His Alpha

His Alpha

By:  NeeNia  Completed
Language: English
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Ash is not some cute little omega, he can kick any Alpha ass if they mess with him. Even If the Alpha is his own mate.

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124 Chapters
It was Ash last year of high school and he couldn't be happier. But this year would be different. You see Ash went to Central High the biggest Art schools in Thailand along with his best friend Allen . Ever since Ash could remember, Allen was there from the very beginning. Ash never knew his birth parents. He was adopted by a man named Adom Seth and adored the man so much.His adoptive father was a big shot producer and had the money to prove it. But Ash was never the type to flaunt that he had money. He dressed nicely of course, but he earned every penny in order to afford his clothes. Adom is a humble parent and taught Ash at a young age that you have to work for what you want in life, and Ash does just that.His adoptive father pays for his school's tuition, yes, but everything else Ash pays for himself. He works at a nice bakery on the corner of his street and absolutely loves it. He just him, Adom and a boy named Man. The owner is an elderly lady that use to babys
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 "But dad! Not only do I have to perform in front of the entire school. I also have to find a freaking some idiot as my mate?! How the  hell am I supposed to do that? If you haven't noticed, the people at my school treat me like shit! And I only have two friends! I don't want to leave them to join some shits! Please don't make me do this!"Adom sighed and pulled Ash in for a hug. "I'm so sorry Mouse , but I'm not going to be around to protect you all your life. I need you to be looked after while I'm gone. I don't want you to feel alone."Ash looked at him with wide eyes. "What do you mean you won't be here? What's going on dad?"Adom held him tighter."I have terminal lung cancer. I'm dying. I only have five months to live. I've tried to fight this as long as I can, but I'm tired Mouse , I'm tired. I just want my baby boy to be happy, and I know you aren't happy. I could sense when you're sad. I know you feel like there's this ache in y
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 Adom patted him on the hand and smiled. "You'll know when you come in contact with them. Their scent would drive you crazy, and vice versa. Your soul would try to escape and make you want to be closer to him. But you have to control it, I wouldn't want you to do anything in the middle of school. That would be dangerous. But trust me, you will know when you find your soulmate."Ash nodded in understanding. "Could you tell me the name of my brother ? I would like to know. Please."Adom hesitated for a moment then told him. "His name is Win , Win James ."Ash gasped loudly. "Win James ?! As in the same Win James that goes to my school with his big brother Type James and his mate is Sam Lucifer and is a part of Alex Lucifer pack?! One of the strongest family in the school/Thailand ! Are you kidding me?!"Ash jumped up and began pacing the floor. Not only was his brother one of the most popular boy in school, but he was also apart of Alex Lucifer
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It was the first day of Ash senior year and it started off horrible. He woke up with this killer headache, and the medicine he took didn't exactly help either. He had no clue what could be causing this kind of pain, but he hoped it stopped whatever it is. Groaning he got up and made his way to his bathroom. He did his business the hopped in in the shower.He thought about the conversation he had with Allen  last night at work. They talked about his birth parents and that he had siblings that went to the same school as him. Also how they are apart of Alex pack. Allen was just as shocked as he was when he found out but handled it differently. Allen completely puzzle in front of the customers sitting in the bakery enjoying their scones or muffins."Holy shit Ash this is huge news! What are you going to do? I mean you have a twin freaking brother ! And was separated at birth! Are you going to talk to him?"Ash  shook his head and wiped down the counters as
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Ash made gagging noises behind them. "Gross! And in the kitchen dad! We eat in here you know? Sheesh, keep it in your room. I'm still a kid and shouldn't be seeing my dear old dad making out in the kitchen half naked with his half-naked boyfriend! Oh, the horror!" He faked cried.Adom and Man burst into a fit of giggles and Ash smiled."You're such a dork! You got everything right?" Adom asked him."Yup! I'm picking Allen  up in a few. Hey, dad, I've been having this killer headaches lately and it hasn't gone away. Do you have anything for them?" He asked as he opened the fridge for a bottle of water and grabbed a banana. Adom and Man were looking at each other and it was freaking him out."So is that a yes or a no? I have to go dad so if you could answer the question." He looked at his father closely as he seen the concern in his eyes. "What's wrong? Did something happen?""No, no. But you are getting these headaches because you've come
