Bride of the Lycan King

Bride of the Lycan King

By:  Kathy Pearl  Completed
Language: English
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Emma Winchester has only been known as the 'Pack Outcast' her entire life, not only does she act strange by sniffing around the forbidden cliffs, but she also cannot shift. An abomination among her kind. When her sister is selected as one of the girls to compete for the position of the Lycan Queen, Emma is elated. Until an unforeseen accident occurs and Emma is forced to take her place. Emma has only one job; oust herself during the first trial, or risk losing her head if anyone discovers her identity. It should be easy, right? What happens when she catches the eye of the Lycan King? Emma suddenly starts questioning if she will be able to pull off the deception.

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Ify Stanley
love the story
2023-09-27 06:11:15
user avatar
Susan Houston
I can't wait to see more...loving it so far!
2023-08-12 03:32:00
user avatar
Stephanie Mayer
Just wondering how often you update the book? Really enjoying it so far!
2023-07-07 09:37:36
default avatar
Really enjoying this book! Looking forward to reading more!
2023-07-06 22:19:03
user avatar
Kathy Pearl
Thank you so much ...
2023-06-28 20:27:51
user avatar
Dis Covery
This Book is great! Keep Updating!
2023-06-21 02:29:55
user avatar
Mami Love
This is a great storyline. However, it doesn't look like the book is updated in a timely manner. Don't read until the author finishes. I will give a different review if the author updates and complete the book
2023-08-02 13:37:34
108 Chapters
|FIVE YEARS AGO|The shifting ceremony.It was a ritual that went back thousands of years, a custom my pack members took seriously and a duty to young wolves...or were-teens as we were fondly called.Young teenagers of shifting age would assemble in a large clearing close to the pack house, and once the moon was at its highest peak, our true forms would come out and we would officially become true wolves. It was a ceremony for both pride and bravery, to show off our strength and courage so others could see that we did not need to be ashamed of our true forms.I was excited as any normal she-wolf would have been on the day of my shifting ceremony. A young wolf, ready to shift for the first time- an opportunity I knew I would never get again. "Will I have to go naked?" I asked my sister for the umpteenth time, my excited eyes meeting hers through the mirror. My sister, who was only four times older than me but still looked like a teenager in her short black dress and long silver hair
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Chapter One
|PRESENT DAY|"Move, you sloth!"I felt another hard push at my lower back, the force causing me to stumble forward. I desperately try to see through the dark material covering my eyes but it was an impossible feat. My sights were completely useless and I only had my senses to rely on.I remained limp against their tight grip, I refused to call for help either. What was the use? No one was going to hear me and even if they did it was more likely that they would ignore rather than help me. "Move faster, bitch." A shrill voice spoke harshly, it was followed by a hard smack on the back of my head. I swallowed back a groan as I stumbled forward again. The jeering laughter of the other wolves followed me along like an escort. My legs trudged against the gravelly path and my nose twitched in recognition, the smell of dirt and fresh leaves permeating into my nostrils. At least, I knew where we were.That was a good thing. It meant that I had an advantage."Stop walking." Another voice, a d
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Chapter Two
I gasp loudly the moment I reach the surface, my fingers threading into the wet strands of my hair. The water felt cool against my skin, making me shiver despite myself and a smile broke across my lips at the feel of the liquid running down my face. I slowly open my eyes, allowing myself to enjoy this wonderful feeling. It was like waking up in the morning when all your worries seemed to be erased for one day. It was like having all your problems melted away by an invisible sunbeam. This kind of sensation is what makes me wish that maybe...just maybe, things would work out okay.It was why I loved staying on the cliffs, hidden from the rest of the world. This place gave off such a comforting aura, almost like it knew how to soothe my soul. I always came here when I needed some time alone. Sometimes where I didn't have to think about anything else but just the beautiful scenery around me. I squeeze off the excess water from my hair, letting my blonde locks fall messily over my back
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Chapter Three
My eyes roamed over the many faces walking about, the sky was dark but the luminosity of the moon allowed me to see clearly. As I got closer to the bonfire, where even more people were gathered, the sound of laughter filled my ears and the smell of alcohol and food wafted into my nose. I kept my head low in hopes that no one would recognize me whilst I continued the search for a certain male wolf. In my engrossment, I bumped into someone and stumbled to the side. The person didn't bother trying to catch me. Excuse you.""I'm sorry." We both say simultaneously while I try to right myself, I look up and my eyes widened in recognition,"Judy?" I say in disbelief at the woman in front of me, it had been a while since I last saw her but nothing had changed. She still looked the same, only that there was a youthful countenance to her now.The last time I saw Judy was over three years ago when I was still coming to terms with my disability. Judy was the only person in my pack who had suppor
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Chapter Four
