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When Becca Sterling gets a job offer to work at a posh mansion, she has no idea that her boss is a very famous football star. Not only is he filthy rich, but he's also arrogant and rude. She didn't sign up for this. Trent Arnold has a secret buried deep in the depth of his soul. A haunting secret. Despite the luxurious lifestyle, he is miserable. Until he meets her...

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Shit!I'm late on my first day at work!I step onto the front porch of the posh mansion and toss my brown curls into a bun.I'm nervous.I knock on the door fingers crossed, praying my 'boss to be' is not in.I hear the approaching of footfalls. My palms are wet. My heart is throbbing fast. I grip my black leather bag tightly when I hear the doorknob creak.The door flings open.A young man.A very young man. Probably in his early twenties. I didn't expect that! I expected a much older man or woman. This is probably the tycoon's son. He can't be the owner of this house!He can't be my boss!The setting sun is gleaming on his creamy, chocolate skin making the shade of his hazel eyes look lighter.His jaw is clenched, looking all stern and serious.He brushes his hands
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"He's a freaking famous football star!"I blurt out, gawking at the screen.The passengers in the bus spin to stare at me in wonder. Can't I scream without being stared at like I'm crazy? I just found out my boss is a freaking famous football star for a freaking famous football club! I pay no attention to the passengers and continue sliding through Trent's wikipedia. Holy shit! The guy is a big deal! Playing as a right back footballer for Liverton FC.I know Liverton FC. They train back at home in Melwood. It is a famous football club. My ex-boyfriend aspires to join the club after college and he is a huge fan of Liverton. He goes to every one of their games and has dozens of their jerseys too. He even used to drag me to several matches the previous year! I'm really not a football fan though!Never been! Never will be!I quickly shake the thought of my ex away,
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 Beep!Beep!Why does the damn alarm have to ring this early. I snooze it off and snuggle back to my warm bed.Shit!Is it 7:30?I throw the blanket and glance at Pepper's bed. She has already gone to school. So it's 7:30!I'm so late! Mr. Henry will eat me alive!I hop off the bed and have a 2-minute shower. I wipe off my hair and pull on some jeans and a tank top. My hands are shaking as I pull back my massive curls into a bun. I take a quick glance at the mirror before I step out.Mr. Henry will kill me. Literally. It takes me about 30 minutes to get to class. The whole class goes silent as I scamper in and fall to my seat. I can feel Mr. Henry's glare on me, so I try my best not to look up at him.I sigh when he continues lecturing. I quickly take out my note
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  I stare at him blankly. What the hell did I do? It's 6.00pm. I'm on time! So, why did I just get fired? Trent gazes at me, his serious stare turning into a small smile. "I just wish you could see the look on your face right now," he says with a light laugh. Why on earth is he laughing? He wipes his hands with the table cloth and smiles at me." I'll show you around." Trent shows me around his luxurious living room. I admire secretly as we proceed upstairs. He shows me several rooms including his master bedroom. It's a four poster bed with neatly arranged stripped pillows. It's incredibly huge and volumous! What I love most about the room is the artistic paintings that are hanging on the wall. "You love paintings?" He asks behind me, his voice making me jerk back in surprise.

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I push the door open. Aunt Lucy is serving supper. Garry and Pepper are seated around the table quietly. I am quite pissed at Aunt Lucy. How could she tell Grammy? It was up to me to tell her. But anyway, I can't miss a meal just coz I'm mad at her. So I decided to join the table and serve myself some food. She has made some spaghetti.  I dig a fork into the spaghetti and shove it in my mouth silently.  I don't know why no one is speaking. It's just the clinking of forks on plates. I glance at Aunt Lucy and I can see the excitement on her face. I wonder what she wants to tell me.  "B
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The school library is my small haven of peace.  The old books stocked on the shelves are nicely arranged by the librarian, Ms Spinster. That's her real name. She's an old white spinster with a heart as black as ink. Probably the reason she's not married. I've never liked her because she's racist. It's precisely 11.00 am and I'm just seated on the wooden chair reading my notes.  I just had my first class early in the morning. Mr Henry stressed the projects he handed us and said that he has a reward for the best project. Honestly, I've not even been thinking about the project, much less working on it. The reason is that I don't want to work with my ex. He's been trying to get me to talk and work with him but I've been snubbing him. I know I should start talking with
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I come home late at night.  The house is dark and quiet. Something just feels bizarre. I switch on the lights.  Garry is seated at the little round dining table. Why is he seated in the dark? This guy is really weird.  He's eating meat. Is that raw meat? His mouth is red with blood. It's probably the meat.  Aunt Lucy and Pepper are nowhere to be seen. That's strange. I don't want to talk to Garry so I walk past him but he rises from the chair and grips my hand.  "Where do you think you're going!" he barks, twisting my hand. His hands are red with blood I can see and he's hurting me.  Read more
I am having hot coffee. I'm seething in anger, the mug clutched tightly in my hand. How could aunt give Garry my address without asking me? Isn't it my house? I should approve of who comes to my house and who doesn't. Garry is definitely on the 'doesn't' list. And will forever be.  "It's a nice little house for us," he says looking around the house with a smug grin on his face.  Everyone is shocked as they look up at him.  Us?  Garry chuckles. "I mean, it's a nice little house for us to gather as one happy family." he throws his hand around my aunt's shoulders. Aunt smiles as sh
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I step out of Josh's car. All this time I am praying that Trent is not at the party. The guy's mere presence just spoils my mood. Literally. Jesse's house is bigger. Bigger than Trent's. The layout of the house is open and spacious with a wide patio located just outside the door. Then there's the huge swimming pool. I love pools but I don't know how to swim. Groups of people are scattered everywhere, drinks clutched in their hands. Dax is walking beside me. I feel like throwing him to the pool and watch him drown. Bruna and Josh are holding hands as we enter the huge house.  Music is blaring through the house, the noise shaking the whole building. Groups of pe
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Trent just had a shower. He is wet. His hair is wet. His brown creamy skin is wet. His kissable pink full lips are wet... The kiss last night...  Why am I looking at his lips? And why am I thinking about the kiss last night? It was nothing. He made it clear. He just wanted to chase that crazy model away. That's all. But, was it?  "You snore a lot," Trent snickers, walking to my closet in his usual erect manner. "And as if that's not enough, you sleep with your drooling mouth wide open. I'm sure your pillow is drenched in saliva."  I bury my hands in my face, trying to hide embarrassment. Wait, he slept on my bed?  I look up at him. "You
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