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She got married for love to her college sweetheart but ended up bruised, betrayed, divorced, and jobless. To save her dying father, she is forced into an arranged marriage to an arrogant self-absorbed man who only has eyes for his supermodel girlfriend. Can she handle a second rejection or will she give up on love? He is set to marry his model girlfriend but his father is against the marriage to the "gold digger". Forced into an arranged marriage to a divorced single mother, will he realize the truth of his feelings before it's too late? A soft but broken heart merges with an arrogant heir to create an explosive love that will heal wounds and each the true meaning of the sacrifice of love.

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The procession led to the cemetery. The mood was somber and dark clouds hung in the sky, threatening to burst open as the crowd walked slowly behind the white casket that was on a cart, highly decorated with purple and green ribbons. The cart was being pulled by black mares that trotted with their heads held high as if they knew the magnitude of their duty.The purple ribbons signified the highest rank that the deceased had held in the army; before retirement, he was the Major General, answering directly to the President. The green ribbons represented the clan color of the Waynes, the wealthiest family that ruled the business society in the country.A lady in her late sixties was being held on both sides by two gentleman as they helped her up the slope where the family cemetery was situated. On her right was her only son while her nephew, the son to her younger brother, held her left hand. She sniffed and shivered slightly in the cold and immediately, a young lady with gentle but sorr
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By the time that Megan reached home, lunch was being served in the dining room. She had no appetite not the mood to face any kind of humiliation or insults from the family it was better to just hide in her bedroom.Mother Elizabeth was seated at the head of the table as she had taken over as the head of the family now that the patriarch had fallen. Rich was seated at her right with Liana by his side. Cindy, Rich's younger sister was seated on her mother's left hand with her uncle and cousin who had come to live with them after the passing of Father Wayne. The only seat left was next to Liana and there was no way that Megan was going to degrade herself to seat there. “Mother may I be excused? I am not feeling well so I will not be having lunch.” She did with her head bowed.“Will you stop being such a drama queen? Father is no longer here to see your acting” her sister-in-law admonished her. She had never liked Megan and did not understand why her father had to face her brother I to m
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Liana was caressing Rich's back, tracing his spinal cord with her fingers which sent shivers down his back. He loved the feeling of her hands on him and was soon raining kisses on her throat as he grunted. Because she was the facing the house, Liana could see Megan looking out of her bedroom window that was on the first floor. She took Rich's hand and placed it on the slit of her skirt as she spread her legs wide while still keeping her eyes on Megan. The sooner Megan knew her place in Rich's life, the earlier she would work at divorcing him, Liana thought.Rich who’s back was facing the house had no idea that his wife was looking at them and was engrossed in his business of pleasuring his woman as his fingers caressed her thigh.The section of the garden where they were standing was surrounded by various plants making it a good hiding spot so he had no worry of being exposed.As the kiss deepened and the heat was rising between them, Rich took a hold of her panty and stretched it to
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“Rich, have you had dinner, I can make a plate for you.” she offered as she got up from the couch. She had saved a plate for him during dinner and all she had to do was to warm the food. Before she could even take a step, Rich turned to look at her, a sneer on his face.“Did I say that I want anything from you? Why are you even talking to me?” He had a disgusted look on his face. He hated this person standing near him with a passion. Just the thought of being in one house with her was always revolting to him.Megan hung her head low in humiliation. Whenever she tried to have a conversation with him, it always ended up in a bad way either with him insulating her of or he would just walk away as if she did not exist.“I am sorry but please I would like to discuss something with you if you can spare a few minutes for me”, she braced herself for more insults but Rich remained silent.He never liked being in the same space with her but since everyone had gone to bed and it was just the two
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Megan had already spent two weeks looking for a job to no avail. She would leave the house early in the morning with Benny as she dropped him off at school then head out job searching.It became a routine for her to go into the cyber café in town to search and apply for jobs in the internet. After spending about three hours doing this, she would then start walking in the offices around in search of job vacancies while dropping her resumes.The one disadvantage that she encountered was that the companies wanted someone with at least two years of experience in a prior job so even though she had the papers to prove her qualifications as a Human Resource Manager, she failed in the interviews when it came to work experience.All this could have been made easier for her if her husband had agreed to get her a position at the company.This was all her fault, she thought as she got into the car to pick up Benny from school in the afternoon. If only she had not rushed to get married to her uni
