The Photo Collector

The Photo Collector

By:  Hercule Exposito  Completed
Language: English
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Come and be one with Travis and his friends as they venture through the vast unknown, and hunt down the culprit behind the series of deaths that's been going on both in and out of the school.

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152 chapters
Chapter 1: Cylvia Then, Cylvia Now
Cylvia’s POV:   “Rock-a-bye, baby On the treetop When the wind blows The cradle will rock, When the bough breaks The cradle will fall; And down will come baby Cradle and all.”   Memories kept on flashing in my mind over and over as the song automatically played, giving chills to my entire body and causing my tears to rain down directly on my cheeks. It’s been a year. It’s been a year since my most beloved and cherished person who promised not to leave me alone broke her promise. It’s been a year of carrying heavy emotions on my shoulders. It’s been a year of living alone. At this exact day, at this exact moment, my Mom perished. She left without even seeing her only daughter for the last time. She left without even holding my hands. She left without even receiving the apology I had never ever gave to her. I was her angel for at least a short period of time, the only
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Chapter 2: Samantha, Samantha
Samantha’s POV Cylvia badly needed me now. She needed someone's shoulder to lean on. Someone who could make her feel comfortable despite of all the problems that had been breaking her. If there's anyone who could fit in that position, it had to be me.If only I wasn’t tasked by Ms. Dolor to find the principle, then maybe I would be able to lessen the burden of my dear friend. I'm badly worried about her. But right now, there's nothing I could do except to find the principal as soon as possible  so I would be able to go back to Cylvia. I found myself strolling, following the trail away from the students' study area while giving a gaze at the wide blue sheet of skies with the cottony clouds up above. The glimmering rays of the afternoon sun kissed my face as I went on.I must admit, it felt kind of boring to walk alone in the pathways beneath the green broad quadrangle of the University, that's why I co
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Chapter 3: The Cost Of Telling The Truth
“Ok, this is it. At the count of three.”One.Two.Three.I opened the door with all my force, and it made a very sounding impact. A great, blinding darkness welcomed me as I decided to step inside. “There’s no turning back now.” That’s what I thought. I was forced to draw out my phone and turn its flashlight on. There’s only 12% battery life left, and I don’t think it would last any longer. I observed what’s going on beyond the darkness, and tried to recall again the voice I heard minutes ago. At this point, it’s hard to believe it would happen again. All of a sudden, in the middle of my walk, the light of my cellphone shut down. Six percent battery life. It’s all that’s left. I tried to contact any of my classmates to ask for help but no one replied. I first chatted Cylvia. But she&rs
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Chapter 4: Sisterly Love
Vhynz’s POV    I was about to finish typing my essay on the computer when my phone suddenly rang. Mom was calling.  I didn’t usually get phone calls from her, because whenever she had something to say, she often talked to my twin sister, Samantha. Receiving one from her unexpectedly and in a very untimely case like this, seemed either important or urgent—or both—to me.  I swiftly stood off of my seat and excused my self from the rest of the students inside. I went out of the Research Lab and answered the phone call right after I closed the French doors behind me.  “What’s with the sudden call, Mom?” I said, no hi’s, and no hello’s. Just straight to the point.  “We are going to the island,” she answered. There are airy breaths inserted between her words. She was always like this whenever she felt nervous. Or even worse.    I ran a hand over my side-brushed hair. I b
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Chapter 5: To Kill For A Trophy
“Vhynz! Could you please slow down a little bit?!” It took me a moment to realize that while I was running on the pavements going to the infirmary, the three girls were also  putting on some speed to make tracks behind me. I didn’t notice nor hear any of them, not until I saw their reflections when I impinged upon the glass walls of the empty cafeteria. Taking notice of them panting their lungs out, I paused momentarily. I only felt my sweats snaking from my forehead down to my neck when I ran a hand over my face. “You followed me?” I asked, a hint of shock was written somewhere over my face. “Of course! We decided to come along when we overheard Samantha’s name from your conversation with that guy.”“Right. And that didn’t sound good.” “The way you panicked and became furious also confirmed our theory that something mi
