Wolf Den

Wolf Den

By:  NeeNia  Completed
Language: English
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The war between White Clan Wolf's and Black Clan Wolf's is continue from two hundred year's. No one actually knows when it's start, it's like they start hating eachother beacuse of their wolf colour. Alexander Branson is a king of Black Wolf clan, he try to protect his people's to all bad things and punished them when ther are wrong. He want to end this war, but he don't know how?

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74 chapters
The war between White Clan Wolf's  and Black Clan Wolf's are continue from two hundred year's. No one actually knows when it's start, it's like they start hating eachother beacuse of their wolf colour. Alexander Branson is a king of Black Wolf clan, he try to protect his people's to all bad things and punished them when ther are wrong. He want to end this war, but he don't know how? He is still single because he didn't find someone who is take the position of Donna in his clan. He love his sister Alexandra and all his family members and yes he have some love interest but he is not sure about it. One day Alexander stared at the vast Garden of Black Wolf's Clan as his car was heading to the grand mansion. The Black Wolf's Clan was the largest headquarter the Wolf's empire Empire, they are wealthy. And this alll property was owned by the king himself, but he make some properties under the name of his
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"You wound me, Alexander. You've already started playing with the other's when you could have played with me in the first place." As the man behind him purred into his ear and bite hard. Alexander couldn't help the moan that escaped his lips at the warm welcome. He pushed him back and turned around to confront the man behind him.Oh his beautiful love interest, if everything going according to his plan he he going to marry his love interest.His Mike."You're one to talk Mikey. I just had a little, hot kissing session with the other wolf and here you are, all covered in red and purple love bites. So I'm guessing you just had a rough fantastic night?""Hell yes! But you know, it would be more fantastic-" Mikey then wrapped his arms in his waist and pulled him closed. Their bulges touching each other in their close proximity. "If you did it with me. I miss you Alexander. I miss how you could make me scream and made my
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"Alexander, I know you're worried. Heck, every one of us is worried. But I believed Vee and Monika will protect her with all their might. Just one day. Tomorrow, everything will be all over. The peace between the Black Wolf's Clan and the White Wolf Clan will finally turn into reality. And that's why we are celebrating right now, because when all this will be sought out, we wouldn't enjoy all our glory anymore." He said as he winked at him."Yes. Just one day. Just one day." Alexander said, much more to himself. He'd been trying to convince himself. Mike right, Vee and Monika would protect her. After all, those three were irrevocably in love with each other. The Black Wolf's Clan Empire was the largest and most influential  in the world, consists of four factions, mainly the Fairy Wolf's Clan in which they operated in the black market and drug operations. The Vamp Wolf's Clan faction was divided into two cluster, in the morning who attacked and operates in sunr
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"Alexander?" His reverie was interrupted when he heard Mike voice. He stared up at him and helped him stood up. Jason, Mike right hand approached him and helped him. Alexander stepped to the side to give way to Jason."Jason, thank you for helping me. How was the faction?""It was good Alpha. They were training the newly acquired men in the training room. Our warriors are coming to the London clan to back up Alexandra and protect her for tomorrow. In case something will happen.""Good." Just then Alexander decided to interfere in their conversation and asked."Where's Win by the way? I haven't seen him." Jason and Mike smirked at his question and from the looks of it he already knew the answer."He was busy being fucked up in the vamp den. Good luck! I bet Sam will wrangled your neck if you interrupted them." Alexandre returned the smirk to them."Oh, I plan on interrupting them. Th
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Alexander was being woken with a loud banging at his door. He cursed as he got up and putted on some clothes. This better be a very important matter or else he would seriously kill the person who disturbed his beauty sleep. The banging got louder that made Alexander very furious as he rushed to go into the front door. As he opened it he quickly slammed the person in the wall with one hand and twisted his left shoulder painfully. The person shrieked in pain and agony, just then Alexander recognised who was the man. It was his driver."You better have an acceptable explanation Mister. Or else I'll kill you for disturbing me. You know very well how I hate someone intruding my beauty sleep.""This is important your highness Alexander! It's an emergency! The top priority of all! Something happened!" Now he got Alexander attention and he quickly released his shoulder. Something happened. He had a bad feeling about it. His rage was slowly building up but h