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It had been a week since Megan started working. Because Beth neither agreed nor opposed the notion of her getting a job, Megan delved right into it. At least this way, she had a reason of being out of the house and would earn an income in the process. Spending the whole day in the house had become stifling. The people who were still flocking to the house to offer their condolences looked down on her and treated her like the house help. Of course, Beth never bothered to correct them. Her husband was spending more time with his mistress and her sister-in-law had her friends to keep her company. Her cousin-in-law was the only one who occasionally treated her like a human being.She had already fallen into a routine with Benny. She would wake up at six in the morning to prepare breakfast for Benny while she packed his lunch. She would then rush to take a shower before waking up her son. While Benny showered, she dressed and laid down his clothes.After they were done with their morning r
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Liana was in a bad mood and when she was like this, she went on a shopping spree. This was her therapy, it took her mind off stress to browse in high-end stores and shop till she dropped.She picked up her phone and made a conference call with her girls since she had no gig on her schedule. “ Get ready girls, we are going shopping”.Liana was an only child born to a university professor in one of the leading universities in the country and her mother was an assistant manager in a leading insurance company.Even though they were termed as middle class, Liana had caught on earlier in life to mingle with the rich in society and imitate them. This, coupled with her parent’s spoiling her turned her into an arrogant snob who expected the world to revolve around her.She had always had her eyes set on Richard Wayne, the wealthiest bachelor in town, and did everything possible to catch his eye. One great advantage of this relationship was that money was never a problem for her and she could
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“Kneel and apologize right now!” Rich shouted at her.Megan looked at her husband, her lips lopsided in sadness. As soon as he had walked into the store, Liana rushed and threw herself at him, crying pitifully. Her shoulders were shaking as she racked in sobs causing Rich to feel a tear in his heart.“What happened? Why are you crying?” He asked tenderly, not understanding what the drama was all about.Liana turned in his arms and pointed a shaky finger at Megan. “She hit me and splashed water on me”Oooh this woman, Megan thought as she looked aghast at them. Liana had started it all but was now making it seem like she was the one who was attacked.“Then she slapped me and humiliated me in front of everyone calling me a bitch and a husband snatcher” she wailed. “Rich, tell her that we are just friends and nothing is going on between us.”Liana twisted things so that people could have a negative impression of Megan. She did not want to expose her affair with Rich but also wanted Rich
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“Resign from your job!”Those were the words that greeted Megan as soon as she went through the door. She had had a long day at work and after picking Benny up from school and taking him to the park as usual, all she wanted was a warm bath before helping Benny with his assignment.The embarrassment that Liana had caused at her workplace lingered on her mind and right now seeing her seated next to Beth while holding her hand as if she had been greatly aggrieved made Megan to scoff inwardly.“Mother, I had asked of your permission before looking for a job and you were only with it. Why change now?” she knew that Liana had give to whine to her.“If all you want a reason to resign then I want you here, in the house to help me around. As you can see, I am still grieving my husband and I can’t be left alone in the house.”Megan felt that this was the lamest excuse that she ever heard. It had been months since father passed away and mother had even started attending social functions, acting
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It was late at night when Megan finally made her way downstairs to the kitchen. She needed some salve to apply on her knee as it was already swollen.After heating some water, she used it in a small basin and by use of a face towel, gently massaged the swollen area while applying the ointment. It was so painful, she had to grit her teeth to stop the tears from cascading down her face.She heard the main door open and guessed that Rich was back home. As she was hoping that he would head to his room, she saw a silhouette by the kitchen door.Rich had just got home and checked the living room but his wife was not there. Ever since she started working, she no longer waited on him with a hot meal like she used to. He had even stopped having dinner with Liana just so he could come back to the meals and her company and was always irritating by not finding her.As he was about to go up to his room, he saw the kitchen was lit and headed there, thinking that maybe Megan was preparing his meal.
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