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Chapter 6: The Good Liar
Travis' POV I was in the parking lot, specifically in the left wing of the University, when I noticed a stampede going on from the Gate Three back to the stadium where the meeting was supposedly happening. Just in time when I was about to open the door of my dark grey Lambo Veneno, a loud wailing sound of siren abruptly sprouted out of the blue. It came from a police car. If I’m not mistaken, it was the fourth one—after the first three arrived at the same time six minutes ago. I hurled my keys back to my pants’ pocket and walked away from my car. I stopped by the hump, and stretched my neck upwards hoping to have a wider vision of what’s taking place on the other side of the area. Students, teachers, and even some of the staff were rushing towards the same direction, having me wonder what was it in there that caused so much panic and drove everybody insane. Until a good while later, a student ran past
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Chapter 7: The Harsh Truth
SAMANTHA February 25, 2021Thursday, 5:16 p.m. Case #64721.291.1 OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPTION OF POLICE INTERVIEW INVESTIGATOR: Good afternoon, Ms. Samantha Velarde. I’m so sorry for bothering you, I hope you’re feeling okay now. I know it’s getting late in the afternoon that’s why I need you to cooperate with me, and answer my questions as honest as you can so we can both get out of this room early. Are we okay with that?SAMANTHA: Yes. INVESTIGATOR: Good. For the record, I am Detective Noel Hummingbird with the Jordan Police Department, and I am here to handle the murder case of the late principal, Principal Josefa Magada. Today is 25th of February, Thursday, 5:16 in the afternoon. This video is being recorded. SAMANTHA: Just start already. INVESTIGATOR: Okay... Ms. Velarde, according to Mr. Tan, you passed out after telling h
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Chapter 8: The Expositos
RABIYAIt was Friday, the first day after the principal’s murder, when I became desperate to initiate a talk with my classmate, Travis. Yes, Travis Exposito. The coldest, the strangest, the most mysterious, and the only guy of few words I’ve ever known in and out of the University. Technically, I didn’t know him. And in actual fact, no one from within this five hundred hectares wide Hamlet Creek University had the opportunity to heist at least a handful of information about him. He’s just uncanny. Very enigmatical in a way that messing with him was like ambushing a ship full of deadly pirates equipped with extreme arsenals, and sticking to your belief that you would still be able to take them all down just because that’s what the magical wisp had told you in your dreams.  We were classmates since freshmen years, but it appeared to me—and surely to everybody as well—that the longer we breathed the same a
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Chapter 9: Not A Dead End
Between the moonlight making nine p.m. look like four a.m. and the cars clogging the parking lot like a cemetery after World War II, I had gone on foot only to realize that once I reached the center point of the area, there’s no identifying which was the North, East, South, and West anymore. Discombobulation had me at seven blinks, making the following blinks utterly harmful to my eyes as they made my vision go round in circles. Not one out of the sea of cars had its lights on. Not one person who owned any of them was traipsing around, either. Stuck in this place had me wondering, How am I supposed to find Travis’ car, the white one with golden strips above the plate number, when almost half of the cars inside this parking lot is identical to the one he owned? I continued walking, unmindful of where would my feet take me this time. The veins in my hand turned blue as I squeezed the silver chain of my shoulder bag, pressing it against
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Chapter 10: Deja Vu
YURIThe sound of the fading engine triggered me to close my comic book. I looked outside the window and I found out that the yellow school bus I was riding stopped by the gate of Hamlet Creek University. After a short-distance drive, we finally arrived at school. The situation when we got there surprised me. Technically, Mondays in Hamlet Creek should be fun and exciting, everyone should have a smile on their face, and students should be running in all directions to look for their friends and classmates they missed after a weekend break. But now, the mood was different. It’s  only seven o’clock in the morning, yet everyone already looked dull and dying. Not a voice was heard in the Freshmen’s building when normally, it should be the loudest. Not a student was talking to another student—they all just walked past each other like they were strangers only meeting once and will never meet again forever. I don’t understan
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