A Thousand Kisses

A Thousand Kisses

By:  Francy A  Ongoing
Language: English
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Tired of her marriage with her cheating husband, twenty-three years old Betty Von Rosey, relocates (as advised by her friend, Laura) to Gut’s Island, an island that is believed to be magical enough to relieve the pains of the broken hearted, by sparing them chances of falling in love the second time. On the Island, she falls in love with a billionaire in the disguise of a chauffeur, birthing a new wave of romance between the two. But things begin to chatter when her red room ex-husband, Braun, visits the Island, and she discovers the true image of her recent lover, Stan.

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9 Chapters
Chapter 1
Braun came home bruised and drunk, but he didn’t come home alone, he brought home a slut who was so drunk, she could barely stand.“Betty!” he yelled, his hand clutching the slut by the waist and banged rudely at the door of our apartment.His loud voice jerked me up to my feet, and made me approach the poor door he had banged on.I threw the door open, only to witness the horrible sight of my man, clutching a night club slut by the waist, and yelling out my name.I was watching my favourite Netflix series, when I heard the bang, so, I was still holding the TV remote I used in tuning into Netflix. The remote dropped from my hand and shattered as soon as I met him standing before the door with his night club slut.Braun had been cheating from the day we made vows in the court, he had done things I knew were horrible, he even cheated with my friend on our wedding night, but he had never brought home a slut.“Braun?” I said, my hands turning cold and shivering. I knew I couldn't fight h
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Chapter 2
Am I heartbroken? No,no I am not with tears in my eyes.I consoled myself because I know Broken marriage is better than"Rest In Peace"At the airport entrance, where Paul fed goodbye to me, waiting for chauffeur.Immediately I saw a young and handsome Italian chauffeur ……*****.......I turned to the young Italian chauffeur, standing by the entrance of the airport, with a little placard that read my name; ‘Betty Von Rosey’.“Yes”. I uttered, looking at the chauffeur who seemed to have been standing in wait of me for quite some time.“I’m your chauffeur from the Ragnar resort, I’m here to pick you up”. Said the young chauffeur.“Good, have this”. I said, handing over my bag to him, and followed him while he led the way to a black ford mustang, packed at a safe corner near the airport building.I slipped on my black sun glasses, which was a match to my black mini gown and my black silhouettes, and without waiting for the chauffeur to load my bag in the car’s boot, I opened the passenger
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Chapter 3
“So, why don’t you have Tatiana on your list?”. I posed, enjoying the fact that he was a little, more-lively than many other chauffeurs I’ve met before.“Tatiana is for the broken hearted”. He turned once more and stole another glance of me. “I hope you are not one of them”.“Do I look like one?”. I asked, hoping as much as I could, that he would not say I looked like any of the broken heart Europeans who travel to Guts Island every year to seek solace in the arms of the sunny city.“I didn’t say so, but I’ve had a couple of them in my car”. He said, sounding as casual as I, too, had sounded at the first place.“You mean?”.“Broken hearted people, and they only ask for Tatiana, because her voice was a remedy to the sore in their hearts”.“But you don’t have Tatiana”.“I purposely got rid of it, because I want them to listen less to what broke them the more, since they came to Guts Island to ease heal their broken heart”.“You don’t mean it”.“Sure, I mean it”. He glided into the large
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Chapter 4
I picked my phone and smiled on the name on the screen. It was Laura. She must be through with what she said she had to go for, and she might be on her way to the hotel.“Hello”. I said, my face stretched in a smile, I was fond of it.“Betty, have you checked into the hotel?”. She posed with so much concern.“About to take a cool shower”. I said, sounding quite as casual as usual.“Oh. Cool, I’ll join you in an hour time, I’m buying tickets for the Xavier party”. She said, a little louder than her typical self.I paused. I’ve not been to Guts Island before, so I know nothing about the so-called Xavier Party.“Xavier party?”. I posed, hoping she would discern the confusion in my voice.“Yes, it’s a vagina party held in Xavier Le Premiere square, once every year. I’m buying tickets for you and I”. she said.“Okay”. I said, not minding that it was worth haggling over. Vagina parties are weird parties, because during such parties, the bathrooms were frequently raided by dicks that had fou
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Chapter 5
