The Auction

The Auction

By:  Lillith Mykals Kennedy  Ongoing
Language: English
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Tatina Maria has been sold to an exclusive auction house to cover her parents debts to the vampire authority. Her father gambled away everything and now he is forced to even sell his oldest daughter to save his life. The vampire authority comes to collect her on her 21st birthday. She will be sold to the highest bidder. The Vampires could not wait to get their hands on Tatina. She is a hybrid half fairy and half vampire. She will fetch him a big payday. What will happen to Tatina once she is sold into slavery for the rest of her life.

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63 Chapters
Chapter One
Tatina POVYesterday I was taken from my home. Today I am here being pampered and primped to be the most beautiful creature I can be. I have never had my hair dyed and curled. I have never had my nails done. I have never been to a spa. Yet here I am today getting pampered. Who knows what hell awaits me. I have heard horror stories about the auction. I have about the things that happen to the people who end up here. Here I am with others just waiting to be auctioned out to the highest bidder. It is not fair. I should not have to be here. My father was an idiot. He could not stop gambling. He lost everything playing poker with the vampire authority elite. Now I have to pay for his crimes. I have to be here to cover his debts. I should be getting married or going to college but no the vampire authorities plucked me out of my home on my 21st birthday and drug me here. Here to this hell to be auctioned off to some sicko. Maybe I will get l
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Chapter Two
I stop in front of a mirror. I look like a painted-up hooker. There is nothing beautiful about the way I look. I have on too much makeup and way too revealing clothes. This is ridiculous. I stand in the hall waiting with other people. Men, women, and creatures that I am not sure what they are waiting to have their picture taking for the auction. Every time I pass a mirror I look at myself. "You look sexy hybrid," Horace says.I cannot even stand the way he looks at me. He gives me the creeps. No worries Horace if I ever get out of this I will find you and send you far far away. "Can’t you even say thank you," he says. I keep ignoring him. "Hey, bitch. I am talking to you," he screams at me and gets right in my face. A lady comes out of the small room. "Tatina, you are next honey. Come with me," she says. I give Horace a bite-me look and follow he
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Chapter Three
I walk into the waiting area. All of these people. Well, at least there is food. I wish I could put on something more comfortable. This ridiculous costume they put me. I get it they want to make money off of money but if someone is looking for a maid why would she need to look like this. I scan the room looking for a place to sit and wait. "Hey, hybrid! Come here," Horace screamed. I turn around to make sure he is talking to me. Of course, he is. I am the only hybrid here tonight. I smile politely. "Coming sir," I say in my sweetest voice. I walk up to him and smile. He grabs my arm. "Time for your shot," he says. He pulls me into the hall. Oh No, I have to stay with the group. "I can wait here while you go get it," I say. He keeps pulling me harder into the hall. "Come with me," he yells at me. I comply. I do not want to make him mad. I just have to survive
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Chapter Four
I go back to the waiting area. I am so thankful Jayne was there to save me. What would have happened if she would not have been there to rescue me. I know what would have happened. I would have been raped on that nasty floor but the pig. I just have to stay with the group. I wait for what seems like forever. Almost everyone has left the room but me. I could take a nap while I wait. I move over to a couch and lay down. I can close my eyes just for a second. "Tatina, honey wakeup," Jayne says as she nudges me softly. "Hey, I have some great news for you. Come with me," she says. I open my eyes and gather myself. I was sleeping so sound. I don't think I was even dreaming. I was just in a deep solid sleep."I am coming," I say. My brain feels all fuzzy. It must be from the shots wearing off. "Tatina Honey, Mr. Craig Madallion has won your auction. He is sending a man up to pick you up. He is very
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Chapter Five
Arriving in New Orleans to start my new adventure I have no idea exactly how I should feel. As we drive across the bridge into the city I feel so many different emotions. The bridge we are crossing is huge. It is like nothing I have ever seen before. As we cross into the city I feel this feeling. The feeling that maybe I belong here. I have not been here before and I am not sure why I feel this way, but I almost feel as if maybe I am glowing as we drive into New Orleans. I knock on the glass separating me and the driver, "Sir, May I ask how much further," I ask. He rolls down the divider. "We are almost there. Traffic might hold us up some but we should be at the mansion soon," he responds. "Thank you," I reply. I sit back in my seat as he rolls the glass back up. Not very friendly but I have enjoyed the quiet ride. I have not even been that nervous. Honestly, this overwhelming feeling of belonging i
