A Daughter’s Revenge

A Daughter’s Revenge

By:  Lola Everson  Updated just now
Language: English
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Ceres was born to the alpha and Luna of the Harvest Moon Pack. After losing her father tragically, she becomes a slave in the new alpha’s home, even though he has taken her mother as his new Luna. Ceres’ destiny is set to be revealed as her moon ceremony approaches. Will she find her mate and take back her father’s estate?

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69 Chapters
Chapter 1: The Dream
"Three hundred years ago, the people of the lands were engaged in a Great War. There was famine and violence. The people suffered greatly as the noble houses of the realm fought for overall leadership.” The firelight danced in my father’s eyes as he began to weave his story. On Saturday nights we would BBQ and sit around the fire pit and tell stories. “The people of the realm struggled to feed their children as the fields of the realm burned with the bodies of fallen men. The alphas of each house had become corrupt and only cared about their own selfish needs. After centuries of the packs governing as a panel to fulfill the needs of the people, it had warped into padding the wealth of the alpha at the expense of all others. This of course led to a gridlock on the panel. Absolutely nothing could be agreed upon.” He leaned in closer to the fire and the flames danced in the center of us. “It became common place to kill alphas and their children and install new alphas in the hopes of ga
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Chapter 2: Lladró Figurine
It’s hard to remember a time without hunger and hardship. Working my fingers to the bone and eating scraps. “Ceres!” My mother bellowed. “Ceres, come here this instant!”My body ached as I rose from the floor. It was Tuesday, which meant scrubbing the kitchen floors. My life was a series of chores, an endless routine both mundane and exhausting. Repetitive. I dried my hands on my apron and ran towards my mother’s impatient calls. “Yes, ma’am?” I quietly said with my eyes averted. I didn’t dare look her in the eyes. “We will have guests tonight. Keep Dmitry out of sight.” She says his name like she is spitting a curse. “Dinner is to be ready promptly at 7, service for 7.” It’s almost as if saying his name causes her physical discomfort. “Dinner must follow the menu I left in the dining room. I also left a menu for the next morning’s breakfast. Maristela is in charge of the table settings and will aid you in service this evening. All the footman will be prepared to serve. All the ma
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Chapter 3 Osiris
Five years ago, mother married Osiris. He took my father’s title as Alpha of the Harvest Moon Pack. Tradition dictates that any children of a deceased alpha are to be exiled upon the eldest child's 18th birthday moon ceremony. The eldest child may challenge the current alpha for the title instead of accepting exile. To challenge an alpha is to fight to the death. So tradition says I choose exile for myself and Dmitry, or I probably die fighting Osiris. I never imagined that this would be my life. I have accepted that in two months my moon ceremony will happen. The moon ceremony is the first full moon after your 18th birthday. This is when your mate is most visible to your wolf. A kingdom wide ball is held and each person who recently turned 18 is introduced to the entire kingdom of wolves that are of age and without mates. This is really the only time you are able to see all the packs of the realm. Many find their mates at the ball. If I find my mate I can take my place in society.
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Chapter 4 The Menu
I scanned the menu. Most of the items were already in the pantry, but a few would require a trip to town. I had developed my skills as a cook over these last six years. It was part of my earning my keep. It was something I actually enjoyed. Taking the foods harvested from the garden and from the farm and turning them into delicious meals brought me so much joy. I reveled in creating new delights. These items must be the favorite of the crown prince and his family. Royal tastes are so pretentious. I much prefer a simple meal of bread and stew. These menus do allow me to practice my cooking skills so I appreciate them for that. “How late do you think we will be working tonight?” Groaned Maristela. Maristela was my best and only friend. She was an omega by birth and worked the kitchens along side me all these years. “Does work ever end?” I ask. “I heard the the Crown Prince was coming tonight. Alpha is hoping to pair Horus with his daughter. They are barely 6. It’s ridiculous.”
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Chapter 5: My Promise
“These linens must be pressed! Everything must be perfectly crisp and clean!” The Luna was storming around the dining room. Her hair was in curlers and she was dressed in a dressing robe. “Y-yes ma’am!” Maristela stammered. Mari quickly pulled the linens from the table to steam and press them in the laundry. The Luna began to sort through the various flowers. Dahlias, hellebores, hydrangeas, snapdragons, foxgloves, English roses, peonies. Greenery like different varieties of eucalyptus and belles of Ireland. As a young girl I used to run through the gardens on the estate finding the most beautiful blooms for my mother. My father and I would take long walks around the vast estate feeding the chickens, fishing the ponds, and picking bouquets of flowers for my mother. “Not a single bloom is as beautiful as you, my love,” he would croon. My mothers face would light up like the sun was shining from within her. She gazed at my father like he hung the moon. She was so beautiful then.
