The Alpha's Complicated Mate

The Alpha's Complicated Mate

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My first English book... Hope you guys like it. BEWARE : pornographic and abuse details (18+ recommended) Jane hasn't the easiest childhood with her parents, they use her as slave in every way possible. She is 18 and still didn't find her wolf within her, will she ever be an werewolf. She is being abused by many people and doesn't know how she can escape this horror life. After an tremendous amount of beatings her wolf is connecting with her, but is it that to late to help her? When there is an mating search event she is having the worst day of her life created by her parents and one of the pack warriors. The strongest Alpha from the continent shows interest in her, turns out she is his mate. But what will happen if Jane appears to be pregnant by one of the pack members that abused her. Will the Alpha found out the truth, if so will he give her a chance as his mate or will he reject her. Then there is also a girl that appears to be around Alpha Noah all the time and saying that she is his mate. Is the new beginning in another pack as save and great as she thought.

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When will the next update be coming? It’s such a great story so far! Please ignore the comments about your grammar etc, yes there are some mistakes but it does not take away from the story at all. I really hope you continue as you’re an amazing writer!!
2022-04-30 06:23:28
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Great story so far. With a lot of plot twists in the story and it makers you want to read on and on
2022-02-17 18:23:46
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Bryan Rehorst
Very curious how this will go on...
2022-01-13 05:20:32
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Jane MB
The English is bad, lots of grammar and spelling mistakes that are really jarring. I also think there’s some sort of unspoken rule that you have to make the main character get raped over and over to drive the plot.
2022-03-18 01:11:29
Chapter 1. The Beginning
Jane  P.O.V. Staring at the mirror I could see that all the cuts on my back were healing, there were closed for the first time in 2 weeks. They still hurt as hell, but at least my clothes won’t give them away to anyone anymore. My parents don’t like it when other people see my blood, bruises or wounds. That will disgust the people, well at least that’s what my parents say. My cuts are closed now, that gives me hope that I could go back to school again, I was missing a lot lately. It’s my last year and if I go on like this, I know for sure that I had to do this year all over again. Quickly I put on my clothes and got down the stairs quietly, so I won’t wake up anyone. When I reached the dinner room, I closed the door so the sounds of me setting the table will be as minimum as possible. After setting the table I walked to the kitchen, closed that door too. I begin to start making breakfast. An hour and a half later there were eggs, bacon, t
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Chapter 2
Jane P.O.V. “Stop screaming. Tell me where you have been this last hour. There was a man for you and you weren’t home. So, I will ask again where have you been?”“Outside to walk Beta, Dean and Brittney where here, I couldn’t stay in the house. Please stop.”“You stupid cunt, you’re talking back to me? How dare you.” The first punch landed on my shoulder, I felt it popping out. Shit, that’s going to hurt later when I have to pop it back in. I let him get his fury out on me. The next punch was at my ribs and I felt like I couldn’t breathe. The he hit my back and I could feel the scars burning up.“Please Beta, please. I’m sorry Beta Arthur. Please forgive me” I could barely hear myself saying it, but my father stopped. “Go clean the fucking table, I give you 10 minutes to do so. Every minute longer is one whiplash. When you’re done you will come straight to my office, you got me you dirty bitch?”“Yes Beta, right away Beta.” He let
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Chapter 3
Jane P.O.V. “I saw her walking away from the house into the woods but she still isn’t home? Where is that bitch? That walk only takes 2-minutes. The Alpha’s and Luna’s almost saw that slut walking.”When I walked by the doorway of the dining room, I saw my father sitting silently at the dinner table watching my mom yelling and pacing around. As soon as my mother found out that I was standing silently at the door she ran towards me. She grabs me by my hair and threw me across the room and I hit my back against the wall. She run to me and grabbed me hard by the arm and dragged me into the basement. I know what was coming. We stopped in the middle of the room where there was a steel pole from floor to ceiling. Without her saying and me asking anything I put my hands before me. my ‘mother’ picked up some handcuffs and chains from the floor, puts the chains around the pole and hooked them on the handcuffs. She turned around to me and put
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Chapter 4
Jane P.O.V. Walking in the bathroom to get some water, when the scent was overwhelming. I figured that was the shampoo that the Alpha used who stays in this room. I started cleaning the shower bathroom while I was filling a bucket so I could mop the floor. After cleaning all the rooms on the second floor I heard noises from the hallway. I walked to the backstairs to hide behind the bookcase there and waited until it was silent again. After a few minutes of silence, I walked down to the first floor. I still waited at the stairs for about 20 minutes longer. No one came or went from the rooms while I was waiting, so that was the sign the coast was really clear and I could go ahead with cleaning the rooms on this floor. In almost every room I had to do the same cleaning chores. Only the rooms that didn’t get used I skippet because they were still clean from yesterday. Mopping the floors, making the beds, tidy up t
