Perfect Husband

Perfect Husband

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Alena didn't believe she could marry her teacher in high school. The new teacher whom she idolized so much has now become her legal husband. With the age gap that is far apart, Zeyn tries to understand Alena's young nature and tries to maintain their marriage. Then what will happen next? "You are now my wife, so I am free to touch you." "Uh, you flirtatious teacher!"

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64 chapters
1. Prolouge
"Allena, mom, and dad want to finish school, and you get married right away.""What ?! Ma, don't be weird, okay. Yes, when I just finished school, I got married right away. I want to put Allena's face.""You realize that you are no longer a teenager. You are already 21 years old, and next year you will be 22 years old, and it is very suitable for marriage," explained Nita - Allena's mama. Nita and also her husband is exasperated with looking after Allena because she has almost five times dropped out of school and even dropped out of school; she also seems to have no intention of going to school because she keeps changing boys and her parents are unable to take care of Allena anymore. Finally, they decided to match Allena with their friend's child."But still, next year, I'll just finish school, and what will my friends say, Ma, if they find out I'm getting married right away.""Don't think about other people. Think
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2. New Teacher
"Lena, do you know that in our school there are new teachers? The teachers are still young and swear to be very handsome." Lea shouted loudly and then sat beside Allena, hearing the news that a new, handsome teacher Lea immediately told Allena because she knew that Allena liked handsome men. As for Allena, she did not hear Leah's words at all. She is currently unfocused because remembering her parents' matchmaking plans, Allena is thinking of several things she can do so that the matchmaking can be canceled. "Allena, can you hear me," Leah shouted right in Allena's ear. "What the heck, Lea? I have a headache, so please don't disturb it yet," answered Allena, the chairman. Suddenly Lea fell silent, and if it's like this, she can no longer talk to Allena unless her mood has improved.Not long after the bell rang, all the students immediately entered their respective classes.Today the cla
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3. The Man of Choice
"Lena, I swear you are fortunate to be able to sit next to Mr. Zeyn. If you know that, I better not bring a book so I can sit next to Mr. Zeyn," Lea shouted hysterically."Haha, I didn't expect it either, but be serious. Mr. Zeyn is so handsome that you can see him up close, and you know his scent. It smells so good that I am so saturated.""Aaaa, I want to."Allena laughed at Lea's face, which was already like a crazy person. Her best friend looked very obsessed with the new teacher named Zeyn."But still, I want to be as handsome as anything, no matter how fragrant he is. If he is three years older than me, I'm still not interested," said Allena. A long time ago, she didn't like men who were more mature than herself, even if she had a partner she wanted who was the same age as him or not older than one or two years."It's good to know a grown man because his adult thoughts are no longer unstable," said Lea defending Mr. Zeyn."Adult is not
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4. Chat
"Stop calling you because I am your future husband, and you are not your teacher."-Zeyn-~~~~~~~~Allena has not stopped grumbling because, after school, she was picked up by her parents, and they plan to keep Allena with the man of their choice. Allena has repeatedly refused, especially today she plans to date Bryan, but because of her parents' plans, she is forced to cancel her date."Allena ..." Her mother's distinctive voice made Allena turn around, her face even more gloomy when she saw her parents, who had been waiting in front of the school gate."Mama, daddy, why do you have to do it now. After all, Allena doesn't want to be matched like that, and it's already modern times, Ma, there is no matchmaking like Siti Nurbaya," she annoyed.The mother ignored her daughter's babbling. Instead, she immediately pulled Allena's hand into the car. They do not want to delay the match anymore because they do not wish Allena to continue having wrong ass
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5. snatched
My problem is only I have the right to know, and other people do not have any role to play in its success.-Zeyn-~~~~~~~~~~After yesterday's incident, Allena felt uncomfortable going to school, especially when there was a computer subject — Zeyn was going to teach. Allena wanted to skip lessons. How could she possibly face that man who was none other than her teacher and also a man who would be matched with her?"Allena!" Lea screamed right in the girl's ear. Allena suddenly grimaced because her eardrums hurt so badly."What is it!" He said."Besides, you daydream. What are you thinking about?""Never mind, Leah, I'm lazy to be bothered. Stay away first!"Lea was silent, and it was unusual for Allena to be like this. Usually, even if there is a problem, Allena will immediately forget about it when the girl is at school. But today was different, and he seemed to think a
