Alpha's Destiny

Alpha's Destiny

By:  N Chandra  Completed
Language: English
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Destiny Parr is on the run from her dad, her and her family. To escape the forced mating with the Beta Johan. She refused to live a life of servitude and escapes to find her destined mate. She finds her true mate, only to discover he is engaged to someone else. Alpha Jake Clarion got the shock of his life when he finds his mate while being engaged to Eliza, Alpha Richard's daughter to whom he owes a favor. Struggling against his promise and fate Jake has to find his Destiny.

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68 Chapters
Arguing with the father
“Dad, you're not listening to me,” Destiny nearly screamed. Her fists were clenched at her side, her gold-rimmed amber eyes flashed with anger.“I don't want to mate with Johan. I want to choose my mate on my own. Why can't I get my destined mate like other girls?”“What others do is none of your business. Who has been putting these far-fetched idea's in your head?” David Parr, Destiny's father, demanded.“Johan is the Beta's son. He would be second in line to the Alpha, whenever he is ready to take over. This marriage will be beneficial for the family. I don't believe in this mate business. I decide what is best for you.”“But I want to spend time with my mate, learn his likes and dislikes… I want to fall in love! I want to experience what life has to offer outside this pack. Why can't you understand I want more in life?” Destiny pleaded to her father
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The door banged shut and Destiny stumbled over to the small bed and collapsed on it.  She sobbed into the pillow, lamenting her fate.  “I won't mate with Johan,” she mumbled, wiping the tears away. “I would rather die than mate with that bastard.” When she was done with her crying, she stripped off her clothes and slipped on her nightgown. The light gauzy material of the sleeveless gown caressed her body and fell to her knees. Pulling the thin sheet over her tired body, she tossed and turned. Her stomach growled faintly, and she remembered she had skipped her lunch as well as dinner. Curling up into a fetal position, she tried to relax her mind. There was nothing she could do about the hunger pangs. Her father wasn't always like that. When she was little, her father had been her everything. To say that, he was her world, would be saying too little. He was more than that. Her mother and her father were perfections in her eyes. She had never known wh
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A convenient arrangement
Jake was busy working on a file when the knock and a familiar scent invaded his senses.He stood up immediately and walked over to open his office door. The ancient, older man smiled at him.  Richard was a tall, well-built man with short, dark brown hair that had grey around the temple and deep-set brown eyes. His skin had an olive tone, declaring his Mediterranean heritage. “Richard! You should have called me. Why did you travel all the way here?” Jake said while gently leading the older man inside. “Not that you are not welcome, but you must not exert yourself.”  “Bah! I am not that old.” Richard said with a twinkle in his eyes. Jake gave a guilty smile. He wondered what was the visit about? Eliza had shown up at his office late that week. She was excited and waited all afternoon for Jake to manage enough time to meet with her. For his part, he had been fin
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The dream
Destiny was running swiftly, she raced through the forest, the night was warm but pleasant. She felt happy and free, something she had not felt in a long time. The starry sky and full moon lit the way, showing the path that would take her to her favourite place…the lake. As she approached it, a new scent reached her, drawing her wolf's attention. She decreased her pace to a gentle trot. She was trying to understand what was so enticing about this scent that caught her wolf's attention.  “What…” She moaned as her body reacted, “is that scent?” Nearby, a twig snapped and Destiny swung around. Moving out of the woods was the biggest wolf she had ever seen. His silky coat was coal-black. The scent of pine and maple floated towards Destiny, the wolf inside her howled with desire. He was magnificent; everything about him shouted power and authority. Bright gold eyes followed her
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The next time, Destiny's bedroom door opened. Her father stormed inside carrying a ridiculously lacy pink dress.  “You got thirty minutes to make yourself presentable,” he snarled. “Do not disobey me, or I'll haul you to Johan in whatever state you are in. Take a shower and get ready. Don't even think. Of escape, just in case.” She eyed that hateful dress. An overwhelming need to rip to pieces, cut it into tiny little shreds was hard to ignore. She noticed her claws had lengthened. Taking a deep breath, she forced herself to leave the damn dress alone. Her father's threat rang clearly in her mind. Moving slowly to the bathroom, she finally gave up hope. There was no escape, no way to stop what her father planned. She would have to marry Johan, become his mate, and pray to Luna he wasn't as bad as she had heard. * * * * Her door opened, it was her mother this time who had come to help her get dressed in that god-awful dress.  