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Chapter 5
Noah P.O.V. This would be my first time being as the Alpha of our pack to visit The Forest Pack. I knew this was a big Pack, 600 men less than we had but still. Alpha Roan had some weird manners but overall, he was nice to other Alpha’s and his family. At least that was what my mother had told me before we left. Levi, my Beta, was sitting next to me and driving the car to the Pack house on the territory, we have been driving for almost 20 hours straight. Luckily, we could take turns driving so we didn’t arrive all too tired. He parked the car next to a big open space where there were all kinds of tables set up for the dinner. We received an invitation for a mating search event and because I was curious about this Pack, I went with it. Also, I didn’t find my mate yet, but hated this type of events. But the event gave me an opportunity to find my mate. I’m 26 already and still haven’t found her. I already went to other Packs nearby our own to lo
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Chapter 6
Noah P.O.V. I love this scent. You could see in everything this was indeed the biggest bedroom of the house. The walls where light green colored, it had a big grey couch with a fireplace at the front of the left side of the room. Next to it, close to the big windows there was a king-sized bed with soft light green linen on them. So, when you woke up and looked at your left you would feel like you just had woken up in the forest. On the right there where 2 big doors, 1 door let to a large walk-in closet. The other door let to a big bathroom with white rectangular tiles on the walls and big black square tiles on the floor. On the left there was a big sink with closet space that was full with towels, just around the corner on your right there was a door to the toilet. Across the bathroom there was big shower with 2 showerhead and on the right next to the door to the toilet there was a bathtub big enough f
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Chapter 7
Noah P.O.V. “You’re not the only one, I had the same feeling. Like he was nice to our face, but he was hiding something from us.” I looked at him and started to think what it could be. Not soon after I started, I heard a loud scream in the distance. It sounded like someone was in real pain and trouble. Looking at Levi he looked alarmed too. “Noah, what’s that?” “I don’t know but I can’t ignore it, I will go and find out what is going on. Can you stay near but still look for Bet Arthur to make an appointment for me with Alpha Roan? Make sure the appointment is at the end of the weekend so we maybe can figure out what he is hiding before doing business with him.” “Sure no problem, mate, I will stay nearby, let me know when you need help okay?”“I will, let’s meet again in my room after we’re done.” Levi nodded and I started to run in the direction of the scream. I could see an open place nearby a lake in the distance. When I came
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Chapter 8
Jane P.O.V. As I walked in the house my head was about to explode with questions. Will he tell anyone, what would Patrick do. I didn’t know what to expect for now. All those emotions of fear, nervousness and uncertainty rushed through me. First thing I wanted to do was take a shower, I needed to wash off everything that Patrick did to me. No one was at home; I could take my time. Plus, I didn’t know when to get a shower again, because if Patrick will go to my father, I was waiting for the biggest punishment I had ever had. While standing under the shower I was thinking about the Alpha, why did he help me. Everyone knows that I am a nothing and that you don’t need to spend any energy on me. And how was it even possible that I could smell his scents? After the shower I walked to my bed, I am so tired, my back hurts and I just want to sleep. I know that I exactly had to sleep in the basement, but no one was at home. If I just put an alarm
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Chapter 9
Jane P.O.V. The basement door opened and someone was walking towards me. I felt some hands on my breasts. Without any warning I could feel the sharp pain in my ass and someone forcing himself into me. I screamed right away. This hurts like hell. “Mmmm, you don’t like that you slut. Too bad cause you can’t do anything about it now.”Patricks’ breath was in my neck while talking to me. He was trusting in me like a lunatic. The pain was almost unbearable to bear. He tried to scream of all the pain but only some little high pitch came out of me. My voice I almost had my voice back. Again, I tried to scream. While Patrick was still hurting me like hell, my voice came back and the scream I heard was weird. I felt a big squeeze in my left boob. It felt he was trying to kill me with sex. I screamed again. Patrick stopped trusting me and walked around me so now I was face to face with him. He looked full of
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Chapter 10
Noah P.O.V. “Of course, if something is wrong, we would like to show you we would handle this with care.” Roan sounded like he meant it so this was my time to give him the truth. I started to tell everything that I have seen and what I did to Patrick. I told then in detail about what look I saw on the face of the girl. The scream I had heard and the disrespect I had seen from Patrick. After talking for a while, I wanted to ask again about the scream I heard from this house, but I was  looking at the doorway and Patrick was nowhere to be found. “Were is Patrick, he needs to be held responsible for what he did.” “He won’t. He did nothing wrong, the girl you saw is the pack slave and whore for the unmated pack wolfs. That is her duty for this pack. So, he didn’t do anything wrong. We won’t say you did because I can understand were you’re coming from. But we won’t held him responsible for somethin
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