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He warmed his way into her heart with diamonds and she unknowingly, fell for it and paved a path for him...

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39 chapters
Chapter 1
 Nastassia has got everything going for her. She's daddy's little girl, she’s super spoilt and she gets whatever she wants. She's a beauty queen with the best fashion sense. I mean, nothing less would be expected of her. Especially since her mother is an uptight French stylist and her father is an English successful entrepreneur. She's lived a more than comfortable life, borderline extravagant and lavish but nothing too crazy. She wants to be in the fashion business just like her mother or someday own her own make up brand and company. Matter of fact all she wants is to be in the spotlight and under camera lights as she serves pose after pose and face after face. Her father has a lot of A Class wealthy friends, but he has only one best friend, and that's Mr Octavious Bradford. Her godfather.  You wouldn't think it's possible but there is someone who spoils her way more than he
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Chapter 2
"Anyways I heard that Dylan's going to be at the party," I began, smiling hard as I thought about how hard my best friend Olivia must be blushing at this moment, "so, you should definitely go." Olivia is my best friend but unlike myself, she's ve
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Chapter 3
I skipped down the stairs before I walked into the dining room seeing my parents and sister already sitting down. Which was quite strange even though they've been doing this for a couple of weeks. My family has been terribly divided since the day that I was born. We didn’t have the perfect family life that movies and TV series lead you to believe that families have. I was raised by nannies, in a home where my father was never home because he was travelling around the country, trying to get multimillionaires and billionaires to invest in his different business ideas. 

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Chapter 4
The day had started out early. As early as 2 AM I was already done packing my clothes into a single Louis Vuitton suitcase because my mum said that I needed to pack light and only pack the clothes that she had bought for me a week ago. I was glad, because that meant we were going to be coming back home sooner than I thought. Read more
Chapter 5
When the limo pulled up to a massive structure that Octavious called his home, my mind was blown away like it always is when I set my eyes on the monstrosity built all for a lone man to live in. I've asked him several times if he ever gets lonely and he's told me that he welcomes the loneliness and that he enjoys the isolation from everyone else and the outside world. Read more
Chapter 6
"Could you just tell me what's wrong, Jessalyn?" I finally decided to ask my sister as my fingers unconsciously played with the brand new diamond necklace dangling on my neck that Octavius had put around me and told me it was a present that I could wear for the next few hours. I had no doubt that he would give me another diamond necklace. Or some pearls would be nice as well. Read more
Chapter 7
Shop was exactly what we did. That’s just how Jessalyn and I are, and that’s our love language and the only time we ever really get along. We could walk around and shop all day and never get tired of swiping any card as long as it was neither of ours. And this time it seemed that Jessalyn wasn’t holding back and it seemed like she was shopping with the intent of trying to max out Octavious’ card but it wouldn’t work because well, Octavious is worth billions.  Read more
Chapter 8
I can't really explain why but the mood in the room felt heavy, very heavy, even though it was just my mum and I, and we were getting ready for tonight. Actually, she was the one helping me prepare for tonight because she was already dressed. She looked mighty flawless, in fact, she looked like she was the first lady with the designer pencil dress that she was wearing paired with white gloves which she had taken off as she attended to me. 

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Chapter 9
There was no way that this was happening… There was absolutely no way that this was what Octavious said it was, I was sure he was pulling my leg. Maybe he didn't appreciate all those times I teased him, but did he have to prank me so hard?
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Chapter 10
I staggered back into my bedroom, unable to hold my body up anymore as the world began to spin uncontrollably around me. I clutched my chest, trying to calm down my racing heart. I tried to calm my erratic breathing by breathing in through my nose and out my mouth but it didn't seem to help. The world around me suddenly became blurry as I thought about what just happened. Read more
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