The Mafia - His dangerous love

The Mafia - His dangerous love

By:  Seerat Kaur  Completed
Language: English
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Harry Rey is a hardhearted, unpitying and cruel personality when it's about his family. He fully enjoys his life. On his business trip, he sees the dazzlingly beautiful girl when his brother pulls over the car at a red light signal. Unfortunately, Both brothers have the same feelings for her. Harry never felt love before. Her one look was enough to give him a kick. On other hand, Jackson Rey is less cruel and handsome than his brother. He is the future mafia boss. He didn't want his brother to lay his eyes on her as Harry dates a new girl every day. Love is an adorable, slim girl. Who is a tutor and loves her family. After her father's death, she fulfilled all the responsibilities. Her life turns east to West when she witnesses a scandal. To know who will marry her? Continue reading......

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50 Chapters
Copyright ©2020 Seerat Kaur All Rights Reserved. This book or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the author except for the use of brief quotations in a book review. This is a work of fiction. All names, characters, businesses, events and places are either the product of the author’s imagination or used fictitiously.  CHAPTER ONE Jackson's POV         Our private plane landed at the airport of a small town. Climbing down the stairs, I sat in my BMW and headed toward another Town in the city of California. Our
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Lovey's POV                  It was quiet around. The pink walls were filled with various posters. Some were painted by my students and some to increase their learning skills. The small hands were writing down on their notebooks. The maid came into the room with a tray of orange juice's glasses. The kids grabbed it hurriedly from her hands. Rudra stood up from his chair and stumbled on the red carpet. He dropped it on my favourite white shirt.        ' Oh no! It was the only white shirt I have in my cupboard. I bought this brand on sale. '        I instantly picked a handful of tissues from the table and began to wash it.       " Oh gosh! what did you do, kiddo?" She raised her voice on him, almost scolding him. Mrs Seth was reading a magazine at the end of the hall sitti
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                 I thanked her one more time and paced out of her room. I took the stairs to reach my students.         I was almost on the last step of the stairs, " Don't beat her. Don't, please uncle. " I heard loud voices from my students. They were shouting. It scared me. Was someone beating them? I ran toward them following there's voices. There was no one around them when I reached them. It relaxed me a bit.         " Is this your new trick to tease me? " I frowned.        " Miss, save her." Little Ammy ran at me and held my hand in her little hands. Her face was washed with tears. I was still holding some tissues. I cleaned her face with it.        " Hey! stop crying, Ammy. " I squatted down so I could face her. She was a ten years old cute girl. She never teased or mischief while studying. I
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           I was walking in the street toward the main road to catch transport. His intense eyes flashed before my eyes.        ' I've gone mad and my mind seems unstable now. Why am I thinking about a bad person like him? '       I reached the main road. I waited for the transport. A black SUV was parked in front of me. I turned to walk aside from it to catch transport as it was getting dark. I turned to go around. Abruptly, I felt a strong and bulky hand on my wrist. I swivelled my head to see who. My eyes caught the sight of his dark blue suit. I raised my eyelashes to see who dared to touch me. It had dark grey eyes. I swallowed a lump in my throat to find the same dapper monster. He lifted me off the ground. My heart picked a race in fear. I opened my mouth to shout. Immediately, he covered my mouth with his second hand, muffling my screams. He tugged me toward him
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LOVEY'S POV    I heaved a deep sigh while I closed my book. After finishing some pages, I put it back on the small table. I lit my phone and it was dinner time. I was ravenous. I put on my slippers and walked downstairs toward the hall. I couldn't forget him for a second but I was trying my best not to recall anything.       My house wasn't luxurious like Seth's house. But it was perfect.         ' There are two square-shaped rooms at the backside, one of my parents and the second room belongs to Romit. The guests are mostly welcomed in the living room.'       I walked toward the kitchen. Romit and mommy were already eat
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JACKSON'S POV                                 I clicked on the new mail. Billa mailed me her basic details and also her phone number.      Her name is Lovey. She is twenty-three years old. She lives with her mother and brother. Her father has been expired in a car accident. It has been eight months. She is a tutor. Her mother and brother depend on her. Her brother is ten years old and his school details.       I saved her number in my contact list. I asked to dig her whole detail, her dislike and likes. Did her Father leave anything for his family?      The door of my room opened with a bang, " Hey, brother. Where's she? " Harry said in a groggy tone.       " You drank? " I scowled, staring at him. He began
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LOVEY'S POV     I bid my bye to Romit. It was his school, so our plans were fixed for the evening. I got the holidays after a long period of six months. I was still laying in my bed.       After receiving a call from Mrs Seth. I had switched off my phone, which was still the same. I had booked three tickets for Frozen2 in the mall online. Romit insisted on taking mommy with us. So I booked three.        'My brother and we both are excited about it as the first movie is still our favourite. '       " Are you going to help me clean the house or not? " Momma shouted from downstairs.       I opened my one eye and peeped on the tiny square clock on the side table. It was fourteen minutes past ten. Undesirable, I stepped down from my bed. The cold floor greeted me ' good morning '.       I
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LOVEY'S POV         I was two minutes late. The last bell had been rung. I directly rushed toward his classroom. It was empty. It disappointed me, " Hello, Dee. " A sweet voice came from behind me. I swivelled to look.        I smiled, " Hello Nancy, how are you? " I nicely asked her with a huge smile.        " I'm fine, thank you." She giggled, "You are looking beautiful Dee like my Barbie doll. " She chuckled and jumped on her feet at the same time.        I smirked at her comment. I bent down, " Aww, thank you. But you're the real barbie doll here. " I smiled.        "Really!" She squealed excitedly. She pecked on my cheek and ran toward her friends hopping on her feet.        " Did you see, Romit? " I squeaked, because of the buzz in the hallway. 
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LOVEY'S POV                                               The next morning, I still want to sleep like a dead person. I woke up hearing a loud sound. Romit must be playing with his football. I rubbed my eyes.      The drowsiness overwhelmed me. I neglected my phone. That was the only way to spend my vacation without any trouble.      Directly, I went to the washroom. I splashed cold water on my face. This woke my eyes.      Finally, my eyes allowed me to see myself in the mirror. I would not glance at my phone today. It was the best idea to keep problems away from me. I brushed my teeth taking extra time as I had nothing to do.       I went downstairs, " Good morning momma. " I hugged her from behind
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JACKSON'S POV                                                Harry was out of town to handle our enemies. He always kept our family above all.      I rubbed my fingers on my temple. She was continuously ignoring me. I fucki** hated it. Her ignorance was killing me from inside.      I got every girl in my arms whenever I wanted. Her number was switched off. My two men were permanently posted out of her house. She blocked my number and it pissed me off.      'She has to understand, she can't fuc**** ignore me. I didn't want to kidnap her brother. She has to understand it, I can do anything. It was just a nice meeting with her brother. Her brother is a good boy. I didn't ask anything about her. As my resources have sen
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