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 School was good so far. Ash and Allen are in three classes together. Music, Math, and Physics. They weren't happy about their schedule, but at least they had the same lunch period. Ash had art class with half of Alex group members including the Alex himself, the other Sam, Win, Pink, and Earth.Sam was a nice  guy and always treated him kindly. Unlike Pink and Earth . For some unknown reason, they hated Ash guts. He's used to it, not many people liked him because of him being an omega. He shrugged and ignored their states and whispers. The teacher walked in and the class became quiet."Already welcome back seniors. We only have five months with you this year so let's make the best of it. I want you'll to paint a mural about your life and showcase it in this year's Art Show held by the school. You will have two months to complete it, and I want pictures of your progress through those two months. You could email the pictures to me, or you could show th
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"I have a huge crush on this guy in my other class. Oh, he is dreamy. But I don't know if he'll go for me, he is all white and Alpha. You know how they are." Allen said biting his apple."Yeah, well if you're into him then wait until he's alone to ask him out and if he says no, then it's his loss. You're a beautiful young Man and deserves to have the best things in life.""Awww, Ash! You say the sweetest things." They laughed together.Ash nose flared as he smelt something spicy and tangy. It made Ash sick to his stomach, apparently, Allen too because he matched his facial expressions."Well if it isn't the he-bitch and his tramp," Earth said as he and Pink walked up to them. Ash rolled his eyes at the couple. He wasn't in the mood for this shit today."Well if it isn't the two disgusting smelling students in the school. Seriously what do you bathe in? That shit stinks! You both smell like a fucking dumpsters but tried to hide the scent by spraying
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  Earth swing first and Ash blocked it, punching him in the throat and watched him fall to the ground holding his throat. Ash kicked him in the face hard and saw blood fly from his nose. Type tackled Ash to the ground punching him in the ribs. Ash laughed switching the position that he was in. Now Ash was on top of Type holding his arms ready to snap it. But was thrown off him by Earth . Ash laughed enjoying being able to release some tension he's been feeling for some months now. He was fighting both Type  and Earth  fairly quickly. Neither boys were able to keep up with him. Ash connected his fist with Type nose breaking it, he then spun around slamming Type on his back breaking his arm in the process. Type screamed out in pain as Earth  ran up to him staying him with a blade in the shoulder. That pissed Ash off even more. His eyes wide and as he turned to Earth in one swift moment he broke Earth le
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 After Type was fully healed. The pack headed to James Manor to speak to Type and Win parents. Because if what Ash said was true, then the James are horrible people and will not be allowed to visit Alex home anymore, and they will be put in jail. They aren't supposed to give up Omega children. If you did, you went to jail for 10 to 15 years for child abandonment.Win opened the door to the house and marched straight in their parent's office. The James looked shocked, as well did Sam and Simon. Alex, however, was seething."Win? What's this about?"Jia  asked. Bewildered by her son attitude."I want the truth and I will know if you are lying to me or not." Win hissed his parents. "Do I have a twin brother?"Jia and Jones  tensed at the mention of the child they didn't want. Jones  was the first one to recover. He shook his head no, but Tharn knew that was a lie. He stepped forward and asked them again, this time using diffe
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     "So. Because my brother was an Omega, you decide that he wasn't good enough for you or your perfect little image and got rid of him? Am I correct?"Win  asked. Still nothing. He  walked closer his parents so he could see their expressions. "You just threw him away and never looked back am I hitting the right on the head? Let me know when I'm wrong. For 18 years, I have asked you what was wrong with me. Why I was having this consist ache in my chest that wouldn't go away and you knew the entire fucking TIME! MY SOUL WAS CALLING OUT TO MY BROTHER AND YOU JUST LET ME BE IN PAIN!!! MY FUCKING BROTHER!! THE OTHER HALF OF ME!!" Win laughed darkly. "No wonder you spoiled me with any and everything I wanted. You couldn't live with the guilt of what you have done. Well congratulations, my older brother hates my fucking guts! Because of you!" Jia and Jones had tears in their eyes as their son w
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