Flawless Love

Flawless Love

By:  de' Lunar  Completed
Language: English
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In a relationship, Bella cannot be completely honest with her lover. Not sure that love will not change. That love can solve problems. That she can love and accept herself. Bella is in a relationship with the most popular student in school. But she lives a love life full of lies in front of her boyfriend.

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61 chapters
1. Reflection
Bella looked at the mirror which reflected the exactly same image as the original. The shadow was true is Bella but not really her. Now she who was in the mirror showed her true face, a sly smile etched on the corners of her lips. With Bella's face and voice she spoke. "How dare you talk to your sweet sister like that. Maybe now she's crying quietly alone." The shadow laughed. “She must be disappointed to have a sister like you, just as Father didn't expect you! And Mother? Let me see... Twice you were unconscious but where is she? Bella, I really feel sorry for you, Bella.." The one who looked like Bella said. "But it's okay. Why? Because I'm here. I will be with you. Always with you.” She continued. "You don't like me? It is not good. You can't be like that to me because I hold your weakness." “You always act nonchalantly like you don't care about anything. But if that's the case, you shouldn't have to study hard to defend the title as a top student right?” Bella wanted to rep
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2. Storm
The ambulance came 15 minutes later. Bella was transported immediately to the hospital accompanied by Aunt in an ambulance. During that time, Aunt continued to talk to Bella's mother on the telephone. Mariana said she was on her way to the hospital. Meanwhile, Jennie immediately followed quickly from school to the hospital.When Mariana got there, Bella was being treated in the emergency room. And the rest was waiting outside the emergency room door. As if a plague were contagious, Mariana's face instantly turned as pale as the pensive Aunt stood stiffly. Aunt still has a hard time believing everything that happened. Mariana's knees went limp, body trembled at the mere sight of Bella's blood splattered on Aunt's clothes.“How much blood did she lose? How is the condition?" Anxiety entered Mariana's mind about Bella's condition, which had not yet been confirmed."Will Bella survive?"The question couldn't come out of Mariana trembling lips. Her voice
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3. Loneliness
3 months ago, before Bella was rushed to the hospital and a bloody incident occurred... The scorching heat of the sun in the middle of the field did not make Alec lazy for routine training which became a mandatory menu in his daily life. The training schedule for the week is very neat. "After my training schedule, we'll meet, okay?" The message that Bella received from Alec this afternoon. Bella was glad that her boyfriend still remembered her despite Alec's busy schedule. It was time for Alec to make a plan. Therefore, after a long time, they finally went on a date, but Bella had to patiently wait until Alec finished training. Most of the students had gone home and the school seemed deserted. Although it was very boring just waiting outside the field. As long as being able to spend time with Alec was enough for Bella. Besides, she didn't want to waste time complaining about their infrequent time together because of Alec's busy schedule. Alec is a gridiron star. The school plans f
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4. Family
That day Mariana and Jennie had dinner together outside, just the two of them. Jennie memorized that when Mom asked to meet the two of them like this, there must be many things Mom would ask her. It's already like an interrogation or investigation session. It was only natural for Mother to do this since Jennie didn't live with her. Since Jennie separated and went with Dad, Mom could hardly see Jennie. Then when Jennie entered junior high school, Dad enrolled Jennie in the Special School with school dormitory facilities. Father put Jennie into the dormitory without discussing it with Mother. That's when Mom found out, Mom and Dad had a big fight that sent each other demands to the authorities. Their fight ended peacefully when Jennie explained to Mom what she wanted to do with her life. She said that it was her decision. That's why now Mother holds Jennie's words more than anyone else. Her words about what she wants to do in the future after completing her education. The profession t
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5. Daily Life
The last hour of class was staining, a heavy drowsiness attacked Bella. Don't blame her for this one, Bella has tried to survive. While the other children had given up and fallen asleep. She understands that their sains teacher teaches them that it is difficult to understand and there is no interaction, monotonous.When he explained he was engrossed in his world, he kept staring at the whiteboard. His hands wrote formulas that came from nowhere and wouldn't stop until the school bell rang. The noisy children in the class were not resolved because all he had in mind were formulas and formulas, fulfilling his obligations to teach according to his assignments, and delivering nothing more than that.A piece of paper landed on Bella's desk. Without wasting time looking for the perpetrator who threw the paper, she immediately opened the paper and read its contents. They usually play this game to communicate during class hours.The piece of paper reads:Today is Santy's birthday, after schoo