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A man will not hurt the woman he loves, no matter how angry he is-Zeyn-~~~~~~~Now Allena and Bryan are in the BK room, both of them are being sanctioned for what they did and the school gave Parents Summons to both of them.Zeyn was also there, he explained in detail about the two students and did not forget to tell that this was the second time Allena and Bryan did that at school. Bryan denied Zayn's words, he did not admit his mistake, but Allena said yes. He could not lie, and he was afraid that if he were caught lying, the sanctions that would be given would be even heavier."Love your mother to your parents, and tomorrow I will wait here at most 9 am.""But, sir, my parents both work," said Bryan."It's none of my business. If your parents don't come, you don't go to class.""Sir-""Now you can go out."Bryan chuckled, annoyed, then he came out of there before he came out. He glanced at Mr. Zeyn briefly, his gaze cynical as
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A good man will not let his woman wait for news, he should let her know first if he doesn't want to worry her.-Zeyn-~~~~~~~~Zeyn drove his car at an average speed, occasionally he glanced at Allena who was sitting in the passenger seat. Earlier, Zeyn told Allena to sit on the bench next to him but Allena flatly refused, she didn't want to sit next to Zeyn.The girl kept looking at her cellphone as if waiting for someone to contact her but not a single notification came in."A good man will not let his woman wait for news, he should inform him first if he doesn't want to make her anxious," said Zeyn with a forward-looking look.Allena glanced at Zeyn with a sneer and afterward turned her gaze back to another direction."I'm a man and I understand how a man is," Zeyn continued."What do you know about love? Have you ever fallen in love? If you choose a wife you have to be helped by your parents, how can you understand the sincerity
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Because age does not guarantee a person's maturity~~~~~"Allena you should be able to be polite in front of Zeyn, no matter where she is someone else and she is your teacher and future husband." Allena's father and mother have been scolding the girl all this time, they are very angry and embarrassed to see Allena's behavior earlier."But Allena doesn't want to be arranged with him, Pa. Please, understand Allena. Allena is an adult and Allena has her own choice, mom and dad don't need to match Allena with anyone.""Are you an adult you say? Just your age is an adult but your behavior and way of thinking are still children," said Allena's father again."Allena's doesn't want to be matched!""Papa doesn't want to know, you just have to. Remember, in a few months you will finish school and after graduation, you will immediately marry Zeyn!""Allena doesn't want to, Pa. Allena already has her own choice!""Your own choice? Who is your choi
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No one knows the soul mate, you could hate him today but the next day you love him.-Lea-~~~~~~~~~Allena couldn't sleep tonight, she just kept thinking about what Bryan had said. Could it be that they had to do that to get Allena's parents to agree to their relationship? Allena was completely confused."Do I just follow what Bryan said, but it doesn't make sense," Allena told herself. She was confused at this time, Allena needed advice from the people closest to her. Maybe tomorrow Allena will tell this to Leah, yes Leah is the only friend she has trusted the most so far.***"Allena, starting tomorrow you will go and come home from school with Zeyn." The words that come out of her mother's mouth have ruined Allena's mood this morning, she has been trying to think positively so that this morning she can go to school cheerfully, but her mother easily destroys it."Ma, it's still early, Allena doesn't want to talk about it just yet," said Allena half la
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"If he loves he should fight for your relationship, try to find a solution, not repeat like this."-LEA-~~~~~~~~~~Today the universe seems to be playing Allena on purpose, the first simulation that has just started today is being watched by Mr. Zeyn - the man seems to be constantly present in Allena's life, he haunts Allena so that it makes her feel uncomfortable.Allena did not focus at all on her practice questions, she secretly glanced at Mr. Zeyn trying to find out what the man was doing as well as Mr. Zeyn who also secretly stole glances at Allena."We have 10 minutes left," said Mr. Zeyn.All the students look frantic, but not with Allena. He looked very relaxed as if he had finished his training.Zeyn who saw Allena was very relaxed then approached the girl."Allena, are you ready?" He asked. Zayn's presence near Allena made the attention of several female students turned to them, including Lea."Not yet," Allena replied curtly.<
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