The Alpha's Fated Mate

The Alpha's Fated Mate

By:  Elena Titania  Completed
Language: English
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Louvre, an eighteen-year-old girl, the second daughter of the leader of the Blood Stone pack, who comes from among the wealthiest family, she was an Omega, who didn't fit in with her family. An illegitimate child, she was a mistake and a curse to her family and no one loved her. She was alone in the world, even the pack didn't value her because she was a product of a one night stand from an Omega who was her father's maid and she suffered greatly at the hands of her family especially her stepmother. She was also in love with Ryan from childhood but Ryan, an Alpha, was in love with her stepsister. She tried her best to get over the unrequited love, heartbroken and depressed, causing fate, for making her life a living hell, and wished for her mate to arrive at her eighteen birthday, so she could leave her family and live happily ever after with the love of her life. However, that shattered when she found out who her mate was, all hell broke loose. She cursed fate.

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I stood in the guise of my sister, as I felt cold liquid pour down my head. I didn't raise my head, I just kept looking at my feet and then, she slapped me hard across my face. I staggered a bit but stood my ground. I could feel my cheek twitch a little at the slap and numb too, I could also feel my eyes welling up but I needed to pull myself together, people were watching my every move, don't know if that is true but I can feel it. I could also feel what my evil sister poured on my head dripping down my face and I felt soaked and it was the smell of wine from her goblet. I've had enough. I clenched my fist, gritted my teeth and punched my sister right in the face as she fell to the ground. She morphed her hands into claws and lunged toward me, growling and roaring as she jumped up ready to attack me. I changed into my claws as well. I could feel my eyes glowing blue as I stood in a posture to attack her any moment from now. She came to me and marked my arm, causing me a
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That's right.It was a formidable battle for me, what do I do now?I can't leave the mansion, if I leave where else would I go? I don't even have a clue where to go, it's devastating.I lived with my stepmother for thirteen years, she felt hostility towards me so much and so did her younger daughter, Aries. She was what anyone would call beautiful, she had long black hair, dark green eyes, a five-foot-tall, white complexion, had this oval shape on her face, and red lips she was quite sexy to most guys and had a very slim stature.On the other hand, Rihanna was quite tall, with bright black eyes, long blonde hair, flawless white skin which was as soft as a baby, had a heart-shaped face, pink lips, attractive and was a bit curvy.She was the only person in my life that never treated me differently. She was always nice to me and treated me like a sister and I loved her so much and constantly relied on her. She treated me like a sister should treat a sister and she loved me as well as I
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I wished to puke at the disgusting words he just uttered and how he insulted me in front of these losers he called family. I felt hurt, anger and fury all at the same time. How long do I have to live like this, why can't I just stand and fight for what is right? How dare he insult my mother. She succeeded and where were your senses, when it was happening. When you raped her, I boiled as I clenched my fist.Why am I even keeping quiet and not saying anything, it has always been like this all my life, no one cares about me.No one.I was all alone.I was always the one taking the blame, the insult, the false accusation, they always pointed at me without a second thought.That has always been my life, I had no value in front of my family because of who I am.No value.I wish my mother was here, I wish she hadn't abandoned me, she was dead to me, the moment she left me with these people.If she hadn't left, probably, I wouldn't be facing this humiliation and they all said, I was the daug
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He kissed me. His soft lips circled mine, went deep and sucked my tongue, I couldn't help it. He was just so good, I wrapped my arms around him and deepened the kiss, the feeling just felt good and I couldn't help it, before I knew it, his hands were on my breast, squeezing and fondling it as I moaned out loud, he groaned and kisses me lavishly, wrapped his hands around me, lay me down on the grass, his pheromones burst out, intoxicating me, making me hornier, in cloud nine and I couldn't help it, he was just so damn good. He was wearing a white long sleeve, my hands went to his button and began undoing them so fast and wild. I wanted to feel him, taste him, wanted him to be inside me so badly, to feel his broadened chest, it was the best amazing feeling ever. I couldn't help it, he was all I wanted at the moment. I couldn't think of anything else, he was all I was ever thinking about and other thoughts in my head were pushed aside and this handsome young man in front of me was all I
