “Why would we?” he growls as his wolf circles me.
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Chapter 10
****** Elina ******   I look down at my bleeding legs, which are covered in bite marks.  Pain simmers deep into each wound. I breathe heavily, looking for a way out; he’s been gone for five minutes. I need to get up; I need to leave before he returns and kills me.  I try to stand but immediately fall because my legs are too weak. I’m too weak.  “You pathetic thing.” My heart race as his voice pierces my eardrum like a knife. He appears before me smirking; my head hurts, the bite hurts, but the betrayal feels worse; he saved me multiple times. He said he had no reason to kill me, so why now? Did he find out something about our connection and want to get rid of me because of it? “Xavier, please...we’ll break the bond, I’ll break it, please don’t kill me.” I try to beg, but my cries don't seem to touch his heart. Instead, he laughs, a maniacal devilish laugh; why is he like this? Was he always like this? “You’r
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