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Chapter Six
Lila POV I leave the new girl alone in her room. I don't think she realizes what is to come. They never know when they come here. They are all full of hope and joy. Damn the phone is ringing. I run down the hall to grab it. It is probably Craig. I pick up the old black phone. I glance around to make sure no one is around. "Hello," I speak softly. "Lila, Is she settled in?" Mr. Craig asks. "Yes. I have her. She is in her room settling in. She is quite beautiful Mr. Craig," I say. "Good. I will be back tonight. Make sure she is comfortable. DO NOT scare her. Be nice if you know how. Check on her often. Make sure she has everything she needs. Got IT!" he says demandingly. He hangs up before I can respond. He acts as if I do not know my job. I have helped him gather perfect breeding bitches from the auction. Of course, this is the first time Jayne got involved. P
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Chapter Seven
Tatina POV Lila walks quickly as we jet down to the seafood bar. I wonder why she is acting so strange. Probably nothing. I have lived my life being around people acting strange. She seems to care about me and everything going on with me. I am probably just I don't know being ridiculous. We walk up to a bar at the end of Bourbon Street. This has been the longest walk ever. Maybe it has not. Maybe I am being dramatic. I am tired and extremely hungry. We arrive at the seafood bar and it is all blacked out. The windows are black and there is no sign. Lila doesn't seem bothered by it. But for me, I find it somewhat disturbing about all of this. It seems off to me. Of course, I have never been here before so maybe this is perfectly normal. "Lila, I do not mean to sound ungrateful, but why is well why this place is all well you know is blacked out. And to be honest it is giving me the creeps." I ask. I am trying to be a
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Chapter Eight
LILA POV This little girl needs to just be grateful we are being so kind to her. A young woman in her position could have ended up in a very bad place. We will get what we want from her. But we will not hurt her. She will be set for life. All she has to do is breed a few hybrids and she can be on her merry little way. "Tatina, you look so worried," I say. I desperately am trying to sound sympathetic. It is hard when you feel like someone is so damn ungrateful. "I am fine. This place just looks a little creepy," she says. Her innocence, Mr. Craig will play on that. He will have her eating out of the palm of his hand. She just wants to be loved so badly. "Oh darling, I understand. But what I do not understand is why you think I would put you in harm's way," I say. I am trying to not come off as a bitch, but I probably did. She sits there across from me. Looking
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Chapter Nine
Tatina POV Dinner with Lila was ridiculous. It just made me uneasy. She seemed preoccupied with something else. Maybe I am worrying too much. It just feels strange. And the vampire she spoke with at the restaurant. Something about all of that did not sit right with me. I will not make the mistake of questioning her again. I get to meet Mr. Craig tonight. I will freshen up before he gets here and maybe change clothes. I am not sure what I should wear or say or look like or how to be. I could just try calming down a little and be myself. I am sure everything will be fine. I am just not sure about Lila. The best thing for me to do is keep my mouth shut and listen. Someone is knocking on my door. "Come in," I say. "Mr. Craig is home early and waiting for you in the study," she says. I have no idea who she is. She is very small. She is even smaller than me and looks very pregnant. "Th
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Chapter Ten
Tatina POV Sitting here in his lap with him feeling my body, is unbelievable. I have never had someone make me feel so good.  He kisses me so softly yet so passionately. His hand running up my thigh makes my body tingle and shaky. I am not sure how to react to him. I am not sure what is appropriate. How do I make him feel the correct way? Where should I touch him? "Are you okay?" he asks.I lay my head on his shoulder as he takes his hand up my inner thigh higher getting closer to my sweet spot. "I am. I am just a little nervous about what you are doing," I respond. He takes his hand closer to my middle.  He gently rubs me. "Do not be nervous. I will not hurt you," he says. Something in me tells me I can believe him, but I still need to proceed with caution. "I need to know. I do not mean any disrespect, Mr. Craig. Are you planning to take my virginity tonight?" I ask him.&nb
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