Her Destined Alpha

Her Destined Alpha

By:  Moonlight Muse  Completed
Language: English
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Born from darkness, Delsanra Silver grew up knowing nothing but pain and suffering, even her own kind treated her as an outcast. Running from the coven who so madly craves her power, she finds herself accidentally crashing straight into the arms of none other than Rayhan Rossi, the future Alpha of the Black Storm Pack. Never would have expected that her saviour, would come in the form of one of the very races she’s tried so desperately to evade. What will happen when the dangerous young Alpha claims she is his destined mate? Will their love have a chance to blossom… Or will their differences tear them apart. ----- He pushed my hair behind my ear as he moved closer, his warm breath fanning my face. “You're beautiful, Delsanra. I've never seen anyone more ravishing in my life and the best part is you were made for me. You’re mine to claim, and I won't rest until I do.” I couldn't respond, this contact was making my body react weirdly, the urge to yield consuming me. His nose brushed my neck and a small whimper left my lips. All I could think of was his seductive scent, the way his touch felt… “Oh, and one more thing…” His voice was husky and the heat between my legs was growing. I gasped when his hand cupped my knee, only making that ache throb harder. “You smell divine.” ----- Book 3 of The Alpha Series Book 1 – Her Forbidden Alpha Book 2 – Her Cold-Heated Alpha Book 3 – Her Destined Alpha Book 4 – Caged Between The Beta & Alpha

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Delsanra Silver is a she-werewolf who is never loved by members of her pack and they all bully her. Her life is always in darkness. Her only dream is to escape from everything in her pack and live a free life. The coven in her pack just wants to take in all her power. There is no choice to run away secretly. However, on the way to get rid of this horrible place, she encounters Rayhan Rossi, the future alpha in her pack. she can’t believe that he should save her. There should be one kind in the pack that she racks her brain to think of ways to evade. To her surprise, Rayhan should claim her as his destined mate. Is it possible that they fall in love? Read Her Destined Alpha.

