My Lecturer My Husband

My Lecturer My Husband

By:  Itsansa  Ongoing
Language: English
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"I intend to propose to Naditya, uncle, aunt." Crazy. This is crazy. Please say that this is just a dream. Now! I tried to hold back my laughter. What's the word? Apply? Seriously! This is the most goals joke as long as I've heard. "You're kidding, huh? I swear! So funny. Wow! If you participate in stand-up comedy, I make sure you can be the winner. " "Na," said Bunda quietly. Chiko still showed a smile. "I'm serious and this is not a joke. You can tell the difference too, right?" Shit! "Ekhm this Chiko, my wife and I really appreciate your good intentions. And Nana is our only daughter. We don't want Nana to be wrong in choosing a partner. ”Father began to voice, issuing his words of wisdomand I can only nod my head and wait for Chiko's response when my father refuses his proposal. "Yes, Uncle. I understand." "Since childhood, Nana has always been well looked after. Even the slightest wound, I immediately treated it. Because of that, I don't want Nana to be hurt by anyonee specially at his current age, he is still in a period of instability. He still can't tell the difference between really good and bad. " Good, Dad. Take out all your wise words. I'm curious, a lecturer who is so adored by students on campus, his application was rejected by the owner of this standard nose. "Because of that, we decided to ...." Ouch, Dad! Why do you have to hang it? Just say if you -, .... "Accept your application." "WHAT ?!"

