One-night stand with Mr. Clifford

One-night stand with Mr. Clifford

By:  Miss MC  Ongoing
Language: English
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It happened in Paris, year 2015 when Aemee Harlene Santiago visited there to get some space and to breath some fresh air after her break up with Josiah – her ex-boyfriend. On her last day in Paris she decided to go to club to get some drinks, but someone she didn’t know approached her, it’s Clifford Samonte. In an hours of talking they get along pretty well. Because of so much drinks they had, Aemee had one-night stand with him. After that night she left him, thinking that it’ll be there 1st and last meeting, but Aemee got pregnant, she hid the child from him and doesn’t have any plan to introduce it to Clifford. After how many years, their path crosses again. That starts their roller coaster love story.

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6 chapters
I'm drinking my coffee while thinking a lot of things, specially that thing I jus did last night. I took a deep breath and closed my eyes when I remembered that moment.I checked my wrist watch, the time of my flight has arrived, it’s time to go, thank you for some out of this world but not so extremely interesting experience Paris... it’ll never happen again. I walked outside to leave. I found this coffee shop a few steps away from the airport, I just stand by here to take a cup of coffee.By the way, I’m Aemee Harlene Santiago. 24, I’m a flight attendant. Manila, PhilippinesFebruary 2015 “Are you out of your mind?!” I can feel anger from her voice, “how pathetic Aemee! You did that thing? You’re such a careless person.”  She was really cheesed off and that made me trembled so much. I can see lines on her forehead, and I can feel her sharp
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A man from her past
The gentle sunbeam from the window touches my bare skin and the gossamer black curtain flutters in the morning breeze, it’s early in the morning and yet Klare is already here, she lie down to my bed and looked at the ceiling while I’m sitting here at the sofa that mom bought for me months ago, it placed near the window. Her long and thick blonde hair covers almost the whole pillow where her head is laying. “How was it? How’s your first check up?” she asked. Mom’s still mad at me, she’s not talking to me while we were in the car heading to the OB Gyne, she just talked when she asked some questions about my pregnancy. I feel so guilty. “I’m now 3 weeks pregnant, I experienced my first ever morning sickness when I woke up this morning,” I said. I’m craving for something sour, so I asked Simon to buy me some pineapple.
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Aemee's Craving always satisfied
Weeks after mom and dad learned that I am pregnant they asked me to resign from my job, they just want me to stay at home while I’m still pregnant, because we discovered that I have a sensitive pregnancy.  They even hired a personal nurse for me! Omg! I just laughed when they informed me about them looking for a private nurse for me. I told them that when I gave birth I would go back to my work, I want to personally provide all the needs of my child, they told me that I should still stay at home, that they can provide everything for us, but I insisted, they did so many things for me and my child. “Do you want something to eat or are you craving for something?” I looked at Axel while pushing the cart. “No, I’m good Axel, thank you,” I said while smiling. He’s always like that, he always makes sure that I get to ea
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It's been a long time
Minutes after Axel arrived, he had three boxes of pizza, burger and fries with him. He does know that I love eating those, don't he? “How are you?” he sat beside me and rubbed my tummy gently. Manang Flor is busy arranging Axel brought. “We’re good, Axel, thank you, how’s your mom?”I said out of concern. He told me that his mom rushed to the hospital due to severe pain she felt on her abdomen. She has been diagnosed with gallbladder inflammation, and she needs to undergo surgery as soon as possible before it may get worse.  “She’s okay, it just that we need to monitor her every other minutes, we hired a private nurse to look after her specially when we are not around,” His dad decided to bring tita Emily here to do her treatment here in the Philippines. “I see, how ‘bo
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What Clifford wants, Clifford gets
"Clifford Dien Samonte, Chief executive officer." I whispered while I was holding wooden desk name plates. I put it back at the table and roam around the black and white painted room which serves as my office, the CEO office. I can see from here the buildings and structures. Natural light and these stunning large windows bring this office to life. Aemee keeps her distance from me, she's really good at hiding. I massaged my forehead and thought of ways on how I could talk to her. I just learned that she’s one of our flight Attendants, and I thought that it’ll be a good start for me getting close to her but I’m wrong! She’s still hiding from me as if it can help her that way, tss. Today is the start of her two days off, of course I know! I asked my secretary to give me the schedule of our flight attendants for me to be able to know her schedule, damn, this is so not me. That wom
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Axel finally meet Clifford, Aemee's boss
It's nearly 5 in the afternoon and I'm about to leave because I don't have anything here to do, and I'm a mom of a 2-year-old baby girl and I needed to feed her, lol. Supposedly this day is just for her but since that man is such a baby, my time for her is compromised.   I just called Axel to fetch me, he never allowed me to drive on my own, since I don't want to create commotions or arguments, I just obeyed him.   I was just standing here waiting for Axel, when I felt someone was standing beside me. I gave it a glance to find out that it was Clifford again, giving me a wide smile, I just gave him a puzzled look, what is he doing here again?   "Mind if I drive you home?"   I looked at him and acted like I didn't hear anything. I heard him laugh a bit, I can still feel his glance.   I told him that I'm waiting for someone, he still insists on driving me home, I even told him to le
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