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'Who carried me to my room,' I inquired and she gave me a confused look for a second."Huh! You were in your room all night, Lourve.' She pointed out and I shook my head and persisted. "I came outside, all dressed up in a red gown and then, I met Ryan, then met this stranger…""You met Ryan,' she gasped, shifted the tray of food aside and got closer to me, holding both of my hands, "Listen, Lourve. I know about your feelings all along, that you've been in love with Ryan since you were a child, but you couldn't tell him about your feelings and I get that a lot. I understand you, it's not going to be easy to forget about him, but you have to do it, for your well-being. I love you as my sister, but I wouldn't like anyone treating you the way they did on that day, trust me. Forget about Ryan and move on, sis. Besides, he's not your mate and that's a good thing too, but you have to be careful." She stared at me lovingly and smiled, which made me chuckle."I thought you hated the word "Fate
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I felt my knees go weak at that moment, and trembled at the sight of him, going all lovey-dovey with my step sister, Rihanna. The sister I adored so much with all my heart, that I will do anything for her, even to the extent of giving her my life no matter the circumstances, that's how much I love her, she had invariably been with me through thick and thin, when everyone renounced me, she was always there for me. When everyone turned their backs on me because I was an illegitimate child, she faced me and took my hand instead, ignoring people's gossip and rumors about me. She showed me that no matter what life throws at me, I should perpetually stand up for myself. She was eternally there for me when no one else was, she was my everything in this world, including my best friend and that jerk, Ryan. Tears streamed down my face, staring at the lovely couple cutting the engagement cake, Rihanna putting a ring on my mate's finger and my mate also did the same thing too, to her and I was
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His gaze not leaving mine, I squeezed my fingers, crossed some of them keeping my posture. Was that the first word, he was supposed to be saying to me, I almost chuckled. "Yeah, I am and you must be my sister's fiance, am I right?' I inquired, telling almost the same words was kind of hilarious. "Yeah,' he nodded. "I am her fiance, we are getting married soon." He answered back. "That's…That's great news, I can see my sister loves you, for her to choose you as her husband,' I forced a smile. With every word he was spilling out of his mouth tearing me to pieces, my eyes were beaming just at those words he said to me. I couldn't even look him in the eye, to hide my face I had to look down at my blanket, it was embarrassing. I don't have to cry in front of him, he was my Mate but he wasn't mine but someone else and worse, it had to be my sister he was getting married to, why wasn't it someone else instead. Why was life so cruel? "She does love me,' he agreed. "I can see it from her e
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"You are not any of those things, my dear,' she said softly. "I want to stop you, Lourve, but you are not letting me do that, you are against it, you don't want me to halt you." "I want to prove myself to the clan,'' I said. My voice began shaking and I could feel my eyes burning so much that a drop of tear fell from my face to the table. "Oh, Louvre,' Rihanna said, getting up from her seat, she came towards me and gave me a warm hug. "Oh, dear. I wish I could stop all this from happening, but you insist on letting you fight, I can't…" I shook my head. "Let me do this, sis." I wiped my eyes with the edge of my clothes and smiled at her. "I'm fucking nervous but I will get through this, trust me." Rihanna kissed my forehead and nodded at my decision. I felt my heart shattering into pieces at her comfort towards me. How will I tell her that I wasn't crying because I wanted to fight with Aries? It was part of it but not fully the reason but I was mainly mad at myself because my mate
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It's been fucking an hour since Ryan told me about the visitors and Aries hasn't blinked ever since. I also told Rihanna that the Lycan King Cameron would be here tomorrow as early as possible for the combat battle and that she was expected to act as a host, she dropped the napkins from her hands, her face ghost white, and started squealing, 'oh my goodness' over and over. It took about thirty minutes to snap her out of it and I've been gently guiding her through all the preparations.The thing about Rihanna is, that although she wants help, she doesn't always want to know that you are helping. She wants to be a good Luna and have the admiration of the pack, but she doesn't have a clue on how to host, let alone a Lycan king. I mean, hell, I don't even know how to host a Lycan king.But I have been making little suggestionsquietly to Rihanna, based on what I've learned from my best friend, and she has been repeating them and learning them since she was the first daughter of the pack.
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I was exhausted as I panted. "I want you, Aztec,' I softly muttered and tightly hugged my pillow to my chest, dreaming of his face all night long as I fell asleep. I woke up, feeling chilled items piercing through my skin as I jerked up from my sleep, rubbing my eyes and seeing Aries laughing. "Rise and shine, sleepy head.' She said, I sighed. "What was that for, are you crazy,' I snapped. "Are you nuts?" "Jeez, waking up in the daylight and throwing questions at me." "What are you doing in my room, are you stupid." I was greatly annoyed at how she interrupted my sleep, how dare she? "You are the stupid one here, everyone is beginning to gather for the combat to watch us fight and kill each other, while you are here sleeping with your naked smelling butt.' She chuckled. "Kill each other?' I frowned. Oh, right, the battle. "Yes, are you scared in your wits or were you dreaming of me struggling and snapping your neck into two." She tackled. "That will be so hilarious, trust me."
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