The Villainess Awakens

The Villainess Awakens

By:  Sunnypearl  Ongoing
Language: English
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Jade was an avid story reader. Suddenly overnight, she found herself in the world of the story she was reading and as the Villainess of the book. Jade refuse to succumb to the characters fate, instead, she did hers differently and lived her life to the fullest. Darryl was the Captain of the Basketball club. Cold , unapproachable and as indifferent as hell but secretly he was always protecting Jade.

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Perry will
Wow! This is a beautiful piece. I hope to see an update soon
2023-04-01 02:42:21
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The first chapter got me hooked ...️
2023-03-31 19:03:52
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Althea Melodi
I love your book.. I hope you can give an update soon.. and can also finish this book..
2023-03-28 09:14:27
user avatar
Thank you in advance for reading my book ......... I'm really happy to finally see my book here ............
2023-01-13 06:34:51
8 Chapters
Chapter 1
" Arrrgh ,this male lead is so annoying ,I really feel like slapping him " Jade exclaimed angrily. She was currently reading the most popular novel which had been recently released with the title 'A Taste of love' it was an high school love story . What Jade hated about the story was the annoying male lead and the Villianess who had the same name as her but was dumb as fûck. " Just shut the fûck up and let me sleep" her roommate and best friend, Tiana screamed at her. They lived together outside their school's campus, they both were in their second year in University . This was the fifth time she'll scream and Tiana was trying to get her beauty sleep, she had been warning her friend to keep it low but Jade wasn't close to listening to her for she kept lamenting on her hatred for the male lead . " I swear if you don't keep quiet I'll throw your tablet out of the window, just try me " Tiana threatened while standing close to Jade, waiting for her to scream again . Jade gu
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Chapter 2
She skipped out of the car and ran towards the school building , it was kinda childish for a 21 year old lady but who cares as long as she was in the body of an 18 year old girl . The hallway was empty , indicating that the students were in their classes already. The moment Jade got to the door of her class ,she heard the students talking about her . Well about the incident of the previous day ." I told you she wouldn't come today ,she would be ashamed obviously " one of her classmates whose name she doesn't know was saying to her friends . Then Jade opened the door with a wide smile plastered on her face . " Hello everyone , I was hearing someone saying I wouldn't come and why would I be ashamed of something I never did ?" She asked then flipped her hair before walking past the dumbfounded girls to her sit which was obviously at the back . Well ,Jade wasn't a dull student and she wasn't exactly that bright either but she was an above average student ,she just love sitting a
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Chapter 3
Jade and her friend went to order their meals before going to find a sit . They had just sat when someone suddenly sat beside Winter . She turned to see a blue haired guy ,he was very handsome ,infact almost as handsome as Lance . He was the second male lead , Alaric and her distant cousin . He smiled at her then faced Lilith who turned red at his gaze . He had a beautiful green eyes like Jade and Lilith had had a crush on him since forever but being the shy person she was,she could never confess . According to the book , Alaric and Lilith would end up together but that would be after he was heart broken at the fact that the lady he loved ( Diniel ) would be in love with his friend ,Lance . Jade decided to help her cousin avoid heart break and make him fall for Lilith too." Cuz ,I heard you had issues yesterday , it's a pity I wasn't in school yesterday I would have solved it ,so are you okay now?" He asked patting her hair . Infact all her brothers love patting and kissin
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Chapter 4
Chapter 4 "I can't believe you passed Lance to give Darryl what you bought" Lilith was amused as that was the first time she'll see her friend being that bold. As Jade had always been in love with Lance, she had never dared to do anything that would make him angry at her since she wanted him to like her. "Darling Lilith, did you see his face when I walked past him" Jade bursted to laughter as though she was having the best time of her life which further amused Lilith. They were now walking back to their class since lunch period was over. The next class would soon start, which was by the students most hated Teacher, The History teacher, so they couldn't afford to be late as he was very good with giving students Detention. They both entered their class and went to have their sits. Shortly, a tall middle-aged man entered. His rimmed glass casually sat on his nose as he skimmed through the class as if calculating if the students were completed."Oh, we have a new student" he was bemu
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Chapter 5
Jade and Lilith were just leaving the school since it was the closing time. Lilith suddenly stopped which resulted to Jade who was right behind her to collide with her back. "What the..." her face knocked directly into Lilith's Head which brought a tinge of pain to her nose."What exactly is your head? Is it made of steel?" She was actually interested in checking out what her friend's head was made of. She realized Lilith wasn't focused on what she was saying, rather, she was focused on whatever was happening Faraway. She got curious, so, she took a peek from behind Lilith and saw Lance, who was so focused on kissing a girl to notice his surroundings. "Tsk, Tsk, he should at least have taken his nonsense to a secluded area. Is he trying to insult me or something?" Jade was pissed of. Since everyone knew they were engaged, she'll be the one to be looked down upon since she was the one being cheated on. It's totally ridiculous, cheating on broad daylight. He had been flirting around
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Alaric left the hallways and proceeded for the gate, his plan was to go find Lance in his house and beat the shit out of him. There was a limit to cheating and he had crossed the line. Of course, he knew his friend didn't like his sister and that was the reason he had tolerated him being with other girls but he shouldn't have openly embarrass her in such a way. Who knows what Jade is going through at this moment, he knew how much she liked Lance and every single thing he did hurt her. He seemed to have forgotten Jade had flipped Lance. Before Jade got home, the news had circulated and was all over social media but she was clueless about it as she didn't open her phone until she got home. She opened the door to the living room only to see her Mother pacing to and fro much to her surprise. Did something happened? Mrs Caleb, Lisa heard the footsteps and turned to see the cause of her worry. She walked faster towards Jade with a worried look. She looked all over her, trying to check i
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Chapter 7
On seeing the look Laura gave him, Lance immediately got off from bed in an attempt to check whoever was at the door, but before he could even wear his slippers, the door fully swung open making Lance pause in surprise. It wasn't because of the sudden swinging of the door, i was because he wasn't expecting Alaric to visit him."Why are you here?" He asked but the look Alaric was giving him made him cower. It has been long since he had received this kind of look from his friend and the last time was when he had abandoned Jade in the woods when they had gone camping and that was years ago. This visit was giving him a bad feeling but he still wanted to keep his cool.Alaric was trying his best to keep his anger in check but Lance's stupid question made him burst. "Why am I here? I can't believe you'll ask me such a shitty question. What do you think you did to make me Visit you when I'm supposed to be at the boxing ring?" Lance gulped before deciding to take a step back. At this point, h
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Chapter 8
Jade had a bored look on her face as she stared at her over dramatic family members. If one didn't know any better, they would think she was ran over by a truck and was almost at the brink of death. She glanced at the wall clock and realizes it was almost 7pm in the evening, and since she was bored of everything going on, she decided to take a walk.She headed to her room to find something to wear on top of her dressing, and she settled for a sweater. She picked her cellphone and walked out."Mom, I'm going for a walk" she declared then walked out without waiting for anyone's approval."Don't stay out late" Her Mom's voice called out behind her. As it was winter, the air was chilly but the sweater was thick enough to shield her from the coldness, though not totally.She took a walk in the park to clear her head and give herself some time to think. It was because she had been too excited this morning when she woke up here that she hadn't given it a thought.'Why did I come here?' '
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