She said she was truly silly, a whore in the making, just like me who could be turned on by a man’s touch, but I knew that if any of us would bring a man home. it was her, and if a man would take any of us home, it was me, because she was strong, while I could be manipulated with just a touch, and worse, a kiss.“Why must it be tonight?”. I posed. I only wanted a place to be happy, not to get fucked.“Because many men would be willing to fuck tonight if you ask them to”. She said, her words clear, and as concise as usual.“Okay, deal”. I fell again. I keep falling to people’s desire, I hardly take decisions of my own.“Good, but your gown is not good enough for a man to easily pull your undie from behind and thrust his hard mamba into your hole”. She was so dirty minded.“If my gown would stop a man from gliding in from behind, then I will have to pull it for him”. I said, making emphasis by holding my gown a little up, revealing a chunk of my white laps. How lucky a man would be to
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chapter 6
The next morning, I woke up to see a half naked man laid beside me. Where am I? What happened last night? I soliloquized. Quickly, I slipped on my panties and dress. After pondering for some minutes, I realized that the young gorgeous man was Stan, the chauffeur, and we were in his car. A thought about last night's event flashed into my mind and my cheeks turned pink.I also felt ashamed of myself. I had only divorced few months ago, yet I am cuddled in another man's arms. Lauren did say I would get a man and I did. "Hello, my beautiful lady." A husky voice spoke beside me. I turned to see Stan slowly rising from his position and snaking his strong arms on my waist. He smiled lovingly at me."Enjoyed your night?"Instead, I moved my head to the other side and responded. "What? Why are you smiling? I'm so embarrassed right now." I said without thinking twice. I felt irritated with myself. His facial expression suddenly switched to what I couldn't fathom. "I need to go. Pleas
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chapter 7
Outside the movie centre, I became friends with a petite beautiful lady who had come to Gut's Island for nearly the same reason as mine. She was heartbroken. "Since I came, I have never felt so peaceful in my life like I do. Everywhere is serene to mourn and get over the past incidents."Her name was Selena Sepals. She works in one biggest companies in the country yet no stable and genuine lover. At this time, we were seated in an open space with people passing by. She had lived a solemn life due to her terrible love life and relationship with others. It seemed the whole world was against having the man of her dreams. No matter how hard she tried to maintain or prolong her relationship with a man, they would end up separating.I concluded that mine wasn't bad, after all. At least, I got married but left due to his infidelity."Why did you come to Gut's Island? " she asked after narrating her ordeal. "To get away with the past and maybe, find true love." I responded casually. She
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Chapter 8
Lauren and I turned and stared at the door when we heard the sound of a car. She raised an eyebrow, looked and asked, " Are you expecting someone?"At that point, I knew there was no way I could lie, so I said the truth. " Yes, I am. I think that is Stan. I asked him to come pick me up." I said in a rush. Her eyes were Inquisitive. She was stunned. " Stan again? I thought you said you had nothing to do with him. Why do I keep hearing his name from you?"I wanted to scream and say, 'because we have had sex together and I think I like him!', but I thought against it. What if I said so and he comes right in? What would be his reaction? What if he doesn't even feel like I do? I would be so embarrassed. I cleared my throat and stared back at her with the strongest face I could muster. " I don't know. Maybe his name keeps coming out of my lips. More so, he is my chauffeur, the one who drove me to Gut's Island." I lied smoothly. I was beginning to become a professional liar. However,
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Chapter 9
Few minutes later, I was done with my dressing and make up. Lauren had insisted I put some lip gloss, mascara and other make up kits. I swung around and asked, "How do I look?"" You look breathtaking." Lauren carelessly replied without giving me another glance. I became self conscious. "Really? Do I?" I asked raising an eyebrow. She smeared the body lotion on her skin. " Yes, of course! Look at yourself in the mirror and see if you aren't good." She was almost yelling. I picked up a classic black bag to match. I steadily walked to the door. Lauren spoke behind me. "Don't return home without having a nice time with him. You know what I mean."I chuckled and stepped out without giving a response. ......... As soon as I reached where he stood, he accessed my dress with thousand lovely eyes of his. " You are stunning. I'm glad to have requested a date with you tonight at. You make feel proud."He appraised and opened the door of the car like a gentleman. I slumped onto the car
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