Bleeding Rose

Bleeding Rose

By:  Sia  Ongoing
Language: English
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This story revolves around Sakshi and Rudra. She is sweet, He is rude and ruthless... She is life saver, But he thinks of lives as business... She knows the one behind the facade he wears around; But he knows nothing about the secrets she carries around... She has a dark past which she is hiding; And he has the dark present that he wants to escape... He found her escape in her and she is still running away... Will these two ever be able to remove the facades they wear around and Unravel the secrets they have been hiding from the whole world... Will these two souls find their happy ending ever??? Will these two end up together or would become the victims of destiny??? Check out the story to know more...

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9 Chapters
Sakshi’s POV.... No... not again…… I am not going to listen to the whole of that lecture on punctuality again. Not at all. I am damn sure if this time I am caught being late then I am not going to make out of it. Hey hi… must be wondering who am I??? what am I mumbling???? Who is going to lecture me??? Etc. etc. Well let me introduce myself. I am Sakshi. Yup, no surname. Why??? Because I decided to leave my past behind. So, here I am. Basically I am a surgeon, a heart surgeon, to be precise and a well-known cardiologist, serving in Gayatri Lifelines Medical Range of Hospital. Whole of the hospital loves me. But there is this one man in the hospital, who loves me a little more. Note the sarcasm. He loves to find faults and flaws in me. That is his love. Well coming to an end, I am getting late for going to hospital. Apparently, there is this meeting organized by him where all the doctors are to be present. Well, I am getting la
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CONTINUATION....   I took my seat and the meeting started. And he started saying something, which totally went over my head, totally bounced. Till then let me introduce him. He is worldwide known as Rudra Malhotra. CEO of Malhotra Industries and Co. extremely rich but down to earth. I have known him since my college 3rd year. But me falling for him was a slow process. I actually thought of him to be generous and kind but as soon as I passed out of my medical College with my precious degree and started doing my internship in his hospital, he started to find reasons to actually insult me or demoralize me. I won’t say it didn’t hurt. It surely did but I am accustomed to bearing constant pain and hurt. Well, he not only owns industries but also range of multiple resorts and hotels and a range of hospitals. Though he is the CEO but still the decision taking authority is his dad, Mr. Sandeep Malhotra. And trust me their rela
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AUTHOR’S POV: - Sakshi approached them and crouched near the boy. The boy was not able to breathe properly. His pulse rate was going down and breathe rate was also falling. She called out for the ward boys and ordered them to carry the boy directly to the operation theatre. And she started to operate on him. She knew that she has wrath of certain someone to face but right now the only thing that clouded her mind was just the life of the boy who was lying in front of her. After the stressful and hard going 3 hours she came out of the O.T. and found the family outside who ran to her as soon as they saw her coming out of O.T. and asked, “how is he?? He is out danger, right??? Nothing would happen to him, right???” and she nodded with a smile and said,” yes auntie. He is totally fine but still weak. Please take care of him.” And the lady blessed her, “god bless you child. Your parents must be blessed to have you as their child.” And with that Sakshi’s sm
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CONTINUATION…… Sakshi ran out of the hospital premises, finding it hard for herself to talk further about the topic related to her family and background. The constant question ringing in her mind was just that why couldn’t she bear when Rudra said so much concerning her family?? Why couldn’t she cope up with just some words concerning her family???? She was constantly pinching her own hand when Preethi reached her and held her hand to prevent further pinching her hand. She took a seat beside her and said, “When I confronted u for going to your family back… reaching them out you said you are not ready which can only happen when you have not forgiven them… but then why just now you defended them when Rudra tried to say something about them??? Just accept that they affect you…”. Sakshi looked away and said, “Why would you think like that?? I am surely not affected by them.”. Preethi cupped her face and said, “Then why were you pinching your hands??? You
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Continuation: - Rudra entered his cabin, after the fight he just had with Sakshi, only to come across the face, he never wanted to come across and run away from for whole of his life… “What do you want Kiara??? Don’t you have some other work or better patients to treat, rather than tailing behind me the whole time?” he snapped at her feeling totally frustrated on seeing her behind him the whole time. Yup, that was Kiara, his so-called fiancée, whom he despises with everything he has in himself. Kiara came near him and circled her arms around his neck and stood close to him. “o baby… it’s just that I was missing you and wanted to spend some time with you. As for what you said earlier, let me remind you not to use such a tone with me next time. And as for my patients, that can be handled by that Sakshi- “ “Don’t you dare to use such a tone and words for Sakshi. (Glared at her and jerked her hands away) a
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Author's POV:-   Sakshi was pacing in the cabin and was continuosly playing with the pen in her hand... It would not be difficult for one to guess that she was tensed...   Since the time Mr. Malhotra came to talk with her she has been this tense and was continuously pacing... She was alone in her cabin...   Preethi so wanted to accompany her through this tense period but couldn't just do it as she was needed for an important surgery...    Preethi was also one of the most renowned surgeon specialised in neurology...   Preethi was bound to leave her alone for the moment but not before she warned her best friend to not to do anything stupid and not worry too much about it...   But Sakshi was not the one who would not worry... The only thing she was most perfect at was worrying.... She can do this one thing at any time, any where, no matter what the place is
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Continuation....   Sakshi was stunned looking at him and her face did nothing to hide her surprised look and clearly said she wasn't at all expecting to see him there at any circumstances.   She was openly gaping at him and opening and closing her mouth like a water deprived fish who wanted to take in as much of life as she could...   Rudra do wanted to laugh and pinch her cheeks on seeing her this cute expression.   But he do better knew that he need to keep up with this cold man attitude towards her ..   Ahh.... How much he wanted to show his love openly for her.... He wanted to show her how much he loved her.... He wanted to take her on romantic dinners and fulfill all her demands like her prince on white horse.... He wanted to propose her for marriage.. marry her... Have children with her...   Oooo there kids would look so cute.... They would be p
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Author's POV:-   Next morning came sooner than expected for Sakshi...   Sleeping peacefully in her bed, Sakshi was cradling her Big Blue teddy to her chest, as her habit of sleeping while hugging. The sun was beaming through her blinds causing the woman, who still wanted and prayed to God Sun to go back to his abode and let the night extend for her to sleep more, to stir. Usually, waking up was Never a simple task for Sakshi; afterall she was never a morning person after all. She groaned when the first beam of sunlight hit her face.    Her only need and want right now was to float in the ocean of dreams filled with just one person, and it wouldn't even cost a nerve cell to guess that the person was none other than Rudra, but seems like the time never goes according to her wish and God hates her sleep a lot, only for her sleep to be disturbed by her annoying alarm clock, gifted by her best friend.  
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Sakshi's POV:- Bidding a bye to my first love, my comfy bed, who was still calling me and inviting me to the whole another level of comfort and escape from this cruel and selfish world to the world of sleep, where I could dive in the ocean of dreams in which I could do whatever I wished, worry about someone being hurt or finding out my identity never crossed my mind for even once.... This is what I wanted and still want... Well, Preethi always said that I should quit being childish, but whenever I think of the fun and enjoyment I get from being silly and sometimes stubborn too, I think I should continue being childish... Moreover who listens to best friend until and unless some problem arises... Putting a full stop to my thinking, I went inside the washroom, washed up and did my morning routine.... I didn't put any makeup for obvious reasons, as i have surgeries to do and just went with a light cream and a lipstick of light pink shade.... It's actually one of my favourites... Altho
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