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6. Birthday Party
Alec's coming to pick her up, maybe in five minutes. All of Bella's preparations were perfect. From head to toe appearance, birthday present, and most importantly her condition is one hundred percent fit.There was a bit of nervousness when meeting Alec, tonight he was very different. With a white shirt and black tie worn a little loosely. The right mix and match really suit him.Bella couldn't hide her fascination, maybe her cheeks were blushing. She was really embarrassed until she didn't realize that Alec was watching her.Her heart was beating, how did Alec think about Bella's appearance tonight. She wanted to hear his opinion but Bella couldn't seem to be able to ask. Because if she heard Alec's opinion, she probably wouldn't be able to control her feelings and looked directly at him.“Alec please stop looking at me like that?! I'm ashamed..." Bella screamed only in her heart."Umm... Alec.""Yes?""Not suitable, huh? My dress?" Bella asked hesitantly."To be honest I was surpris
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7. The Past
Bella groped for directions, there was no light, no sound. She could only feel her own existence, nothing else. The uncertainty that possessed Bella made her heart restless.“Pitch black... Is someone here? Aren't I supposed to have dinner with Jennie and Mom? Where are they?"Bella couldn't see anything. Can only have a dialogue with her alone. "It's very dark in here. Weird, it's like…”Bella thought, complicated. Trying to find answers to the situation that happened to her. Maybe she was dreaming."Wait a minute, is there anyone who realizes that she's dreaming while she's dreaming?"Bella could only ask herself one question. But she was sure this had to be a dream because there was no way Bella could see her other nine-year-old self if she wasn't dreaming, or else Bella was dead.This is a scene in Bella's memory that plays like a movie projector. Piece of a scene with father and mother fighting. Bella didn't remember the content of their fight, but she clearly remembered that six
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8. High Fever
Bella arrived home with her boyfriend accompanied. Unfortunately, Alec had to go straight back to school because he had afternoon practice."I'll call you after training later. Rest and don't forget to take your medicine, okay?" He wanted to stay with her but Bella had refused firmly. “Or, how about I come after practice?” Alec didn't give up.“Alec, you can catch it later. I will feel better after taking the medicine.” Bella wanted to convince him not to worry.“You know, I get a little hurt if you reject me like that.” Alec was being spoiled.“I'm sorry... It's for your own good too. Thanks for dropping me off." Bella gave him a short hug.To be honest it wasn't just Alec who wanted to be pampered. She wanted it too more than he knew. Ever since they were in school, Bella wanted to be like that. But for an athlete like Alec maintaining a healthy body condition to stay fit is the most basic task. She didn't want her fever to infect him.It was true that Bella's fever rose after being
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9. Lies
The silence of the night that Bella hated arrived. Mother left later than scheduled. This afternoon her father called to ask about Mother. Bella said that Mother was out of town, and if it was according to schedule, she would come home late at night. Hearing that Father did not miss the opportunity to badmouth Mother."Not responsible!! Leaving the child at home alone.” Dad sounded emotional.“What kind of job requires an out-of-town service to stay overnight?! Didn't realize she was a woman who had two children! too workaholic!! To the point of neglecting children and husband.”Bella who heard this almost slammed the phone down. Father is not aware of himself. Judging Mother from the outside, shallow-minded. Can't Dad think with his senses? For a moment forget the problems between them to see with the eyes of the heart. That the woman he once loved at least, worked hard for his child too.That love will never return, but the proof of their love is still here. W
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10. Question & 11. Picnic
The first lesson begins. Bella avoided the teacher's gaze, not wanting to be questioned about her bandaged hand. Mrs. Rita is a counseling guidance teacher as well as Bella's homeroom teacher.To be honest, Bella didn't want to deal with her homeroom teacher as much as possible. Not because she is a killer, not even good. Bella called it too sharp, sharp in the sense of feeling. As a counseling teacher, Mrs. Rita's intuition is like reading a person's character. If Bella lingered with Mrs. Rita, she could see through Bella's heart and mind.Mrs. Rita's eyes were sharp, firmly ensnaring what she saw. Her words were firm, right on target. Moreover, her attitude seemed friendly but secretly prying everything from her interlocutor. Then by the time she attacked the opponent with what she managed to pick up, it was too late for the opponent to realize after all that had happened. Making goosebumps, Bella doesn't want to be Mrs. Rita's opponent or target.Bella can't deal with people like M
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