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Reaching the White Claw pack
  The White Claw Compound. As Destiny walked inside, fear never once left her heart, especially as the pickup came to a stop. She was trembling again, her eyes even shook in terror as the two guards got out of the car. She had been picked up from the riverside. She had managed to reach the White Claw territories but had no idea how to proceed further. She was shivering in a bush when the guards spotted her. When she told them who she was, they replied. Her grandmother was expecting her. “Go park the truck, Conroy,” The leader of them told him, who nodded and went to go park it, “Marco, Emanuel, let's go.” They both nodded and followed him into the compound. Destiny struggled to keep up with them. They had provided her with a dry pair of track pants and a tee.  Not having many other choices, she meekly followed them. As they passed the homes—which seemed to make a small town on its own—she smelt and saw other wolves males, females
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Settling down
Jake stalked toward the elk, his body remaining low as he hid behind a bush, so his black fur wouldn't be noticed. Before the bull could even look up and take stock of things happening around him. Jake charged at it, seizing it by its throat with his strong jaws. It let out a fearful and indignant cry right before Jake's jaws tightened on its throat further and sharply twisted his head, breaking its neck with the momentum; its body fell almost soundlessly into the snow. He looked around before indulging in his fresh kill. In truth, Jake didn't need to be hunting this far north in the pack territory, but he needed to clear his mind, and going on long runs and occasional hunts were the release his wolf needed. For the past week, he's been having recurring dreams and restlessness. That made his wolf go wild with want, desperate for something. He had thought about taking a few of his pack females to bed. They would be willing to do that. But he had decided not to date hi
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First time in the bar
"There you go, it won't leave a mark." The kind doctor said to Destiny as he applied an ointment on her wound."Thank you," she smiled at him."So you are a new arrival?" Dr Connery asked casually."Yeah, things were not very good in my previous pack. I had to run away," she said biting her lips.He gave her a sympathetic look," which pack are you from?" "The silver Cresent."  Dr Connery raised an eyebrow and stared at her, she remained him of her. Could she be.......?"Well now you are here, so forget your worries and come to me if you get bashed up again." He grinned at her.*********"I need to apologize to you for the mishap," Sam started to say. Annoyed, Eliza cut him off. "No, you don't. Why should you have to apologize?" Then she added, "where is he?""Jake has gone for some important pack business," Sam s
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Finding the mate
The girl turned to face him, and Rodney's sucked in his breath. He had been watching her from afar since she had walked up from the alley. Putting his plans in motion to separate her from her friends.She was worth the effort, her olive complexion was flawless and the layers of thick shoulder-length hair framed a lovely heart-shaped face. Her amber eyes were intoxicating and beautiful, flecked with specks of brown.'Howl' Had been a thriving nightclub downtown for years. It was nightlife frequented by many humans as well as supernaturals. Even the neighbouring packs often visited it. She was a wolf, but surprisingly, he had never seen her before. “Who are you?” the beauty asked, her eyes slightly widened with either surprise or fear, he wasn't sure what.“Rodney White,” He introduced himself.“Destiny, Parr, and what makes you think I have any problem which needs to be rectified?” She
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Jake finds his mate but she is forbidden
The silence in the elevator was deafening. Destiny titled her head and looked at the man who was supposedly her mate. Mine. Her beast snarled. Mine.No, he can't be our mate, he is an Alpha who is already engaged. You must be mistaken, she argued with her wolf.“What is your name?” He asked her, his expression as hard as before.“Destiny, Destiny Parr.” She replied. Her wolf's agitation had increased tenfold. “That's an odd name,” he commented.“Sorry, if my name is not up to your liking, I can do nothing about it.” She retorted.And she is mouthy as well. He thought.When Jake had reached 'Howl' he was talking to a few bouncers when he got the whiff of her scent. It was very faint as if she had just brushed past them. Curious, he had followed the trail and found her talking to Rodney, he instantly knew she was his. Irrespective of his cur
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