Hated By The Ruthless King

Hated By The Ruthless King

By:  Hope  Ongoing
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A misunderstanding that leads to hatred, between a king and his queen, who once loved each other immensely. In other to save her people from brutal killing and torture, Queen Zara agrees to be the wife of their enemy...the enemy who took away their home and made them slaves. She is forced to denounce her husband. To deny every proof of ever loving him. Carl is hurt by his wife's claims, and he felt betrayed. The love he once felt for her was turned into poison and hatred... He sorts for revenge, not only from his old enemy but his new enemy...Zara. Book 1: Married to the arrogant king Book 2: Hated by the ruthless king

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16 Chapters
In a cold dark cell, Zara's arms were chained to a wall. She could barely stand as her leg were numb from standing and crouching for so long. And also from the immense pain, she felt all over her body. Pain caused by constant torture. However, her pain was not only physical but also an inner one, as she was eight and a half months pregnant. She felt pain in her lower abdomen and her v-area. And to add to it, there were injuries all over her body.After the war eight months ago, Zara and her people were held captive by King Luther, who defeated them in a war and took over their kingdom.He brutally murdered and tortured her people, making them slaves in their own home...Zara felt like she would die any time soon. The pain was getting unbearable. And she felt weak and cold. Even amidst her pain, Zara didn't cry. No, she couldn't cry. It was like her tears were all gone and dried up.Her first five months in the dungeon, were the worst as she was constantly whipped and starved. And to
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Denounce Carl
Zara's screams echoed all over the dungeon. As they trashed, and burn her with metal. The men showed her no mercy, even though she was pregnant. They hit her where ever they wanted, even in her protruding stomach.King Luther watched the scene with content and amusement. It was like Zara's screams of pain, brought him great pleasure. He was excited.Amidst her pain, Zara was more scared for her baby. She was scared of losing it. And at that moment, she could feel her spirit slowly leaving her body, as the pain was so unbearable. 'No, I can't die like this, I can't,' Zara mulled. She knew she was the only hope her people had, so if she had to lose her pride, in other to save them, she was ready to do just that. Besides, what use is pride, if she lost her life.With tears in her eyes, Zara said, "King Luther, I will do whatever you want, I will lick your feet, please spare my life and spare my people." Then she passed out.King Luther was overjoyed. 'It took only a little effort to brea
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Carl is awake
IN AZRAEL Eight months earlier Ashira, do you think Carl would make it?""I can't give you any assurance king Alan. If the gods are on his side, he might make it. Otherwise, you'll have to prepare a grave for your son-in-law."King Alan and queen Lyarra were saddened by the news. Carl was the only hope of the six nations. Before it was seven nations, but now that king Luther took over his late son's kingdom(Neptune) and Carl's kingdom, merging them into one, it was now six kingdoms.If Carl were to lose his life, what would happen to his queen and his people? The news of King Luther's brutal torture and killing was everywhere, and they knew it was only a matter of time before he attacked their nation. After all, he was now the strongest king in Mercury, and the three kingdoms who were against him, would not be able to stand him even if they were to join forces."Ashira, please you'll have to do whatever it takes to save our son-in-law. You know
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She denounced Carl
They were stunned and gave Carl a look of disbelief. There's no way they would go to Morana(Everton and Neptune) and come back alive. King Luther was surely going to murder them."Carl, you have to reconsider. You can't just match to Morana with five thousand. It's suicide_ King Luther is not someone you can easily defeat even if you take your five thousand men and the whole of Azrael's force.Carl scowled deeply. "Then should I just sit back and watch King Luther brutally murder my people," he rasped, sending shivers down the spine of everyone present.They could tell that Carl was not the same man from eight months back, he was someone else. Someone with a lot of anger and pain inside, so even king Alan and Queen Lyarra filtered their words before they spoke."That's not what we mean Carl, but now is not the right time to go to Morana. King Luther did not just merge Everton and Neptune, he has Nedal and Crystal-Ville at his palm. They are subject state now, and they answer to him. S
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Zara and King Luther's wedding was held immediately after she denounced Carl. To the world, she was the wife of King Luther and the queen of Morana, but inside the palace, Zara was nothing more than a slave. "Zara, although we're married, you're still my slave. You're expected to do everything a slave does. And you will only eat the scraps that fall at my feet," King Luther tells her. Zara let out a sad smile, as she sat on the cold floor beside king Luther with an iron collar around her neck. She glanced around the throne room, which now looked like a whore house with her face wrinkled in disgust. She who used to be a queen has been reduced to a state of nothingness and is now been humiliated. Sad tears trickled down Zara's eyes as she blamed her ill fate. 'Maybe I did something bad in my past life, that's why the gods are punishing me,' she pondered, dabbing her hands over her eyes. Although King Luther, kept his word and stopped torturing and killing her people, he still made t
