By:  Joseph Otobo  Ongoing
Language: English
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The story is about a lady, who was born into a broken home, in an age where almost every family has a drunken parent. This lady's prime life was full of dark almost all through her life. Her experiences at home had made her to believe that they is no true love, she hated all masculine gender. Will she find a love? She will definitely, either by through love and by a love potion, the judgment is left for you to decide.

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    5 chapters
    Chapter 1
     My name is Paloma, the first child of my family. I am seventeen years today, I was born in scotswood, Newcastle in England where my parents lived, my parents had moved into the town out of Saint Peters, when father decided to establish his gin company, he had to leave Saint Peters due to some sought of indigenous crisis. This year is 1873,  the age of gin and the shadow stories of love potions: people get so drunk that they won't even go to work. This is an age where at least one out of two parents is a drunker, almost every man is a drunk. So many a couple will be so be drunk that they will beat their children leaving them with fatal injuries without any reason to point to. Majority of a clergy of priests are not left out of the spirit of the gin age, some priests have been caught countless of times drinking gin in the name of the church communion wine.Out of every five couples, three were married as one partner had successfully hypnotized by the other with the use o
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    Chapter 2
    This morning, I had seen something similar. I had woken up with such a love dream, and of a handsome looking man who stared at me till I was awoken, I had kept all the love dreams I had had in the past from my mother, although I won't keep this one from her, I guess it's the right time to tell her of my dream life, that morning, mom was still sleeping then, I banged the door, that was on usual, "who is there?" "It's me Paloma!" "Come in, the door is opened." Mom spoke with a slight broad voice, I quietly opened the door, the room was still dim with darkness, she then switch on the light, her face wore a surprise, over while I had come to see her that early morning, when she had sat up, "Paloma, what is the matter?" She questioned me expecting to hear something different: maybe that I needed a help of some sought.I approached her where she sat, sitting by her side, she stood up and walked into the rest room, which after a while she returned. I began. "Mother, there this particula
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    Chapter 3
    For eight years, I and my two kid sisters together with my mother suffered hell, my mother had been compelled to look for a cleaning job in a Backery here in Scotswood, Newcastle shortly after my dad passed away, we also moved to a small apartment which my mom could afford the rent. We had been compelled to go into the new apartment one year after the demise of my dad, we were forcefully move out of our apartment. Feeding became a challenge, all my father's investment were claimed by a strange woman who had proven to be the next of kin to my father, she claimed all his investments and properties. My mom told us how that the lady by the name kate was to get married to my dad, but that she was preferred over her. Mother explained further how he had caught father several times going on a date with lady Kate four years into their marriage, she told me also how she had fought to endure with my dad, in spite of all the pain that my father had caused her, so she did not put much blames on
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    Chapter 4
    My mother called me one Saturday evening to her room, "we shall be paying a visit to somewhere in the city." She told me. That sunday about 3 p.m. we entered a public transport mode and straight away to the Crimson park. She bought two pairs of snacks, one for me and the other for her, as we look the snacks, we loiter around the pack and talk, "Paloma," my mother called me, "you must be careful with the boys that come around you. Be careful not to look into the eyes of any boy, you could be hypnotized by a love potion they have applied on their eyes, be careful not drink any drink offered to you by any one, you could be a victim of the love potions." "Mummy, how does this work, I mean? Does it mean that I should not receive anything from my own girl friends?" "That's not what I mean" I just want you to be careful Paloma, don't you know that even your your girl friends could be contracted by one of those vagabonds to feed you with a love potion? Sweet heart I wouldn't be happy seeing
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    Chapter 5
    The next day again, Mr. Ben walked into the house with my mother, we ran to welcome them both, at least since Mr. Ben set his feet into our house, we eat to our fill, he always bought for us some chocolates. That day on their arrival, as we sat in the living room, mother brought out a bag; from the bag, she handed over to each of us a pair of T.shirt and a trousers. We laughed at the top of our voices, as everyone of us examined her own pair. "These are not all." mother informed us, "by next month, we shall be moving into a bigger apartment where you will have your own different rooms." Hearing what she said, we jumped and celebrated, hugging mom and Mr. Ben. "That is not all." Mother informed us quickly, you all will be going back to school as school resumes," "Oh! Sweet hot dog!" I yelled and jumped out and in of our cushion. Our house was filled with the ambience of excitement... Mr. Ben chuckled as he watched us expressed ourselves in happiness, my mom then looking at
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