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97 Chapters
1. Prologue
SIX YEARS AGO… DELSANRA   "Don’t just stand there, you stupid little bitch!" A sharp slap snapped my face to the left as my stepmother Elinai looked at me with resentment in her eyes, wiping her hand on her dress as if she had just touched something filthy. "Sorry." I replied quietly, it was the norm for me. I dropped to my knees and picked up the cloth that I had been wiping the floor with. "Don’t speak back! You filth!" She sounded disgusted, kicking me sharply in the ribs before she walked away. I clenched my teeth, biting back the hiss of pain, gingerly touching my ribs with my free hand. It still hurt from the last beating at the hands of my stepbrother, Dawson. Just do your chores, stay out of sight, and it will be ok. It was all that kept me going. My hands were purple from the cold, they felt itchy and raw thanks to the detergent in the washing water; I wasn’t allowed gloves after all.
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2. My Life
CURRENT DAY DELSANRA "Please Horace, can’t you fit me in for a few more hours?" I asked pleadingly, glancing towards the open door to the diner. The warm glow and chatter of people having a good time on a Friday night created a pleasant buzz. He looked down at me, his beefy body bulging in his poorly fitted suit and his pale blue eyes running over my body. I felt repulsed but kept my face emotionless. "You know, doll, there are other ways to earn well... I’m willing to pay a good number." He rasped. I pursed my lip. Yeah right, as if I’d ever let this beef burger and his sausage anywhere near me. "Horace, aren’t you married?" I asked, trying not to glare at the man before me. He’s your boss, Del. Remember that. "Jill doesn’t need to know anything." He murmured, brushing a strand of my white hair off my face. I tried not to cringe when his stale, smoky breath hit my face. "You’re a pretty little thing, Ana, I’m sure anyo
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3. A Dream
RAYHANThe sound of women laughing filled the room. All I could see was white mist and dazzling golden light.Where was I?"I agreed to your condition years ago when I created that bond. At least you are able to admit that your children are going down a dark path." A voice so deep and melodious spoke. It sounded soothing, majestic and something about it made me want to yield to it."Yours are not all innocents. This condition will do us both good. Let us see if they are able to pass this test." This voice was more… magical. It felt like a whisper in the wind, yet held something alluring beneath…"It is done, under the power of the blood moon… Will they unite their kind or break this sacred bond? Only time will tell, my children love deeply."Another melodious laugh followed, then suddenly everything was dark.I was on that cliff edge once again. It was darker than the last time.I knew this was a dream, a d
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4. The Streets
RAYHANTen minutes later, I was out in the cold, wet streets. As a werewolf I didn’t really feel the chill, we were pretty hot-blooded. Lost in thought, I let my feet carry me and soon I realised I was in a quieter area. I saw a group of men standing against the wall, sniffing drugs and smoking. The smell made me want to wrinkle my nose. "Pretty boy looks loaded… Shall we rough him up?" One of them muttered. "Too stupid to be out here… Those clothes are fucking branded mate, I swear…" "His boots alone are fucking gold mines." Oh, you better not pick a fight with me… I might look like a rich dude, but I could take them all with one hand tied behind my back. I really didn’t want to. I frowned, actually I did want to have some fun. A smirk crossed my face as I carried on walking, hands in my pocket. They really were asking for it… They b
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5. A Debt
DELSANRA "Hidden in plain sight… You have done well to stay under the radar. To think, we were passing through here by accident." I turned to look at the witch, who had black hair and piercing green eyes, wearing a black cloak. The man wore a leather jacket, with a badge on his left upper arm that consisted of a black six-pointed star on a blood-red background. I knew who he was. A high knight of the coven, a son of a powerful witch. Something Dawson had been training to become years ago. I didn’t recognise either of the two, but they were both strong. When the knight project was established, I knew they were laying the groundwork for the formation of a powerful army. I stepped back. It was too late to play dumb. They somehow knew who I was… How though? "You can drop the dumb act. She's rather pretty for a cursed one, don't you think?" Muttered the man. He took something out of his pocket, and I frowned at what looked like papers with
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6. Her Name
RAYHAN I awoke to the sound of running water, I sat up feeling the pain in my body. What the fuck had happened? Where was she? Was she ok? I calmed down when I smelt her scent, it surrounded me strongly. This was her place; I don’t know how, but she had brought me here. I smiled slightly. That was sweet of her. Why were witches after her? And after witnessing all that, why did she bring me here? I wasn’t sure what it was, but there was more to her. I looked around her place, it was tiny. The small bed took up a quarter of the room. To one side were some boxes and a faded suitcase. There was a small kitchen cupboard with a sink fitted. A table next to it held a portable cooker and a kettle. Under the table was a box of cereal, a loaf of bread and a few other tins. There was a small mini-fridge on the floor next to the table. On the opposite wall was a chair that was holding a few ironed items of clothing, and I saw that just underneath it stood an iron.
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7. A Coffee
DELSANRA He was confusing me. Why did I feel like my words had hurt him? The guilt and regret in those eyes… I looked away to keep myself composed. Maybe if I just told him, he’d leave. "Ok... back up a little." I said, placing my hands on his arms. He really was built… I firmly pushed him back, feeling the muscle under my fingers. His stormy grey eyes met mine and I didn’t miss how his gaze dipped to my lips. That was confusing me too. Surely someone as handsome as him had a line of women waiting for him, not to mention that he stated that earlier. He finally stepped back but it looked like it had been hard for him to do so. I took a deep breath, "How about you go clean up? I’ll make some coffee…" I said. I just needed a moment. I was relieved when he nodded and walked to the bathroom. I opened the fridge and prayed I had enough milk for two mugs of coffee. I really needed it after how tonight went. Nope… Oh we
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8. Her Refusal
RAYHAN Her eyes widened, and I knew she was having a hard time believing that. "When you ran into me, I felt it. Your scent… You’re made for me." Ok, maybe throwing that bomb was not the smartest thing to do, but I didn’t want to leave her. Not in this small apartment that wasn’t safe at all. Not to mention, my bathroom was three times bigger than her place. She laughed nervously. Goddess, that sound. It was a breathy, sexy laugh that sent my heart racing. "Yeah, good joke. You’re damn delusional. Now, get out." "I’m not lying. Why else do you think I’m not losing my cool when you insult me?" Shit. Wrong remark. I saw the flash of worry in her eyes, the way her heart hammered and how she balled her fist. "Oh yeah... Apart from your mates, you treat everyone else like trash that you can beat and abuse as and when you wish, right? Yeah, I’ve experienced it all. Now leave before I force you to." She replied coldly.
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9. Blatant Dislike
RAYHAN I’m seriously beginning to wonder if I’m speaking a different language or something. I had just explained to the three of them how I met her. Yeah, Chris went and got the girls too, so here we were sitting as I impatiently kept glancing at the time. I needed to go to her. "So let me sum this up. You went for a walk, your mate ran into your arms, and then you killed some witches. Then she took you home, took care of you, and then told you to get out?" Lola asked, raising an eyebrow. "Why would she do that…?" Rose asked, frowning slightly. "Wait, she’s a human, isn't she?!" Ok, time to tell them… But… I looked at Chris. Both his parents had died in Endora’s attack. I still remember the day he was told, the pain and denial in his eyes before he looked at Dad and asked what duties he wanted him to do first. Taking the spot as Delta first and mourning the loss of his parents second. I suddenly realised, with a cold rush of clarity, that I ne
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10. Time To Leave
DELSANRA Why? Just why did he have to come here to my workplace?! Last night I hadn’t been able to sleep. All I could do was replay everything he said and did… I hated how he confused me, or the way my heart reacted to him. I knew there were rare cases where witches and werewolves had been mated. Most ended in the witch being used and rejected. The very thought made me sick. I had actually thought he’d leave, and not just come back to annoy me. I think it was time to leave. My heart clenched at the thought. Great… Just great, one more person to run from… The way he had attacked the man next to him, the anger I had seen in his eyes… I shuddered. I hated werewolves, I had been a punch-bag for them for long enough… Even after I ran away from Lilly and Alfred’s cottage, I had run into more trouble. Werewolves. When they found out I was a witch… I pushed the memories away, the pain of those memories was crippling me. They had used m
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