Forced Marriage in Love

Forced Marriage in Love

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Their marriage was happened based on an arranged marriage between two families. However, it did not mean there was no love between them because the feeling had been there for long before the marriage held. Helena knew very well that both Aaron's and her grandfather had arranged a marriage for them. She did not realize that Aaron flatly rejected the idea and seemed to hate whoever the girl he would marry. Love did exist between the two, without Aaron knowing who Helena was. And by the time they finally found out the truth, it turned out that love could not beat their respective egos that felt betrayed by each other. However, they must hold the marriage because this was their grandfathers' promise to bond their friendship stronger. What was the following story of Helena and Aaron? Were they happy in their marriage?

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41 chapters
Finally, the marriage happened.The two families held a grand and luxurious party to celebrate the happy day. It was also a symbol of a new relationship between the Houston and the Brown families. The entire family looked bright and cheerful. They continued to smile at the parties, who mainly were colleagues and well-known people in the city. It was a celebratory party between fellow elites.However, did everyone there feel the same joy? Did not anyone realize that the bride and the groom, who should be the happiest, stared coldly at each other? They spoke no word. Even the reluctance was seen by them when they had to stand side by side. But, maintaining a good image in front of the guests was far more critical than the hatred between them.Hate?Was it true?But people said love and hate were only slightly different.
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The Bad News
A slight hum slowly drifted from Helena's lips, forming a beautiful rhythm that kept repeating continuously. Sometimes, her body was swayed left and right, following the rhythm she sang. She wasn't sure what song it was. She felt happy, so the tone played in her mind automatically.Helena was preparing a latte ordered by one of her customers. The condition of the cafe, which was quite crowded, made her helping them. She had indeed learned about coffee, along with various ways of serving the bitter drink. So, she could be a backup barista when needed.The cafe titled Helena's Café was hers. Indeed, she didn't fully take care of it. There was a reliable assistant whom she gave complete trust to handle the life and death of her cafe, including managing the welfare of her employees. And she would only receive the detailed report every month.Even so, Helena quite often visited there. Well, she just spent time there and got relaxed while observing her cafe. If
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The Marriage Arrangement
Aaron never once agreed with his grandfather's idea of ​​an arranged marriage between himself and the granddaughter of his grandpa's best friend. Sounded confusing? Simply to say, it was an arrangement by two friends from two families; The Houston and The Brown family. They were their grandfather who had a powerful position in those families.He rejected their plan. For him, his life was entirely his. No one could control him, indeed forced him to do something he didn't intend to.It all started when he was young. Either his parents or his grandfather often said to him that there was a girl he had to take care of when he was an adult. In his mind, Alana's face immediately pictured and all her whining. Alana is his cousin who not only troubled him but his entire family with the girl's overly pampered behavior. So, he didn't want to do it.As time goes by, he realized that women weren't all like Alana. He could see his female friends' attitude at school, which was
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The Wedding Preparation
Preparing for the wedding wasn't tricky for Helena, even though she only had one month to go. Many professional wedding organizers could make it happen. She just needed more money to pay for their services that had to work under tight deadlines with the maximum results. There would be many vital guests presented at her wedding. And of course, she didn't want that moment to be an embarrassing thing to both two families and ruined their reputation due to the wrong choice of a wedding organizer.Honestly, Helena didn't need to find a wedding organizer. The wedding party would take place in the ballroom of her family's hotel. It also included the food catering during the party. For the decoration, the hotel staff was no less slick in designing the place. After all, the hotel offered a service package for those who wanted to have any party there. Just explaining about it, and they would be ready to make it happen.However, there were still some preparations that required th
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Inner Contradiction