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16 chapters
How does it feel to love without being loved? It feels like you are hugging a cactus tree. The tighter you hug, the more pain it will be.I had thought that the love that was heralded by many people as the most beautiful taste, was not as beautiful as my imagination. too complex to be digested by the mind.Love is evil, as evil as a snatch that takes someone else's property by force. It tastes like Ayu Tingting chili sauce. In the end, it makes you hurt!How does it feel to love without being loved? Painful! Loving someone who doesn't have the same love as us, would be very painful.I thought for a moment, the love that many people are so proud of as the most beautiful taste, in fact is not as beautiful as my imagination. Too complicated to be digested by the mind. My name is Naditya Ryder. Students in well-known elite schools.Stood among the dozens of people present watching. With all his strength to endure the turmoil of an increasi
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Three years have passed. After graduating from high school, Naura and I continued our education by studying at one of the elite campuses in the city of Jakarta. Meanwhile, Darel decided to study in America. Because Darel has always dreamed of studying there.About moving on itself is not as easy as turning your palm. Moreover, there are many beautiful memories that we went through before. Even after Darel and Dinda dated, our friendship did not affect us. Still going well with my feelings which are still for him.Our communication is still going well. It's just that it's not like before, we've begun to be busy with our respective activities. When there is free time, Darel comes to Indonesia and we spend time together on vacation to several cities. Even though Dinda is still Darel's lover, Darel never interferes in her love affair with us. That's what makes it even harder for me to move on from him.After three years have passed, until now I am still single. But don
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Hearing Daddy's sentence, my knees suddenly weak. I saw Chiko throw a big smile at my parents. Then he turned towards me, I quickly turned my face in another direction. I still can't believe that this isn't a dream. Why Chiko do something like this?"Thank you, Uncle, Auntie. I will try to keep Naditya happy. Then, how about Naditya? You haven't answered her yet."And now he's asking me. I'm still gawking in disbelief. I looked one by one the faces of Daddy and Mommy. I feel like there is no oxygen in this room anymore.My eyes closed, exhaled heavily. The lecturer who students admire the most on campus, came to the house and met my parents to propose to me? Hahaha, I still can't believe it. I bet this is just a prank."Original, sit horrified his words," I said and then got up from a sitting position. "Better now Mr. Chiko goes home and forgets everything that happened today. ""Na ...."Turned to Mommy who threw a warning look. "Sorry, Mom. I ha
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The course should have finished thirty minutes ago, but Mr. Toto just left the classroom now. And it succeeded in inviting curses and grumbles from the students. Including me."Crazy is a lecturer if you already talk like forgetting how to stop. It's a lecturer who corrupts time. Plus, he changed the schedule from the afternoon. Uh, annoying!" I said."Never mind, let's eat first. I'm so hungry, sorry for the worm in my stomach for holding concerts for hours."I nodded. "Yes, Ra. I'm also hungry.""The usual chicken huh. I really miss eating there," Naura suggested and I could only say yes.Arriving at our destination, we immediately ordered the food menu and ate it until the stomach was full. After eating, Naura and I didn't go home right away. We gossiped happily first, talking about the hot news until we couldn't remember the time. With the sound of the cellphone clinking indicating an incoming chat, Naura immediately opened it."Na
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Not only was my heart beating fast, now the honorable Mr. Lecturer made my cheeks like a boiled crab."There are who return home to with future husbands."Very nice. Not even more than two steps into the house, my parents had already surprised me. They are very united to tease their children."Yesterday, you were angry with Daddy because accepted Mr. Chiko's proposal. But apparently, now you are escorted home by him."I looked at Mommy who was starting to grin flirtatiously."The usual, Dad. I pretending to be shy."I took a deep breath, staring alternately at Daddy and Mommy. "What the hell, Dad, Mom? I don't like Mr. Chiko. Don't overdo it."Daddy and Mommy exchanged glances as if they couldn't believe my words."It's okay, Na. Mommy and Daddy once also young. We understand how teenage romance dramas. Yes, Dad?"Daddy put his arm around Mommy's shoulder. "That's right, Mom."I rolled my eyes. "My life has no drama. If I s
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Someone forced me to get out of the warmth of the blanket. It disturbs my sleep. Ah, it feels like I've only closed my eyes for a few minutes.I vaguely heard a familiar voice. Like Mommy's voice."Wake up, Na! What time is it already? You'll be late for the campus."Squinting and seeing who had disturbed my deep sleep. And yes, it is Mommy. I closed my eyes again because my eyes still need to rest."Nana!" "What the heck, Mom? Just disturb I dream of dating Cha Eunwoo. Even though there's only one inch left for Nana to be kissed by handsome Oppa." My voice sounded typical of someone who just woke up."Crazy you! Get up quickly." Mommy pulled my blanket forcibly until it fell off the mattress.Pursed annoyed lips at Mommy who interrupted my rest time. "Mom, I am still sleepy," I whined, making Mommy even angrier."It's already noon, Na. You can be late for campus later.""Five more minutes, Mom." I closed my eyes again.
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Chiko's car crossed the road at standard speed. My brain may be insane because it could only be silent when Chiko took me away. While on the trip, I was busy guessing what plans Chiko was doing.Chiko turned off the car engine as soon as he reached the parking area. Join a row of other four-wheeled vehicles."Sir?""Yes.""Are we going to this jewelry shop?"Chiko turned to me while showing her sweetest smile. "I never mess with what I say, Naditya."I'm stunned. Whether have to believe it or not. I am confused."Come on down!"Obey his wishes even though his mind is still uncertain."Here you are free to want any jewelry," Chiko said. I stepped following Chiko who walked in front of me.Starting to enter the large mall, my eyes filled with the discounts that were not kidding. I can confirm, if we came with Naura we would have started visiting the shop one by one. But whatever we think is good, even though in the end it wil
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I paced back and forth in front of the operating room. My hands are shaking. Cold sweat has been streaming down the palms. I'm so scared if something happens to Daddy."Oh my God, I beg of you to run Daddy's operation. Give her health back." I don't stop praying silently.I looked at Mommy, who was sitting on the hospital bench with Auntie Marta, the household assistant in our family. Mommy's tears did not stop rolling down her cheeks.I leaned against the wall. Closing my eyes and hoping that nothing I fear will happen to Daddy. Until finally, I felt a gentle caress on my shoulder.Chiko smiled as if to give me peace. The look in his eyes was sincere."Everything will be alright."I wish so too. "I'm afraid of losing Dad, Sir." My lips are trembling. Tears were already flowing in my eyes.Chiko shook his head several times. As if to say that I shouldn't think badly. Slowly, Chiko pulled me and brought him into his arms. Chiko kn
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Brooding is what I'm doing right now. In the garden behind the house, I sat alone. Staring at the night sky without star decoration. Daddy and Mommy asked me and Nichol to come home, considering that I had to go back to school tomorrow and Nichol had also just traveled quite a long way. Daddy at the hospital accompanied by Mommy and Marta.Daddy's request asking me to marry Chiko keeps ringing in my ears, along with my heart that is still engraved with Darel's name. How can I marry someone I don't love at all?I wiped my face several times. Regarding the heart transplant for Daddy, I, Mommy, and Nichol were already discussing it. We immediately contacted several hospitals to look for heart donors, not only that, but we have also spread information on social media, hoping Daddy can get a heart transplant soon and be healthy again.I'm so uncomfortable when Daddy talks about death. I don't want to lose Daddy or any of my loved ones.Someone came over to me
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I am standing here. Gazing at the vast calm lake. I can't feel a hand that lands on my shoulder.I closed my eyes and sighed. "I need some time alone, Sir.""Na ...."That voice? I'm a little hopeful. with slow motion, I turned my body to see who was behind me. And well, right now I hope that he is..."Darel."Like lightning in broad daylight, I was taken aback by his presence in front of me right now. Please, if this is a dream then don't wake me up now."I miss you girl."My eyes are teary. Without wasting time, I immediately hugged him tightly. He was real and right here. With me. God, thank you for sending him to me."Rel, Daddy ..." I cried in Darel's arms."I already know everything, Na. I know you are strong with Uncle Wildan. Everything will be fine." I can feel it rubbing against my back, making me cry even louder. "I ..., I ...," I said between sobs. Could not hold back tears."It's okay, Na. Jus
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