Dirty Little Secret

Dirty Little Secret

By:  Lillith Mykals Kennedy  Completed
Language: English
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Reese, recently divorced has moved back home. She has landed a job with a huge company with a sexy CEO. She has no idea what kind of company she is working for until on her first day as Luca Myles personal assistant she walks into an adult film studio. Reese does not panic she embraces her new job and her new boss. Things get steamy on the first day. Sparks fly with her and her sexy new boss, but Reese has a secret. She is a vampire.

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40 Chapters
chapter one
 Reese Chambers arrives at the Butterfly building at 830 a.m. She is desperately trying to be on time for her first interview in years. She needs to get this job. She parks her car in the parking garage and hurries. She hasn’t had a job in six years. Recently divorced, Reese moved back to Pine Cove. She missed the city and her brother, Roman. The only place to get a job in the town was either the cheese factory or the Butterfly building. Reese was excited when she got the call from the temp agency. Her resume was selected out of hundreds. Everyone wanted a chance to work at the Butterfly building. The Butterfly building housed several offices for the Myles family. Luca Myles had his office on the top floor. Reese did not care if she worked in the parking garage. She knew she did not want the alternative of working at the cheese factory. Reese wasn’t sure which office she was interviewing for. She had a slip from the temp agency
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chapter two
 Reese is up at 630 a.m. She wants to have plenty of time to eat and dress before Ali arrives to pick her up. She can’t believe how lucky she is to have landed a job at the Butterfly building working for Luca Myles. Luca Myles is not only good looking, but he is smart and well mannered, she thought. “And Hot!” she said out loud.She stood in her walk-in closet wrapped in a towel. “What should I wear,” she says. She wanted to make sure she didn’t violate the dress code on her first day. She runs her hand across several tops looking for something that isn’t too revealing. She finally settles on a dark blue top, black dress pants, and a black fitted jacket. “Shoes?” she says. “My black heels of course.” Reese lays everything out on the bed and hurries back to the bathroom. She grabs her lavender lotions and drops her towel. She massages every inch of her body with her favorite lotion. She
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chapter three
 Reese didn’t know what to expect. She was going to go into this with an open mind. How bad could it be, she thought. As they reached the door to the building, he opened it for her.“My lady,” he says. “Thanks,” Reese says.She was nervous. She was not fully prepared for what she saw. There was a lot of commotion. There were products everywhere being packed. A man approached them as they entered the building.“She is in the back and she is not speaking to anyone,” he says.Luca nods.“Follow me, Reese,” he says. As the two walked to the back, Reese began to notice the products around her. Sex toys. The Buttery is a sex toy business. She giggled.“Something wrong, Reese,” Luca asked. “I can not believe you thought I would be upset about sex toys,” she says. “I am glad this doesn’t bother you, but I am more worr
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Chapter Four
 Reese is wearing a long black wig and the all-leather dom suit as she walks onto Production room 3. The lights were dim and luckily she and Kat were about the same size.“Kat looks good. I wonder what Reese said to her,” Luca remarks.“I do not know but look at her ass,” Dee says. Dee knew it wasn’t Kat, but he played along. He was sick of Jay’s shit. Reese had discussed lighting with him and wanted to make sure no one knew what was going on.ACTION “ Kneel Bitch!” Reese said to Jay.Jay looked a little confused. It is a dom scene and it is adlib but Kat had never really got into the role.“I said Kneel,” Reese says again. Jay just stood there. Reese grabs a paddle off of the bed and smacks him with it.“Kneel,” she says.When Jay didn’t move she places her hands on his shoulder and pushes him onto the floor. She takes the pad
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Chapter Five
 Reese was in a dressing room shower when Luca knocked on the door. He knocked a couple of times and when she didn’t answer he walked in.“Reese,” He yelled as he walked into the dressing room.“Give me a sec,” she yelled back from the shower. Reese came out of the shower with a silk black robe. Her long hair was wet and falling all around her. Her breasts were slightly exposed. “I brought your clothes from Kat’s dressing room,” he says.“Thanks,” she says.“Why did you do that?” he asks.“He deserved it. He told her he was going to cram his dick in her ass so I crammed one in his,” she says.“He isn’t even pissed. I think you broke him,” Luca says. “Look, I cannot tolerate a woman being disrespected and to be honest I told you I would do anything for the business. So, I guess the question is, am