I'm running. The ground keeps moving under me but I don't know where to run to or what I running from. I try to look for an escape route, but there is no way out. The shadow is closing in on me but my feet don't stop moving. "Run, Emma. Run. run!" A voice yelled and I woke with a startled gasp. My chest rose and fell rapidly with the effort. It was dark, too dark for me to see anything and the smell of earth was thick in the air. I could only hear the steady patter of water dropping against the roof and floor of wherever I was. I wasn't home anymore. This wasn't my bedroom at all. It was then the memories of last night rushed back to me. And the fear that had woken me up came right back. I scrambled to my feet to get away from the darkness of the room. The sudden motion jostled something inside of me and I felt nauseous. I leaned over and vomited on the ground. My hand remained on the jagged rocks of the wall for support as I tried to control my heaving stomach. The taste of
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Chapter Five
I pushed the door open, and walked into the house, locking it behind me. My hands were still trembling, and I couldn’t seem to get my breathing under control. I needed to sit down or something, I was so afraid—my whole body ached from it. “It’s going to be okay,” I said quietly to myself. I had no idea who I was trying to convince—me or whatever was in my head. I made my way to my room, my eyes glued to the wooden floorboards beneath my feet. All I wanted to do was sleep and forget what had happened earlier. I knew the repercussions, once the Alpha found out about what I had done, he would likely throw me into the cave again. "Emma?"I stopped dead in my tracks and whipped around. My father stood in the doorway leading to the living room, his arms crossed over his chest. His eyes narrowed at my appearance, specifically at the blood staining the length of my arms. "Father, I can explain-"He raised a hand, silencing me, "Follow me." He ordered, walking back into the living room and
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Chapter Six
'Dahlia is pregnant.''And I'm the father.'Those words ring repeatedly in my ears. I feel numb and hollow like there is a gaping hole in my chest. I couldn't bear to look at any of their faces, my legs trembling underneath me."But- how…I mean how did she-""Isn't it obvious? They fucked." My mother's shrill voice cuts through the room, her blue eyes misty with tears. "They fucked and now she won't get the chance of being the Lycan Queen." If I could vomit right this second, I would've done so. My mother was right, I completely forgot about the selection and how much Dahlia was excited about getting picked. What I didn't understand was why George slept with my sister. Yes, they were friends, everyone in the pack knew that, and I assumed that was the height of their relationship.But I was wrong. I was so so wrong.My eyes flitted to their conjoined hands and something in my heart stirred painfully. I felt a hand on my shoulder and turned to see the Luna looking at me, a contrite ex
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Chapter Seven
I stared blankly at the wall in front of me, my mind still too numb to register what'd happened in the last week. My eyes flickered to my sister, watching how her lips and hands moved animatedly as she moved the clothes from the drawer into the suitcase on the bed. I I couldn't help but notice how happy she looked at the moment, her sapphire eyes had a twinkle in them. "Emma?" She crouched in front of me, both hands on my thighs, "Are you okay?" I continue to stare at her, wondering if she couldn't see it. The sadness that settled within. The fear. The uncertainty. Everybody assumed that I was fine with their plan but I was scared, more afraid than I was that night. I would be going to a strange place, meeting strange people and I had to pretend to be someone I was not. No one noticed, not that they cared enough to. "Do I have to leave now? I heard you can skip the preliminaries until a day before the competition." Dahlia chewed on the bottom lip, musing thoughtfully. "It'll be
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Chapter Eight
The car ride took four hours, driving straight east, across the country, past rolling hills and thick forests that stretched on into the distance. We drove through the night, stopping periodically in small towns, sometimes for gas, sometimes because we needed to eat. By the time we arrived in the city, I'd already lost track of which road we were traveling along.I marveled at the scenery as we rode past rows of houses, shops and tall buildings lining the roads. The city bustle was strange in contrast to the mundane simplicity of Silver Spring."Where are we ?" I asked for the umpteenth time, watching as George pulled into a parking lot next to several others and turned the car off."This is Coral Dew, a pack in the eastern region. It's the second largest following the Capital. All the nearest packs around will assemble here for the preliminary tests before heading to the capital city."As we exited the vehicle, I felt the wind rush past my body, refreshing me slightly from the heat
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Chapter Nine
My fingers twirl the device in my hand as I stare at it. The loud chatter of the people around me is almost deafening, I look upward at the crowd in front of me, sighing as I slowly trudged forward.After George had left last night, I was left to myself. In the large hall, we were assigned various rooms and I had to share one with four other girls. The experience was less than splendid, to say the least, one of the girls snored so loudly, I swore the walls shook. I had to sleep on the balcony, on the cold hard floor with only the buzzing of the mosquitoes to accompany me.I barely had any sleep, I was hungry, sleepy and tired."Come on! Move into your vans!" A paunchy man dressed in uniform bellowed loudly causing me to jump in shock. I eyed him in distaste before turning to face the queue in front of me. I moved as they moved, and stopped when they did as well. The phone in my hold buzzed loudly, startling me yet again. I looked down at the screen, seeing Dahlia's name. My brow furr
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