Fate Teaches Them

Fate Teaches Them

By:  Kat Thomas  Completed
Language: English
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Bree Wilson has basically been abandoned by her parents. When a teacher starts to notice her lack of caring. An accident almost takes everything from Bree and she found she was fated for something different. Her mother set her up in the worst possible way and she finds herself alone and in the hospital with a surprise visitor. Her teacher. He keeps showing up every day. Then he tries to help her as well. This confused Bree but then when the teacher adds more to the mix when she gets out of hospital. Everything changes for the two.

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36 Chapters
 Bree Wilson hated science class more than going back home at the end of the day. It wasn’t that she hated Science. It was him. The hot teacher that every girl in the school fawned over. He happened to live in the same apartment complex as her, and he parked his car next to hers every day. Though he didn’t outright say anything to her ever at the complex, he did seem to enjoy calling her for every question in his class. It was the only time they really spoke. She just didn’t want to deal with him today. The fact he was only a few years older than most of the students he taught made her wonder who he knew or how senile some of the hiring board really was. To her, it seemed to be a mistake to have a man like that near teenage girls. Even she had to admit he was a good looking man. She heard the bell and soon found herself in the hallway fighting to get to her next class when she stopped and was thinking about skipping. It wasn’
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  Driving to the job and then to the bank was easy enough. She didn’t have a problem doing so without much thought. She did wonder, though, how much of a problem the science teacher was going to cause in her life. The man himself was absolutely gorgeous to women of every age. His tanned pale skin was enough to bring women to look at him, but his height was a real advantage for him to be noticed. At close to six and a half feet, he was taller than most men. His baby blue eyes were striking as well. Bree even had to agree that he was a man from those dreams that most girls had.The fact he was fresh out of college was also what had many girls in the classes he taught thinking if they showed off some legs or their chests, they might draw his eye towards them. They didn’t stop either though he never seemed to look at them. Instead, he seemed focused on the girl in the last row. Bree knew that she wasn’t anything special to look at, and
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  At two am, her phone started buzzing. She was reaching for it when she saw who it was. She answered it quickly. “Mom?”“Bree, I need help.” The woman said in a panicked voice.“What?” Bree asked as she blinked her eyes some more.“I need you to come to get me in Franville.” Her mother said. “I’m on the highway at a bar.”“Great, mom,” Bree said.“Just come and get me.” Her mom said, “I think he is going to kill me.”“Who?” Bree asked.“No time.” The older woman said. “Just get here. You can’t miss it. The name of it is the shamrock.”“Mom?” Bree said, but the phone was already dead. “Wonderful.”Bree got up and then redressed from school, and she grabbed her purse and keys. She walked out of the apartment and turned to lock it.
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  She woke up three days later. The nurses that were there were surprised that she had woke up. Bree looked down at herself in the hospital bed and was confused. She could barely remember anything. “How are you feeling?” One of the nurses asked as she looked around the room and saw the flowers that lined the walls.“What happened?” Bree managed to get out from her very dry throat. The nurse poured a cup of water and then tried to hand it to Bree. She took it in her hand and took a sip of the cool water, and it burned on her throat.“There was an accident, sweetheart.” The nurse said, “I am so sorry to inform you that your mother didn’t make it out of the crash.”“What happened to me?” Bree asked.“You had some internal bleeding from the crash and a few other things. I will let the doctor explain it to you. I am going to go and call him and le
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   Bree woke up again and was alone in the room. She began thinking of the man who had come in before when the doctor was there. She thought he was so new to this teaching thing that he was going to burn himself out by caring too much. He somehow blamed himself for the accident. She had to let him know that it wasn’t his fault at all. It was her mother’s.Somehow that didn’t surprise her that she was a part of this. Her mother had shown very little interest in her since she was born. The woman only cared about her freedom and what she could get out of life. The other person who should have cared was nowhere to be found. Though she didn’t have all that much, she needed to figure out a way to get it out of the apartment now there was no way to pay for it. The time was going to come quick, and the doctor seemed like she was going to be there for a while.She had no doubt her f
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  Gabe sat there looking at the small girl asleep in the bed. Though she was clear-headed at the moment, he knew she was in a lot of pain still. The doctors were telling her that a few more surgeries would be necessary to help her in the long run. She nodded her head and didn’t seem to care that they were basically telling her she was going to be bound to the hospital for at least the next month. He needed to clear his own mind. He got up and left his jacket on the seat and went to the door and looked out. Two of the nurses were staring at him. He hated that even though he could see that he often did it himself to a pretty woman.He looked back at Bree, and then he started to the elevator so he could get a quick breath of fresh air. He was only gone for a few minutes when he went back up to the room and saw an older man there looking at the girl. He turned and looked at Gabe, “Who the hell are you?” the older man asked.&ldqu
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  The new morning Gabe woke up and sent a text off to the phone he had given Bree the night before. It was a simple good morning and a quick question of if she wanted anything when he dropped by after school. He wasn’t surprised when he received an answer that he didn’t have to come by at all.He knew that he shouldn’t have taken such a personal interest in this. He just felt responsible. That was what he kept telling himself anyway though the voice in his head was telling him the truth that he didn’t want to hear. He couldn’t listen to it. It just seemed so wrong to him, though. If he stopped fighting with himself, he knew it was true. He had fallen for the girl the first day he met her when he took over the class at the beginning of the school year.Though she had hid in the back of the classroom in her band tee and jeans that were too big, he could see her completely. She was stunningly beautif
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 Gabe had to wait all day for any news on Bree. He raced over to the hospital when he was finally done for the day. Unfortunately, he had been in teacher meetings for all of his free periods. With everything else that was going on at the school and him having to do this new pilot program that the people all thought would be a great idea, he had to explain what was going on a few times, and that was a few times too many. When he got there, he saw Bree in the bed as the nurses were watching her as it seemed like she was waking up from the surgery.She was looking around and saw the people in the room. She couldn’t speak and then she looked at him. He was relieved that she seemed to focus on him. He walked around the bed to the chair he had spent most of the last few days in and just looked at her. He waited until she could focus even more before asking her anything. It seemed like a few hours though it was probably only a half hour. He just sat there.
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  The silence went was drowning out all the other noise in the hallways from the people that were passing by. Neither of them was thinking about the other people. Gabe had just sat there and looked at the wall waiting for her to speak again.“You know I spent the majority of my life so far thinking of ways that I would be better than my mom.” Bree said as she turned her head to look at him, “I was good. I could be left alone. I never had a boyfriend. I did my work in school. I got a job as soon as I could. I was the freaking responsible one out of everyone in my life, and she somehow hated me so much that she took all of that away from me and left me the same as her.”“But you aren’t like her,” Gabe said as he squeezed her hand. “I mean, you can do something about it. No one has to know.”“But I would know,” Bree said softly. “I can’t do that.”&l
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 Gabe stayed with Bree until she was near asleep, and then he took her keys and went back to the apartments. He knew which one was hers, and she had told him the things to take from the apartment first. He had stopped off at a store first and got some baskets and bags so he could move her stuff quicker.When he reached the parking lot, he scanned the area for any cars he knew as he didn’t want to bring attention to the fact he was moving the girl's stuff into his apartment. He knew this was the beginning of toeing the line for the next few weeks until the girl was done with his class. Though the way the doctors were talking, she would be in the hospital even after she graduated and also when she turned eighteen.He was okay with the things he was doing right now. He knew that being proactive with helping here right now would be a good help to help ease her and maybe help her recovery. He looked at the building across from his after he had scanned the
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