The Lost Luna Within

The Lost Luna Within

By:  Alyse F. Yvonne  Updated just now
Language: English
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Delaney, young, beautiful, smart but also mistreated, abused and tossed to the side by every family she has known. Finding the courage to run away seems like a mistake until she runs into a handsome brick wall that makes her heart skip a beat. Orion, charming, handsome and funny playboy future Alpha for the Dark Pine Pack, doesn't care about women, other than of course bedding them and only goal is to be the best Alpha for his pack. But when the most gorgeous woman he's ever seen runs right into him, not only does she knock his breath loose, she takes it away.. Thinking what a perfect specimen to be had. Until she shows him she don't play games. Not only is she a no nonsense young woman with a heart of Gold, she's also something that has been missing from his Supernatural world.. For a decade... And there will be many who will be searching for the gorgeous and unknown young woman!! Will Orion change his ways for a woman he just met? Will Delaney even give him the chance to prove her otherwise of her thoughts of men like him? Will they be able to come together and fight an evil that is plaguing the lands?

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37 chapters
**DELANEY**Walking through the forest with no memory of which direction I came from or which direction I am going, at this point it’s frustrating. I am terrified, I smell like a wet dog from sweating and I need a nap. But I can't turn back now. I have visions of the most beautiful woman with light blonde hair and pale blue eyes and a handsome, yet warm man with dark brown hair and jade green eyes. The same image in my head that I have been seeing since before I escaped that horrid foster home last week. I like to think it's of my parents or maybe it's what I conjured my parents to look like in my mind. Who knows? I took off in the middle of the night to the woods 5 nights ago. Almost like it was calling to my soul, pulling me
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Chapter 1
**DELANEY** The thuds are getting louder like they are overhead of me. I step back into the cave as quietly as I can. I am praying silently in my head that this bear will just turn around and get his midnight snack somewhere else. The thuds are just overhead of me. I can hear the creature sniffing the air and I keep praying that being in the woods for a week won't become a disadvantage at this point. Whatever this animal is, it completely REAKS of rotten garbage that has been baking in the summer heat in Florida. WOW! Horrible!! I mean I've never been to Florida but I heard it's God awfully hot there.  Read more
Chapter 2
**ORION**  We arrived at the packhouse in an hour, since I didn't know if she even knew she was a werewolf, which is so strange to me, I didn’t ask any werewolf related questions.. At a very young age, you get heightened senses and skills regardless of rank or age. She should be able to see in the dark, smell from miles away and run faster than humans at the very least. 'Hey Terrin, I have a guest. Make sure no pack members are in wolf form. I have got to investigate this new guest before I allow her to see everything.' I say through mindlink.'Ohhhh a girl. Maybe she's my mate. Is she cute?' He jokes.
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Chapter 3: A fluffy cloud.
**ORION** We walked into the pack house at around 1:45am. Still really early for me. I mind linked because I knew he would be doing patrol tonight, so any of our pack members that were in wolf form roaming around the pack house would hear his link about shifting back. I may not see women as more than an object, but there were things about this mini firecracker I wanted to learn. And I wouldn't be able to do that if she was fainting from seeing wolves ten times as big as normal wolves. I already had an omega prepare a guest room on my floor. Luckily for myself and my reputation, no one other than the patrols are up at this hour. So bringing her in was the easier thing. Talking to her tomorrow with numerous ears and eyes would be quite a bit harder. But I have to let her rest. I keep stealing looks at her and she is so hot. I just don't know what about her that is drawing me in like this. Her wavy dirty blonde hair falling down her back. Her light green eyes are shinin
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Chapter 4: The Truth.
**ORION**  Last night was completely dreadful. I am currently taking a cold shower right now because it was THAT terrible. I was going to call Heather, but just the thought of her made me want to gag. And how come I have not noticed that smell. Like sour lemons.. *Bleghh* It’s so weird. Yesterday we had a quickie before I felt someone on our land, and today I can’t stand the thought of her. I wanted to be in that bed with Delaney so badly.  It was more than sexual though. And that is why it is terrible!! I do not want any female to have that type
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Chapter 5: Competition.
**DELANEY**  Well that was a little crazy. I always knew I was different. I didn't think it was going to be as crazy as that.  I am a supernatural creature. But that just kind of proved that I was pathetic. I wasn't even good at being a baby werewolf, so my parents discarded me. The way Orion talks and looks at me I am assuming my wolf will be coming soon. I am both pretty excited and scared honestly. I didn't think werewolves existed. But when Orion told me that what he was telling me wasn't a joke, I knew he wasn't lying. Why lie to me? I am no one. There is no reason to try and scare me. Or to impress me. So I believe him.
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Chapter 6: Messing it up.
**DELANEY**     I feel extremely bad for hurting Orion like I did. All the blood pumping through me with him holding me like that I really didn't realize the force I put behind it. It wasn't intentional at all.   Then he got mad that creepy Chris had me in the same hold. Which I thought was sweet and also strange. Why would he get mad about that? Was he feeling upset that a pervert was going to harm another child? Was it because it was me?   I mean I don't see why. I am nothing. A pathetic werewolf orphan. But he could've killed me in those woods but chose to help me. I think I want to ask him why but I'm not sure if I want to kno
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Chapter 7: Mixing the Souls
**DELANEY**     That was not where I expected this whole day to go. I have an attraction to Orion. That I knew. But here is Kylo, the only one who is acting on his urges. Having a small dinner in the same garden I was sitting with Orion earlier feels a little cliche. But I am not sure why I feel this way. Even if I have some sort of feeling towards Orion, he is just being nice, he is the future Alpha. He found an orphaned 17 year old girl in the woods who thought she was just a mere human. He helped me not to be killed and ra.ped by Creep Chris, and brought me to his pack so I wouldn’t be alone.. He fed me, gave me clean clothes. Now I have a job and a home if I want it. I am trying not to think if this means anything, but I really want it to.. I want it to be more than hospitality.   Read more
Chapter 8: Zeus
**DELANEY**  Kylo starts leading me down a lit trail. For some reason I don’t think I want to go here. I don’t know why but I feel like I need to just go back to my room for a bit. My stomach starts turning every step we take. Like something in the pit of my stomach is telling me I shouldn’t be here.  “Kylo, I am not feeling so well. I think I need to go lay down for a bit.” Kylo stopped in his tracks and didn’t face me. I started to feel slightly scared but I didn’t budge. He turns to face me, his brown eyes are glowing with a golden glow.  “That is okay, Delaney. I’ll take you back. I will show you this place another time.” He says sweetly, extending hi
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Chapter 9: A fight?
**DELANEY**     Feeling myself in Orion’s embrace has me experiencing more feelings than I ever had in my entire life. I don’t know why I didn’t notice it before but he smells like sandalwood with a mix of freshly brewed coffee. Something you wouldn’t mind waking up to every single day.   When the door slams open, we are still half embraced. The girl that is standing in the doorway of Orion’s office is quite beautiful. For whatever reason, I shrink slightly because she is probably his girlfriend…   I try to completely move when I realize Orion isn’t wearing a shirt, and on top of that he won’t let go of me. I don’t want to be a part of any squabbles between lovers. And I definitely don’t want to witness Orion talking to his lover, trying to explain away him comforting me.
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