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Chapter Six
 “What do you want to see first?” Luca asked.“The dungeon of course. Can we get another bucket of beer to go?” Reese asked. The two left the table and headed for the dungeon. “The burger was fabulous,” she tells the cook as they exit the bar with another bucket of beer.“If we drink too many beers will we have a driver?” she asks.“I don’t usually drink during working hours. I guess I can call us a cab,” Luca says.What the hell am I doing, Luca thought. Luca led the way as they went down the stairs into the basement. It was a dark place. A man was at the desk.“Do you need the key to your office, sir,” the man asked.“No Troy. Give me the key to room 7. I want to show Reese what the rooms look like,” Luca says. “Yes sir,” Troy says.He hands Luca three keys. “These are the most popular ro
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Chapter Seven
Luca was a little embarrassed. He had never had sex with anyone like that before. What was he doing? She works for him. Reese got out of bed.“Do you mind if I fill the tub,” she asks.“No,” he says. He was slightly confused. She had just blown his mind and she was so calm. She filled the tub and promptly got in. She hadn’t said a word since he exploded inside her. “Can I join you,” he asked.“Sure, Can you bring me one of those beers?” she asked.“I have wine,” he says.“Beer is fine,” she says.Luca gets her a beer and gets in the tub with her.“Reese,” he says.“Luca,” she responds. “I have never slept with one of my employees,” he says.“Luca, I will not cause you any trouble. I promise. We had fun. We can have more fun,” she says.“Sorry I just d
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Chapter Eight
Roman easily manages to get Luca into his bed. Luca is pale and has lost a lot of blood. Roman reaches into his pocket and pulls out his cell.  He scrolls down to find his sister’s number and hits the call button.  He patiently waits as it rings.“Hello,” Reese says obviously half asleep.“Get your ass up and get over here,” he says angrily.“Roman! What the hell! Get where?” she asks.“Your damn boss's house. You are an idiot! How many times did you bite him?” Roman asks.“Oh Damn. I do not really know. It was wild. It was well never mind I am on my way,” Reese says. Roman makes Luca comfortable. “I got to get rid of everyone in the house. No, I am not. She can handle it when she gets here. I think I have done enough,” he says.Roman sits in a chair beside the bed. Luca opens one eye and looks at him. “Who are you?” he as
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chapter Nine
Reese wakes up next to Luca. She nor he has moved all day.  Reese snuggles in closer to Luca. She looks him up and down. His color looks better. She is relieved he is looking better than he did when she arrived this morning.Reese knows she has to go to the studio tonight and work with Kat but she isn’t sure about leaving Luca alone. She knows her only option is to call her brother.Reese leaves the bed for a moment to retrieve her phone. She scrolls until she finds Romans's name. She hits the call button.  She patiently waits for him to answer.“Hello Sister,” Roman says.“Roman I have to work tonight can you stay with Luca, please,” Reese says.“Seriously Reese,” Roman says.“Listen to me. I have to go to the studio to be with Kat. I need you, Roman. Please,” Reese says.Roman loves that Reese needs him. “I will be there sister, but you owe me big time,” he
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Chapter Ten
Luca awakes the next day alone. He is not sure if he dreamt Reese being with him or if he has been hallucinating. Mrs. Resva comes in to check on him while he is getting out of bed.“You better sir,” Mrs. Resva asks.“I think so. What happened?” Luca asks.Mrs.Resva is very perplexed. “Sir You had food poisoning. Remember ?” she asks.Luca sits on the side of the bed. “Not really. I don’t remember anything except Reese. Reese was here correct?” he says.“Yes, and her brother stayed with you also while she worked at the studio with Kat. Are you sure you’re able to go back to work today?” Mrs.Resva asks.Luca collects his thoughts. “Yes I have to go back today,” Luca says.Luca dismisses Mrs.Resva. He leaves his bedroom and goes to the shower. When Luca steps into the shower he remembers falling the day before.  “What the hell happened?”
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