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Chapter 6: The Arrival
Everything was prepared for the arrival of the Crown Prince and his family. Mother insisted that Mari and I wear formal clothing for service. I hated the crisp button up white shirt and bow tie. The patent leather shoes squeaked as I walked. Mari and I were like two formal penguins suited for service. Formal enough to blend into the background and not cause any unwanted attention. My mother looked ravishing. She wore a formal gown the color of newly sprouted wheat. The green shimmered as she moved. The fabric was like liquid silk flowing over her body as if the dress could only ever be worn by her. It was simple in design. It was a cowl neck sheath dress with a slight cinch at her tiny waist. Her slender arms were on display. Despite being from a pack that harvested the fields, her skin was untouched by the sun. It was milky and smooth. There was deep scoop in the back of the gown showing her perfectly slender back. A delicate gold chain hung at her back and a large emerald hung bet
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Chapter 7: First Course
The bell rang in the kitchen signifying course one was to be served. Consommé. It was a simple dish if you only judged by ingredients. Meat. Bones. Mirepoix. Herbs from the garden. Peppercorns. Stock. Egg Whites. It was extravagant in its proportions and wastefulness. Numerous egg whites, pounds of meat and bones, plus all the bones and meat used to make the original stock, vegetables and herbs; all to end up with a perfectly crystal clear broth. After adding all these things you then meticulously strain the broth. Discarding all the meat, vegetables, eggs, and herbs. This discard will make a mighty meal for Dmitry and I tonight. We are lucky. Not many slaves or omegas from the pack get to eat such fresh meat. There is a definite divide between the nobles and omegas. Omegas would never dream of making consommé. It’s so time consuming and wasteful, which is what makes it a food emblematic of wealth and privilege. I push these thoughts from my mind. Instead, I take my tasting sp
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Chapter 8: Second Course
Salmon didn’t swim this far south. The fish had to be sourced from the cold rivers in the Cresent Moon Pack territory. The fish come in from the sea to lay their eggs each year. This of course makes them an expensive luxury. That makes it an excellent choice for a royal dinner. Each pack sourced and produced goods. A large percentage are paid to the crown as tax. It is by the grace of his majesty that we occupy our pack lands. Somehow, even though our ancestors have worked this land for centuries, the Crown owns all the land and minerals of the realm. We should feel lucky that the crown shares our harvest with us— even though it is our labor that creates the food. What we have remaining we can trade and barter with other packs in the realm. I wonder how many bushels of grain this meal cost. How many families of this realm have less so that the royal family can eat fish in a territory that does not naturally have it?The crown was currently worn by King Amon. Prince Joaquim has been n
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Chapter 9: Dinner
*ding* Roasted artichoke.*ding* Venison with roasted root vegetables. *ding* Wild mushrooms with herbs. *ding* Champagne sorbet. *ding* Bacon wrapped quail. *ding* Cheese course. *ding* Chocolate mousse with seasonal berries. I tried to stay focused on dinner service. The scene at dinner earlier kept replaying in my mind. “You’re too kind, your highness. It must be the glow of an expectant mother that you are detecting. Osiris has blessed me with another pup.”Pregnant. Again. She always wanted a daughter? It killed me to watch her dote on Horus. Her golden child. He was only a year younger than Dmitry. Yet, Dmitry had never experienced any love from our mother. Perhaps those first few weeks after his birth she doted on him. If Osiris were to die too would she be able to abandon Horus as abruptly? Would Horus carry on raising his sibling while mother sought out a new alpha? Would she be too old by then to even lure one in? This was just a useless spiral. There was no reason t
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Chapter 10: An Encounter
It was late. I finished getting my breads together for the morning and my working day was finally done. I stepped outside into the crisp night air. A small breeze caressing my skin cooling me off from working in the kitchen. I had already changed to my kitchen dress. Simple and lightweight. Big pockets. A muddy brown color that never shows the splatters and spills from the kitchen. When I had moments like this alone, I found myself drifting towards my garden. I didn’t get to keep much after my father died. I had to move out of my rooms. I lost my freedom. My mother. I got to keep my garden though. It was small and tucked out of the way, bordered by the tree line and the fence line. It was my quiet place. The stars shone brightly as I walked towards my garden. There was a small bench under a weeping willow tucked away in there. It was where I would often sit and talk to my father. I felt the closest to him inside that garden. I slowly walked along the pathway. Brushing my fingerti
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