Pregnant Too Young — Daddy Is A Billionaire Jock

Pregnant Too Young — Daddy Is A Billionaire Jock

By:  Veliciah  Completed
Language: English
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Michelle Henriksson is afraid of men. Something tragic happened, and she hasn't been able to look anyone of the male gender straight in the eye since then. She keeps to herself, hoping college will be quiet. Maddox Daniels isn't interested in relationships—friends and a girlfriend would keep him away from his goal to be taken into the NFL. He is unfriendly and doesn't need anyone. So why can't he get Michelle Henriksson out of his head? They are opposites. They shouldn't get along. Yet chemistry sparks between them after their professor pairs them together, which pisses off the angry football player. How will he survive his project partner?

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191 Chapters
Chapter 1
Michelle I'm afraid of most men. I haven't told anyone, and I'm not seeing a therapist about it, but it all started after I was sexually assaulted. Of course, no one knows about that either. I'm scared no one would believe me. Especially since I'm not beautiful, tall, or attractive. I'm a short little book nerd brunette. An introverted nobody, and it was a famous football player on campus who forced himself on me. Why did he do that? Why me? Those exact thoughts are why I keep it a secret. No one would believe me if I said Thomas Hennington pushed me into the wall and shoved his junk inside me. Thinking about it makes me sick to the stomach. It happened during my first frat party before any classes had started. Thomas was drunk, but that is not an excuse. What he did was wrong. Yet I feel guilty that I was there. It feels like everything is my fault. Sometimes it makes me want to cry. But no one would believe me if I told them what Thomas did. Therefore, I keep m
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Chapter 2
Michelle It's gotten late, and I'm still at the library. Unhappiness is all around. I've barely gotten any work done because of my jittering nerves. And it's all thanks to this big guy, Maddox. He is feasting on the last pizza slice while sitting next to me in a chair to see my display. Personal space doesn't seem to matter to him. I'm so uncomfortable. Why does he have to be in my space all the time?! Timidly, I glance at the clock on the wall and repress a groan. It's late, and I should head home. It's relieving to finally be able to leave Maddox, but... Instead of feeling achieved after a long hard working day, I'm anxious. The work isn't halfway done! Why did the professor have to team me up with Maddox? He is lazy and does nothing for the team, while I like to stay ahead of my game! Wait. Game? Jesus Christ, now I'm even starting to sound like Maddox! "Are you holding silent conversations with yourself again?" Maddox asks while peeling a banana. He is such a ba
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Chapter 3
Michelle "Do you live over there?" Maddox nods at a house up the street, his big hands holding the wheel in a death grip. "Yes, but you don't have to drive the entire way..." I nervously laugh and face his stern expression. "Why not?" "Um... Because my roommates would freak out if they saw you." He arches an eyebrow. "Fans of mine?" "Fans?" What is he even talking about? "Yeah, I'm pretty known around campus." "Y-you are?" "Yes." That's some arrogance right there. I swallow. "Well, that's not the reason." "What is it then?" "Uh…" I blush. "Nevermind." He sighs. "Out with it, Michelle." "Okay..." I shut my eyes. "I've never brought home a guy before, and they… My roommates… They are going to—" I can't say it. My heart is pounding too fast, and I'm embarrassed. Ciara and Zendra have told me I'm hopeless when it comes to guys, and bringing Maddox to the front of our door is probably... Well. A bad idea. They will ridicule me and ask me if I have a crush on Maddox. I
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Chapter 4
Maddox I need a freaking doctor. Something is seriously wrong with my head. Did I hit it or something? Possible brain damage from birth that didn't show up until now? I don't know what is happening to me, but I'm acting weird! I don't date. I don't do relationships. I don't want a WAG, a partner, or any romance in my life. Most girls are bloodsuckers and only out after your money. I know that, and I stay clear of the other gender. I should focus on the game, focus on the goddamn football, and not fall for any distractions. And girls are fucking distractions! Yes, I know this better than anyone. So why am I as hard as a rock in the shower while thinking about kissing Michelle fucking Henriksson?????!!!!! Why her? WHY! I punch the wall and groan at the pain. "FUCK!!!" "Will you please keep it down?!" Jason's voice comes from the other side of the wall because, let's face it, we live in misery. Paper-thin walls and no fucking privacy. The frathouse is a goddamn joke and som
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Chapter 5
Michelle I hate walking into the classroom every morning. I'm the quiet girl, and when that door opens, I got all eyes on me. The spotlight makes it harder to breathe. It's making my skin crawl. My heart beats faster, and even though there isn't straight-up laughter or name-calling like in high school, the silence speaks louder than volumes. I hate not having any friends. I hate not having any new clothes. I hate not being normal. I hate not being... Happy. I'm lonely, and it makes me feel vulnerable. Thomas definitely used that to his advantage when he... When he... Raped me. Tears prickle behind my eyes. I think I'm suffering from PTSD. Sometimes I experience flashes of Thomas's face and how he pushed me against that wall at the party. It makes me want to scream. But I refuse to cry. Don't ever look back. I keep my eyes down not to meet any of the sneers in the classroom. Stay strong. Breathe. Sadly, I can't ignore the whispers. The popular girls are already