Aaron had never intended to come late. He was a person who valued ​​time. Aaron would've not broken an appointment he had made, even by arriving beyond the promised time. Aaron didn't like to wait long or been awaited by someone because of his mistake in neglecting to estimate his arrival. Punctuality was a must unless there was an urgent situation.However, a sudden abrupt did occur. The wife of one of his grandfather's essential clients visited his mall unexpectedly. Aaron, as the CEO, inevitably had to see the client and accompanied her around. Of course, for shopping. And the world knew how much women enjoy these activities that made them forgot the time. And he had no choice other than to be by the client's side for several hours later.He wanted to tell Helena because no one liked to wait indefinitely. Furthermore, he didn't know how long the activity would last. However, he didn't do it. There was an ego that forbade him to do so. Suddenly, there was a desire to
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The Wedding Party
Their marriage finally happened, As it had been arranged, planned, and conceptualized by the two families, the Houston and the Brown. Short preparations for such a big party were never a problem. There was extra work from the staff involved in making the event ran smoothly. It was called professionalism. And it was comparable to the income they earned.As planned, Helena and Aaron's wedding was divided into two times. The vows were held in the morning, followed by a small party with friends and family. At night, it could be called a business party because most of the guests were colleagues and business associates of the two families. Of course, their friends could also attend the party. They did not write down particular times in the invitations and freed anyone to come at any time.No worry. There was no problem in the procession. There was no unnecessary drama, such as canceling a wedding at the last second, running away from the event, or other behaviors that often
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New Home
Helena's steps slowly entered a two-floor house in an elite residential in the west of the city. A place with a combination of white, broken white, and brown there. That was their new house, Helena and Aaron.In the morning, Aaron suddenly knocked on her hotel room. She, who was still half-conscious from her wedding the day before, could only stare at him when he handed her a key, then without further ado, left her, which made her couldn't help calling him when she fully regained consciousness."That's our house key. I'll send you the address later." That was Aaron's answer when she asked about the key she got.And because of that, here she was, entering the house numbered thirty-two, which turned out to be filled with complete furniture.This house was spacious but not as big as the house she had lived in with her family. However, she didn't want a place that was too big. It would feel empty if it was just the two of them. Oh, she also once said that she
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The Marriage Contract
Marriage ContractThere is no physical contact unless in an urgent situation and no more than a hug.Not sleeping in the same room!Household chores are carried out together.Respect each other's privacy.Both parties are obliged to maintain the continuity of the marriage relationship as much as possible.The things above can be added, reduced, or canceled with the agreement of both parties.SignedHelena and Aaron Aaron smiled to himself while reading Helena's handwritten screenshot of what she called a marriage contract. His finger scrolled to enlarge the image until it was clear. It was as clear as their conversation before dinner last night. Indeed, he was the one who put forward the idea of ​​discussing their future relationship, which he didn't know ended up in a marriage contract.Aaron's sm
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Best Friend
"What did he say?""He wants to kiss me.""Haven't you guys kissed before?"The question asked by Sophie seemed to silence Helena and made her speechless. No, it wasn't about the question that hit her hard because she knew the answer very well. Ever. So hot, deep, and intoxicating.The wildest thing she had ever done with Aaron was the kiss. Sometimes it was just a light kiss that could often turn wild and passionate. However, that was all. Helena and Aaron were trying to maintain their logic and not let it lose to their desire.Yes, a sliver of memory about it made her quiet. It was too embarrassing for her to admit that it wasn't for once the hot kiss that happened, even to her best friend."Seeing your reaction, it's clear that you do it often," Sophie guessed while nodding her head in understanding.Sophie is Helena's best friend. They had been friends for almost ten years. And although in recent years they rarely saw each other i
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- I'll cook spaghetti for dinner. -The message came when Aaron was busy with reports of one of his grandfather's subsidiaries under his control. From Helena. Who else? He had to check many times to make sure that the sender was indeed Helena.That words managed to create a broad smile on his face. It had been a long time since he had exchanged messages with Helena. The woman didn't bother to send him a message and chose her assistant to do it for her. It was also rare because, well, there was nothing they talked about.And the message was like an oasis in the desert, amid the awkwardness between them and Helena's cold attitude Helena. The news was a sign that his wife was starting to soften her heart. They had only been married for ten days. And she had shown the change. What a surprise!He quickly typed his reply while she was in a good mood.- Have you got the ingredients? -Aaron hoped
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