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5 years later.The noise of gunshots was the only thing heard at the  City, a few meters from the New York City. Ash was wearing his white robes and were seated in the middle row together with Rose, Simon, Team and Seth. After the firing ceremony the head motioned for them to be seated as she stepped into the stage to give her opening speech."My fellow White Wolf's Clan people, we are gathered here today to commemorate the tragedy that happened 5 years ago. 5 years ago, the London Enclave was brutally massacred by the Black Wolf's Clan Empire. It was such a catastrophic event for all of us. Half of our forces was killed including our former head, Jos, Sir Saman, Gide and Sophia, Samantha Collins, Jon, Jess Carstairs and among all other elite young Wolf's who were killed in the massacre and sacrificed their lives for the us. They were brutally murdered while it was being televised around the world. No one survived, it was indeed the most horrib
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"Mother! This is an emergency!" Everyone titled their head around her. All of them, except Ash and his colleagues were staring at her irritably. Clare frowned at the inappropriate behavior of her daughter."Ally Celly. I acknowledged that you are my daughter but your actions are highly inappropriate. Give some respect to me as the head Consul. Your concern will be dealt with later." Clare was supposed to continue her speech, as if Ally didn't interrupted the program when she interrupted once again."You don't understand! The L.A headquarter was attacked!" This time Ally had gotten the attention of the whole Clan present. Everyone was stiff as a board and it seems breathing was very hard to do. Clare narrowed her eyes as she looked at her daughter dangerously."Ally, if this is a joke better take it back right now!" Her voice was lower than her usual that made everyone shivered. While Ally just ignored her reaction and scoffed at her
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As they arrived in the Clan room Ash immediately felt the heavy tension in the air. In the front stage a big screen was set up and projected the Head of the San clan in deep conversation with the head."How big the damaged being done in LA headquarter?""It was a total disaster Sir. The headquarter was on fire, John  and her wife died from the attack. Plus the Bonson children were badly injured. And one Bonson boy was missing." At the mention of the Blackthorns Ash felt the harsh squeezed on his hand done by Ally. He tilted his head to the side and saw that Ally with a tensed muscle, clenched jaw, and a gritted teeth. Ally couldn't blame her. Her lover was part of the Bonson family and to know what happened with the family of her loved one must be painful. Even though Honey was technically safe, still she shared in her misery as he knew that Honey was in misery right now."And who is this young man missing?""I
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"Then, the meeting is adjourned. More details will be sent via fax and email so please be updated." The Wolf got dismissed and Ally hurriedly went to the side of her mother. Ash bet she was going to ask about the Borson condition. Ash then walked towards the hallway when he heard someone."I just hope I won't be in the same group as this faggy Wolf!" Braze Bamree spat at him as he punched him hard in his shoulders. Ash flinched at the horrible pain from the punch but didn't let it show to him. He just decided to step back and gave a way even though all he ever wanted was to punch the guy back. He just couldn't as he remembered his father's words the last time they talked, the day he was being disowned with his father, the day he came out to the world."You know I cannot accept your lifestyle son. You disgusted me, there is no Brandon in the history who has that kind of sickness. Plus you're my only son, you should continue our bloodline, not become
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Alexander seated in his throne with legs crossed as he gazed on the clan members below him. They were all laughing and celebrating because of the success in their bombardment to the L.A headquarter. Not only that, they were able to capture potential men and women who will be used in dealing with the their clan activities. Just then the door suddenly opened that made everyone froze and tilted their heads into the entrance door. The representatives of the other two factions made their grand entrance with the leadership of Sam Well , the second Boss of the Black Wolf's faction. Alexander noticed a young boy being carried by Melo, the new representative of the Fary Wolf Clan faction. He noticed everyone had given an amused look into the young boy, they were feasting him off like a hungry beast who wasn't fed in a century."Melo, why did you let that young boy survived?""He wasn't the only one who survived, Alexander." M
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