Mated To The Ruthless Alpha

Mated To The Ruthless Alpha

By:  Tofunmi Nikky  Completed
Language: English
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From birth, I was rumored to be a witch who possesses an unknown power. And on getting to the world, I could tell you the exact time my life began to fall apart!. Luck in which I was told to have, ran out on me immediately, and life showed me nothing but how cruel it could be to me. Becoming a slave in your parent's house is not what you could pray for or even wish your enemy. Why it is so is still unraveled. "Come back here, Lucia!"My mother shouted, trudging after me as I ran far into the woods in escape. Fear filled my heart and I pray earnestly it won't kill me before the real death chasing me right now would come. "Run away, run away!"that was what my wolf kept chanting as it stirred unhappily inside of me. And I noted it to myself the dire need to escape from this death. It remains two more steps; just two more for me to cross the border to a new pack when I hit my legs on an unforseen stone that stood as a hinderance on the way.And before I knew it, I was in the air and almost reaching the floor. And when I finally did, it was with a thud!. "Arrgh....."I cussed out in groans and before I could attempt to move from the ground and take to my heels, she appeared- right before me. Then with blood-shot eyes,"Have always knew you aren't meant to be my daughter, Get up now, run into that house and pick out my favourite whip.....Lay on the bed unclad and wait just a second for me, for your usual punishment!"she ordered viciously. And at once; I knew I was a dead meat.