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Cold sweats dripped from Zara's forehead, as she walked to king Luther's chamber. She was scared and wondered why he summoned her so late at night. 'Is it because of Zane, or something else?' Zara was grateful that Zane was asleep, else he wouldn't let her go alone, and she didn't want to infuriate king Luther more than he already is. Taking a deep breath, Zara knocked on King Luther's door, dabbing her sweaty palms on her dress nervously. "Come in," came a curt reply, and Zara walked in, bowing her head as she did. "Y...you asked to see me," she stuttered, raising her head slightly to peek at him. King Luther sneered, remembering how the little boy who looked just like her, spoke rudely to him. "Come closer," he tells Zara in a husky voice. Zara took a step closer, her heart throbbing fast against her chest. Yes, she was scared to be in Luther's presence, but she was more scared, knowing that her son was all alone in their small chamber. 'What if something happens to him?' Lu
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Let it go
"Zane," Zara called, running into the chamber. Her heart was beating fast against her chest as she crouched down looking under the bed if he was hiding like he always does. However, he wasn't there.Zara ignored her pain and ran out of the chamber. She didn't care if her clothes were torn, and she looked disheveled. All she cared about was finding her son.'Please, nothing can happen to Zane,' Zara prayed silently as she ran around, restlessly.She didn't know what she would do if she lost the one thing that kept her going. She feared that while King Luther molested her, his daughter Myla might have used the opportunity to get rid of her son.Tears were now streaming continuously out of Zara's eyes, as she got to the hall...She searched for Zane everywhere, but to no avail, she didn't find him. She asked anyone she came across if they saw her son because by now, everyone was awake and going about their usual routine, but no one saw him.Meanwhile, two elderly women could be seen with
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Important guest
The Neela kingdom(Carl's kingdom)"Your Majesty, I don't think it's wise for you to go to Morana. What if King Luther discovers your identity? If he finds out that you're alive, he's going to wreak havoc," One of Carl's councilmen reasoned."Your Majesty, he's right. You have to reconsider."Carl sighed, shutting his eyes for a second. He knew his councilmen were right, but he couldn't wait any longer. He had already waited for four years to free his people from their captor. To liberate them and give them the better life they once had. And throughout the four years, he made himself stronger and raised a powerful army. He endured the pain of being without his love and his family...Although Zara has a child for the enemy and even denounced him, he was not ready to give up on her. He still loves her as much as he did before, if not more. And the main reason he was going to Morana was to get answers and find a way to free his people.Carl opened his eyes, his well-defined face voi
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In morana
"King of Neela, or should I say, King...?"I'm King Ryker of Neela," Carl declared, his gaze fixed on Zara all the while.'He's the so-called king of Neela,' King Luther pondered, and for some reason, he felt like the masked king was familiar, but he shrugged and walked toward Carl, while Myla followed suit."King Ryker of Neela, it's a pleasure to meet you," King Luther muttered, studying the man in front of him."The pleasure is mine, King Luther," Carl retorted, tilting his gaze to King Luther.A scowl appeared on his face, and his fist curled into a ball as the image of his people replayed in his head. Carl wanted nothing more than to slit king Luther's throat there and then, but he knew the consequences of doing so. However, it was not the right time."King Ryker, this is my daughter Myla," King Luther pointed to Myla, who walked seductively toward Carl with a huge smile on her face Although the man in front of her was wearing a mask, she knew that he was handsome, seeing as he
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"Yes, father, my marriage to king Ryker_ let me wed King Ryker. And once I become the queen of Neela, I'll make him fall for me, and I'll also make him a puppet_That way, you'll have control over Neela too, and become the strongest king in all of mercury." Luther thought about what his daughter said, and his lips twitched into an evil smile_ Myla was right, if he could take over Neela, he would be the strongest king in all of mercury. Because right now, the Neela king(Carl) was just as strong as him, if not more. And one thing King Luther hated was someone as strong or stronger than he was. He wanted to be the most powerful, the most feared, and the most ruthless king that ever lived. And the first step to achieving his goal was by forming an alliance. And in order to form an alliance, his daughter Myla would have to marry the Neela king. Thinking about it, an evil smirk formed on King Luther's lips and he said, "You're right Myla, I'll talk to King Ryker about it. But don't you th
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