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Chapter 6
Maddox The library is peaceful and serene. I'm here with Michelle and eating an apple while she is working on our project. Everything would be damn near perfect. IF ONLY THAT GLASSES-WEARING GUY WOULD STOP STEALING GLANCES AT HER! The bloke is sitting at his own table. Tie and slicked-back hair, all proper, with a nervous smile on his lips. He is undoubtedly in love with Michelle, and it bothers me. Who the fuck does he think he is staring at her like that?! Can't he see that Michelle is here with me? Michelle isn't my girlfriend. She will never be anything like that, and I'm DEFINITELY not jealous, but come on! That idiot better stop fucking staring at her! Grumbling to myself, I move closer to Michelle while glaring at the other guy. I would be barking at him if I had been born as a rottweiler. "Uhh..." Michelle glances up at me. She seems uncomfortable, frightened by the proximity even. "W-why you sitting so close?" I narrow my eyes, muttering. "No reason." "Okay..."
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Chapter 7
Michelle I'm running, and I manage to make it outside the library before tears run down my chin like rain. I wipe them away with a trembling hand and dry my cheeks with my sleeve. "I'm stupid, so fucking stupid for thinking Maddox could be nice!" I yell at myself and quicken my pace down the street. It's dark and scary, but I don't give a fuck. I'm so humiliated. Why would Maddox pick up the letter and read it out loud? Why would he do that to me? What the hell is wrong with him?! I don't understand. My heart is shattering. Of all the damn people to develop feelings for, why did it have to be that idiot?! He is a big, fucking bully! More tears crawl out of the corner of my eyes. I'm working up a sweat while sobbing in the dark. Maddox Daniels is a heartless jerk. I don't understand why the girls at campus love him so much! How could he possibly be popular?! Well, I do know—girls don't care about his cold-bloodedness. All they want is his looks and money. He is hot, but f
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Chapter 8
Maddox "Please just put me down..." Michelle begs. I'm still carrying her like a hunting trophy. She is seriously lightweight and needs to eat something. But the fact that I can handle her so easily kind of turns me on. What is wrong with my head? Michelle keeps squirming. "This is embarrassing! Please put me down! Maddox..." Embarrassing? Pfft! I don't give a fuck. I've glared at every fool who has stared at us, and not a single one has kept looking. This is fine. "We are almost by your apartment." "Maddox... P-please... Blood is rushing to my head..." A sigh escapes me. I don't do friends or girlfriends. Relationships aren't for me, yet I relent when the little thing begs me to put her down again. She is like a tiny little rabbit. Defenseless, and it does weird things to my brain. It shouldn't be legal for a girl of this stature to walk out alone... "Maddox..." "Fine," I grumble. I grab Michelle and put her down next to me. The fabric of her jacket slides up her flat st
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Chapter 9
Michelle I'm so out of place. I came to watch Maddox's football game but didn't realize the stadium would be so PACKED with people. My nerves are jittering around, and I'm close to puking. I've never once before went to one of these games. My heart is racing, and I think I might be sick AND broke. Stupid as I am, I bought the ticket with my own money, and now I'm surrounded by shouting and whistling fans. I didn't realize this game would be so huge. Outside the stadium, children were getting their faces painted. There is a freaking orchestra playing music, and I'm staring at some girls holding up these banderoles. It feels like I've stepped into a movie. A trio of good-looking blonde women with colors painted on their faces holds up this thing that says, "WE WANT MADDOX'S BABIES!!" I find that sickening to write since they don't know him. But maybe that kind of thing is normal to write? Further down, another says, "Jason, call me!!" Sighing, I sink into my seat. Maddox of
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Chapter 10
Michelle There is a jarring feeling in my heart. All I want is to continue kissing Maddox, but he slips me down from his muscular torso and proceeds to hug me from behind. The back of my head is faced with his broad chest. He is warm and big and runs his fingers through my hair. I shudder, and I think I hear him breathe a laugh. He continues to run those rough fingers over my scalp. It's sweet. It gives me butterflies. But it's all fake love. We are putting on a show for his parent or parents, and I fight tears when he carefully brushes my hair to the right side of my face. Down my collarbone while tilting his head. The gentleness is killing me. I glimpse up, and his relentless eyes find mine. He seems a bit irritated, but I have this notion it's an emotion reserved for his parents. "It's only my mom. My dad must have strolled back to the car or something," Maddox grunts. "I can see my mom walking here, though. Her name is Catharina, but everyone calls her Cath." My v
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