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57 chapters
The Alpha's Return
Chapter 1 By: Tofunmi Nikky "Sir, we have arrived." The driver notified him as he slowly brought his gaze up to look at his surroundings. He exhaled deeply and stepped out of the car. Looking around, the place hasn't change one bit. At least it was still like this when he left twelve years ago. Apart from the repair of the damages, nothing really changed. The air was still the same and he sniffed it in as he released his tensed muscle. The gate to the huge packhouse was opened and guards ran out towards him. He scoffed boringly and left his bags there for them to take it. "Welcome, Alpha to be." They all greeted him and his lips twitched at the title they used for him. He shook his head in neglection and took a step further, his lips made a connection with his jaw in attempt to talk but just shrugged it off and made his way in. When he got to the main entrance,a guard
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He'd just been seen
Chapter 2By: Tofunmi Nikky"What?!" The one with grey-blue eyes asked."You don't remember us?" The other asked and he raised his brows at them."You are..." He trailed off as he goes through his memories to remember them.They both looked at him, expecting him to say their names. "Who is Connor?" He asked and Connor smiled with his deep dimples showing."And you are..." He trailed off but then his eyebrows twitched."Tyson." He said and Tyson grinned in excitement."Thought you forgot me so soon after you left." Tyson said jokingly with a feigned, sad pout and Xander managed to smile as he shared a knowing glance with Connor.They soon cut the contact and he signaled to him. They followed him inside and his uncle looked up. "Oh, see who is here to see Xander? I guess you all must be so mad at him f
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Life as a slave
Chapter 3Life isn't fair.At a point in this cruel world; death is worth pleading for. , having had her back on the closed bathroom door for a long time sobbing, starts to slowly slide to the floor as her legs weaken.Her face has become pale and puffy due to her endless crying.Is life really worth fighting for?,slowly before her eyes she had watched her life crumbling. No paths left for her to survive that she hasn't crossed.Being mistreated by her mother and still enduring is not what everyone can do. She's helpless, she's nothing but an helpless-hopeless Omega.A sound came from the turning of the key in tht lock and hearing that, she rose up instantly on her feet as she dabbed her tears filled eyes with the hem of her dress.The door was flung open,"Get!"Without hesitating, she scurried out of the bathroom and as soon
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At the welcome party
Chapter 4By: Tofunmi NikkyLooking out of the window; Lucia kept her eyes fixated on her surroundings, garden, and numerous houses that are far away. A look of admiration plastered on her face as she rubbed her palms together and gave out a sigh."Hey, Lucia." Scarlett, Lucia's step-sister, called out as she stepped out of her room. Lucia looked up and a smile crossed her face."Scarlett." She acknowledged as she rose up."Are you not going to the Alpha's welcoming party?" She asked and Lucia bit her lip nervously."I don't, to be honest. I mean mother is going to be there. Who knows If she will be mad seeing me there and cause a scene." She replied and Scarlett rolled her eyes."You don't let mother affect you. You should learn to be independent." She said and Lucia looked at her with something that looked like admiration.
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Life is cruel to bring back Regina
Chapter 5By: Tofunmi Nikky"Jinx, won't you wake up?!" Lucia heard a voice yell from the sleep and she jerked up instantly. She dips her fingers into her ears as they tickle with banging. That was when she was able to see that it was already daybreak and that also meant that she was going to school.Huh? School. She thought. But before she could process another thing, a whiplash made her jolt up. She looked up and saw her mother towering over her as she snickered at her in anger."Do you want to sleep forever? You might as well do so that I won't get to see your disgusting face! Are you not going to school?! Do you look like a child that needs pampering?! Before you go, make sure that the laundry is done and the kitchen is shiny. Or else... You know what I can do." She threatened and stormed out of her little room.She finally let out the wince she was holding in and rubbed the place she was beaten. And that is another reason her mother hates her.
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A killer as a mate?
Chapter 6By: Tofunmi NikkyShe jerked up instantly with water dripping down her body. The entire class gasped in shock and Lucia stood there not knowing what to do next. She looked at Regina in the eye and tears glistened her eyes.Xander looked at Regina before laying his eyes on the lady that was close to him. His wolf has been whispering incoherent words into ears and he chose not to take it into consideration.But the way her clothes was soaked and how she was wet from head to toe. He could or even everyone who could see what she was wearing inside.When no one spoke up, Lucia immediately passed by Xander and ran out of the class.Regina smirked and exhaled before turning to look at one of her minions. "Get a cloth and clean that place for me." She ordered and the lady scurried to get an handkerchief.Xander
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A maid for the Alpha?
Chapter 7By: Tofunmi Nikky"Xander, wait up for me." Regina yelled after him. Tyson and Connor both turned back to look at her. She catwalked towards him but Xander did not turn to look at her. She came before him with a coy smile."What do you want?" He asked in his gruff voice."Hmm, can you take me for a ride home?" She asked and his brows raised in confusion. He looked back and saw some students hanging around. He knew what she was trying to do.Remembering what his uncle said, he begrudgingly opened the door to the passenger seat and she climbed in with a grin. He groaned and Connor bit his lips to hide his laughter. Xander glared at him and he straightened up instantly.Xander stepped into the driver seat and the other guys did into the back seat.He ignited the car's engine and drove off.Getting to the
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Crashing into him
Chapter 8By; Tofunmi NikkyRoyal maid to the Blue Moon pack's Alpha?, wait!; did she misheard what she just said or what? cause what just came out of her mouth is just too unbelievable!.The pain that came in through the cut that almost had her groan again was quickly suppressed by pressing her lips tightly against each other; clamping it together."But Mother...."she finally found her voice, "How was that able to happen, A maid for the Alpha?, I mean I can't just get the position of a maid there just anyhow"that part left her speechless and same as confused."Are you questioning me now, Lucia?, like, are you trying to tell me am crazy for saying out such a thing??...."An annoyed grunt left her mother's mouth as she said with so much venom in her.She's trying to control her anger at that moment; yes, she knows.
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The Alpha's soft side
Chapter 9By; Tofunmi NikkyXander let go of her immediately and she quickly balanced herself on her feet, he stepped back a few steps from her before looking up at her face, his expression hidden."Alpha..!"she bowed her head instantly, lowering her gaze to the floor and avoiding looking back at him,"I' sorry Alpha Xander,"Giving him a mutter of apology, she made to leave,"I'll take my leave now, Alpha".Her nervous system was now working as fast as possible, she twirled around on her feet and started trudging off as fast as she could."Next time watch your way; it's always before you" she heard Xander voiced out and processing his words, she looked down on the floor to see the same stone still on the same spot.If she'd taken just that step before he spoke out, then, she would have stumbled and land on t
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A courage she'd never had
Chapter 10 By; Tofunmi Nikky Xander arched an eyebrow at him when he did not talk. But then he noticed Tyson hiding behind, he cleared his throat and shared a glance with Connor. He got the hint and relaxed against the chair. Tyson exhaled and stepped out from the place he was hiding. Xander scoffed and dropped his legs before dipping his hands into his pockets. "You guys left me. And you know just how I am dealing with abandonment issue." Tyson said and Xander raised an eyebrow at him in confusion. He looked at Connor to explain. "It's true. His mother left his father. He was really attached to her." He clarified. "Ohh, sorry pal." Xander said tapping him on the shoulders. "Should we skip?" Connor asked and Tyson shook his head negatively. "Father will be so mad if he gets to know." He said and Connor rolled his eyes at him. "Papa's boy." Connor said with a scoff. While they were conversing, Xander
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